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The truth is that the wedlock between Jammu and Kashmir is unnatural and the time to break it has come

Wedlock between Jammu and Kashmir is unnatural

Are the Kashmiri politicians really well-wishers of the people of Jammu? Subversive Kashmiri politicians, including Farooq Abdullah, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, and...
The State of J&K came into being only on March 16, 1846, under the Treaty of Amritsar, signed between the Dogra Raja, Gulab Singh, and the British Indian government

Kashmir never enjoyed state status post-1846

Misrepresenting facts It has become customary with certain elements in and outside the Indian establishment, and even outside India, to misrepresent facts as far as...
In order to effectively combat the problem of Kashmir jihad, the Modi government must take some necessary measure

The problem in Kashmir is 684 years old and it’s jihad

Deteriorating situations in J&K Things in J&K are deteriorating with each passing day. On the one hand, secessionists in Kashmir have upped the ante and...
The ongoing process of disintegration of J&K -- its division into two UTs and creation of Ladakh as a UT out of the erstwhile J&K State -- has to be viewed in this context

Formation and disintegration of Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir became part of Dogra Kingdom, and not vice-versa J&K State came into being at a time when other princely states were crumbling one after...
What Azad and other Kashmiri leaders have been hailing Maharaja Hari Singh's State Subject Definition is nothing but a dubious exercise calculated to create a wedge between J&K Muslims and all other Indians

State Subject Laws: Azad speaking white lies to mislead people

Will Azad and ilk in Kashmir appreciate the truth? Ghulam Nabi Azad, who quit Congress last August, set up his own political outfit in Jammu...
More light tanks are to be deployed in high-altitude areas to counter the Chinese deployment of similar armored columns along the LAC

To counter Chinese tanks, India moves more tanks to the border

Indian Army accelerates procurement of light tank ‘Zorawar’ for LAC to tackle China To counter the muscle flexing of China at border areas in Ladakh...
The recent developments which Kashmir has been witnessing since August 17, 2022, only serve to demonstrate that the divide between Jammu and Kashmir is complete

Divide in Jammu and Kashmir is complete

Possible to bridge the wide gulf between the two? Kashmir became part of the Jammu Kingdom on March 9, 1846, under the Treaty of Amritsar,...
The nature and magnitude of supreme sacrifices and splendid contributions could be gauged from the fact that many Dogras attained martyrdom from time to time while fighting out the secessionist elements in and outside the political setup

UT status to Jammu also negation of her splendid contributions to and supreme sacrifices...

Understanding Jammu's history and contribution The nationalistic people of Jammu province celebrated August 5, 2019, as a day of thanksgiving. On that historic day, the...
One can cite innumerable instances to call the bluff of Ghulam Nabi Azad and establish that he was, and is, biased against the people of Jammu province

J&K Delimitation: Azad’s atrocious U-turns show he is rabidly anti-Jammu

Congress leader Azad's false claim Former J&K CM and senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Bhat alias Azad consistently claims that he is not an ethnic...
Delimitation Commission just can’t afford to decrease number of seats as it proposed for Jammu, where concerned people are already chaffing and seething with anger

Breaking deadlock in Jammu and Kashmir

J&K Delimitation Commission panel meet Justice (Retired) Ranjana Prakash Desai-headed Delimitation Commission met five associate members – three from NC (Farooq Abdullah, M A Lone,...


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