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If he had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation, says Elon Musk

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk denies govt request to activate Starlink to sink Russian fleet

Elon Musk shut down Starlink satellite to thwart Ukrainian attack on Russian fleet On Friday, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that he did...
The social networking platform might soon allow users to save or download a post as an image

Elon Musk says X’s video viewership has roughly doubled since last year

X's video views up 90% compared to 2022: Linda Yaccarino On Monday, Elon Musk announced that video viewership on X Corp (formally Twitter) has nearly...
The policies will include "prohibiting the promotion of false or misleading content, including false, misleading information intended to undermine public confidence in an election

Ahead of election, Elon Musk to allow US political candidates, parties advertise on ‘X’

X Corp lifts ban on political ads Elon Musk-run X (formerly Twitter) has announced that it will allow US political candidates and parties to advertise...
Vivek Ramaswamy says he wants Elon Musk to be his presidential adviserv

Indian-American candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wants Elon Musk as advisor if he wins election

US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy impressed by 'Elon Musk' - gave a big statement Fresh out of the first Republican primary debate, Indian-American candidate Vivek...
In his latest bid to woo journalists after paying creators via his X advertising revenue programme, the X owner has now proposed a new way for media houses to make money

Now news organizations can also get a share of X’s ad revenue: Elon Musk

X proposes a new way for media houses to make money On Thursday, the Elon Musk-led X (formerly Twitter) said that now news organizations can...
Being shadow banned means, you're blocked or muted from the social media platform without being notified

Elon Musk-led X will address shadow-banning soon

The X users will be able to check if they are shadow banned or not & will also get to know the reason for...
Musk’s X closes $100 mn promoted accounts ad biz: Report

Elon Musk’s X closes $100 mn promoted accounts ad biz: Report

Promoted accounts or "Follower Objective" ads generate more than $100 million annually in global revenue for X Elon Musk-owned X (formerly Twitter) has shut down...
Commenting on Zuckerberg's statements, Musk said that the exact date of the cage fight "is still in flux"

Mark Zuckerberg says he’s ready for cage fight; Elon Musk reacts

Mark Zuckerberg takes a jab at Elon Musk, says he’s “ready today” to fight When Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday said that...
X accused UK-based nonprofit of accessing data from Twitter to “falsely claim it had statistical support showing the platform is overwhelmed with harmful content”

Elon Musk’s X corp sues anti-hate firm over ‘improperly’ accessing Twitter data

Elon Musk hits anti-hate nonprofit with lawsuit over X losing advertisers Elon Musk-run X Corp has sued anti-hate organization the Center for Countering Digital Hate...
Twitter has launched a new ads revenue sharing program for creators and also started paying hefty sums

Twitter usage surge by 3.5% week over week: Elon Musk

The UK got the most user active seconds on Twitter at 7.2%, followed by Japan at 5.7% Elon Musk has shared the numbers regarding the...


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