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Australia has imposed sanctions against an N. Korean firm linked with the development of weapons of mass destruction, as well as Chinese and Russian companies accused of helping Pyongyang

Australia imposes sanctions on North Korean firm linked to arms development

Australia puts North Korean firm Puhung Trading under financial sanctions According to a document from Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne dated March 1, the North Korean...
In August last year, the IAEA said in its annual report the Yongbyon reactor appeared to be in operation since July

Satellite imagery suggests ongoing operation at North Korean nuclear reactor

Renewed activity at North Korea nuclear reactor North Korea appears to have resumed operations at its Yongbyon facility which is used to make nuclear weapons,...
North Korea on Thursday hinted at resuming its nuclear and long-range missile testing, saying it will consider restarting "all temporarily-suspended activities

US continues the diplomatic way in dealing with North Korea

For denuclearization of Korean Peninsula, US continues to see diplomacy best way The Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said that the US continues to seek...
With hypersonic missiles, the new buzzword in arms and armaments, should democracies be concerned about N Korea’s claim?

North Korea hypersonic missile test: Real or reel?

Is China firing its hypersonic missile from North Korea’s shoulders? North Korea said on Wednesday it has successfully conducted the "final" test-firing of a new...
Afghanistan and North Korea

P-2 : World War III – A take on Afghanistan and North Korea

The role of Afghanistan and North Korea Part 1 of this series can be 'accessed ' here. This is Part 2. Critics of Pentagon’s policy in...
Korean Peninsula | Japan noted that the tests were a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions that ban North Korea from all ballistic missile development

UN calls for diplomatic talks for denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

As N Korea tests 4th missile, UN calls for diplomatic talks for denuclearization of Korean Peninsula The South Korean Military and Japan reported that North...
The Korean war which resulted in a win, loss, and a tie for combatants over the 3 years from 1950-53

Korean War: The forgotten war

Korean War In the hot summer of June 1950 in the remote corner of Asia, North Korean Communist forces crossed the 38th Parallel which separates...
India and its argumentative Indians will always be among equals with any other sovereign country

New India’s defiant, direct, defining, and/ or deafening diplomacy

The emerging 'new India' Can you recall if a developing country ever dared rebuff the erstwhile most powerful America on its own turf? However, times...
EP-308 I Global Insights I Feb 14, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

EP-308 I Global Insights I Feb 14, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri...

Namaskar and welcome to Weekly Global Insights Episode 308. A shoutout to our viewers to Like this program so it can reach its maximum...
The abrupt exit of the US has resulted in over 100,000 rifles, arms & ammunition being left behind. Now, these are finding their way into India using drones. In this brief monologue, Sree Iyer explains the role of Pakistan in arm-twisting Sonia Gandhi into firing Capt. Amarinder Singh as the CM to facilitate what could be an assault on India. Watch this compelling video!

Sree Iyer on Pakistan’s role in Capt Amarinder Singh’s dismissal as the CM of...

Namaskar. How did Pakistan so blatantly pull off the re-capture of Afghanistan? Many who served in the US Army are seething at the perception...


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