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After being edged out in a sale to Malaysia, HAL has roared back with wins from Egypt and Argentina

India to sell Tejas jets to Argentina, Egypt

Big Win for India; Big Boost for HAL Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) chairman C B Ananthakrishnan said at the Aero India 2023 air show that...
The oldest mummy is part of the important discovery of a group of tombs that date back to the fifth and sixth dynasties of the Old Kingdom

Egyptian archaeologist discovers 4,300-year-old, most complete unroyal mummy

The mummy of a man, Hekashepes, covered with gold leaf, was found inside a large rectangular limestone sarcophagus Egypt's renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass has announced...
The visit marks the first time that the President of Egypt has been invited as the chief guest on India’s Republic Day

PM Modi welcomes Egyptian President El-Sisi on his arrival in India

President Sisi is to be the chief guest at the 74th Republic Day function on Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended a warm welcome to...
In addition to President's visit, a 200-member strong contingent from Egypt will participate in the parade and a series of MoUs are expected to be signed between the two countries

Modi is keen to get 200 Egyptian defense officials to accompany President Abdel Fattah...

200 higher-ranking officials of the Egyptian Army reach New Delhi for the Republic Day parade 2023 Novel methods of bilateral relations between Egypt and India....
A bold move by India to reach out to the Arab World by inviting the Egyptian President for India’s Republic Day event

Egyptian President Sisi is Republic Day chief guest

A positive political message by Modi to the world leaders A move towards becoming a Vishwaguru? India sent a positive political message to the world by...
The move will not only boost ties between India and Egypt but also add new impetus and synergy to its relations

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh meets Egyptian counterpart, holds talks to expand bilateral defence ties

MoU on defence cooperation signed between India, Egypt Defence Minister Rajnath Singh met his counterpart, Defence Minister, General Mohamed Zaki on Tuesday in Cairo and...
The Twitter accounts of 4 Pakistan Embassies in different countries have been banned by India, along with Pakistan’s national radio broadcaster

India bans Twitter accounts of Pakistan embassies in UN, Turkey, Iran and Egypt for...

Why accounts of 4 Pakistani embassies been banned? In a major crackdown on the fake news peddling, India on Monday banned several official accounts of...
A car Bomb blast in Cairo, Egypt

Bomb blast in Cairo, Egypt

On 5th August 2019, in Cairo, Egypt’s capital, in a car bomb blast in front of a hospital, at least 20 people have been...
A significant amount of money was siphoned out from Egypt, under Mubarak.

#BringBackBillions Part 4 – Egypt and its missing billions

In Part 1, we described the approaches that can be used to bring back Black Money. Part 2 described how Marcos looted Philippines. In...
India is currently the president of the G20, the group of developed and emerging countries, where it seeks to project the voices of the Global South

As India warns of ‘anachronistic mindset’ at UNSC, resounding calls for reforms echo

In perpetuating the 1945 anachronistic mindset, we will continue to lose faith in the UN: India at UNSC India's Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj said at...


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