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The majority of immigrants are loyal and trustworthy and want to make a positive contribution, but democratic politicians use them as voters in swing states and on welfare programs

Immigration and its impact on every day Americans and immigrants who are going through...

Land of Immigrants The USA is a land of immigrants which was founded by people fleeing religious persecution during the mid to late 15th century....
Preliminary investigations revealed that the immigrants had been staying illegally in the country since 2011

NIA tracks down 24 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Bengaluru

NIA cracks down on illegal immigration; 24 Bangladeshi nationals apprehended in Bengaluru's Bellandur area During a search operation, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) tracked down...
The collapse of the Dutch current government means new elections have to be planned, probably in November

Dutch govt collapses after failing to agree on immigration policy between 4 coalition parties

Dutch Govt falls as coalition partners clash immigration; fresh elections likely Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has announced the collapse of his government after a...
Immi, you were brave enough to tell the doctors to “not use any anesthesia” and while the doctors were “busy” removing the bullets, you were busy telling people to not accuse anyone

My New Letter Series – Dear Immi, The Long March Was Successful!!

Dear Immi, So, you called a Long Walk! No harm in that! After all, at your age, a long walk is from your door to...
NIA said a large number of criminal cases have been registered in different states over the last few years against the PFI, its leaders, and members for their alleged involvement in many violent acts

Ban on pro-jihadi outfit PFI is imminent after countrywide NIA, ED raids, arresting 106...

Noise to ban PFI grows louder amid nationwide NIA, ED raids With the nationwide crackdown by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Enforcement Directorate (ED)...
Twitter shares fired up nearly 6 percent in the afternoon, chiefly because of media speculation that the deal was expected after market close, if not sooner

Twitter soars after commentariat scents imminent Elon Musk takeover

Amid Musk’s takeover talks, Twitter shares see a surge The social media platform giant Twitter’s shares soared after the Wall Street Journal reported that the...
My Letter To - Dear Immi, Insha Allah, The Boys Played Well

My Letter Series – Dear Immi, Insha Allah, The Boys Played Well

Dear Immi, Immi, it was great seeing you addressing the august United Nations General Assembly. You looked confident, handsome, and charming as ever. When you...
Illegal immigrants have now become not only an economic burden but also a security threat

India is not the immigrant capital of the world

Deep-rooted conspiracy behind Rohingyas settlement in Jammu district The Rohingya intruders are a threat to national security, the environment and demography. The fear is real. And...

EP-126: AntiCAA resolution fails in Chicago City Council, 42 million want to immigrate to...

Main points 1. Wisconsin Assembly greenlights investigation into 2020 Elections 2. VP Kamala Harris handed over the Border fiasco and to fix the issues 3. Poll: 42...
EP-121: Fed to leave rates unchanged till 2023. India-BD border sees highest illegal immigration

EP-121: Fed to leave rates unchanged till 2023. India-BD border sees highest illegal immigration

Sree Iyer: Namaskar, Hello and welcome to PGurus to channel. I am your host Sree Iyer. This is daily Global Insights episode number 121...


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