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Universities help students to develop the skills and knowledge which grooms them for the future as well as for the country’s development, but universities like AMU are ruining it!

Antecedents of Aligarh Muslim University and why it deserves to shut down

Past controversies of Aligarh Muslim University Educational institutions and the Gurukuls that is the universities have been of great importance in our Indian culture since...
AMU Vice Chancellor is facing serious charges on conducting Distance Education classes

Chaos in Aligarh Muslim University, Vice Chancellor facing serious charges

We have reported a series of instances of financial bungling in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and violations of the Vice Chancellor (VC) Lt. Gen....
In a statement, the AMU administration and faculty 'strongly condemned the content' of a slide in his presentation

AMU professor suspended, booked by police for ‘hurting religious sentiments’ during lecture

Why has AMU professor’s lecture on ‘rape’ caused a furore? The Aligarh Muslim University administration and the Faculty of Medicine on Wednesday suspended Assistant Professor...
Aligarh Muslim University has once again been embroiled in controversy

AMU revokes PhD degree of a student for praising PM Modi

Asked to return degree for praising PM Modi, claims AMU PhD scholar The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has been in facing yet another controversy due...
Modiji, there’s a lot to be learned from our neighbors to the west. Talk to the very respected journalists from NDTV and the likes, and they will be happy to tell you what we need to learn.

My Letter Series – Dear Modiji, Please DO NOT Build A Temple On Any...

Dear Modiji, Sir, what was the purpose of building a mosque on the Babri Masjid? After all, national harmony is way more important than a...
Reject Islamic propaganda against India

Letter to IRF-RT: Reject Islamic propaganda against India

Dear Mr Greg Mitchell. Namaskar! Regarding the letter circulated by IRF-RT (International Religious Freedom Roundtable) campaign to collect signatures, propagated by Hindus for Human Rights and...
BLM is an excuse and a conning tool for the sole intent of overthrowing the current Trump government and establishing a communist regime. The exact reason why Shaheen Bagh was cultivated against the Modi government

BLM and Shaheen Bagh are conning tools, massive global conspiracy

Bollywood is the worst platform for racism in India Recent crocodile tears of Bollywood actors and jumping on the bandwagon of Black Lives Matter (BLM)...
An international conspiracy of pushing narratives on painting Hindus as terrorists, Hinduism as evil, and defaming and sidelining India seems to be the goal

Why attacks on Hindus, Hinduism & Hindustan increased recently?

Why did the attacks and conspiracies against Hindus, Hinduism & Hindustan increase 100 fold in the last few months? Brainwashed largely in the name of...
Having failed to pin down India in conventional & sub-conventional conflicts, are India’s adversaries attempting to ignite violent unrest and internal chaos to destabilise India?

Can India Counter the Hydra Headed Hybrid War? Part 1

The Delhi violence is a perfect example of what mayhem can be triggered within India without waging a war on India. Over the last few...
Shaheen Bagh protest and Shaheen Bagh-like protests in different parts of India have posed a live threat to India. The govt needs well to adopt a policy that bars the hostile elements and replicating it.

Understanding Shaheen Bagh

The methodology the votaries of Shaheen Bagh have adopted to put across their point of view or force the Modi Government to withdraw the...


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