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India is not a dumping ground for any Tom, Dick, and Harry, they have been saying, adding that if India is to be secured, all the Rohingya immigrants have to be thrown out lock, stock, and barrel.

Sonia supports Rohingya intruders, Sheikh Hasina describes them threat to Bangladesh security

MoS in the PMO has made some unambiguous statements on the Rohingya issue, it is hoped that all these illegal immigrants will be deported...

Sheikh Hasina must guard against authoritarianism

As the month-long celebrations for the 44th anniversary of the country's Victory Day on December 16, 1971, is in progress, the atmosphere in Bangladesh...
In the past, India has also evacuated nationals from neighbouring countries during times of crisis

Operation Ganga: Bangladesh PM Hasina thanks PM Modi for rescuing their nationals; Nepal, Pakistan...

Praises pour in for India for evacuating nationals of Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan amid the Ukraine crisis Praises are pouring in for the Modi government...
The atrocities on the Hindu community continue in Bangladesh and is far from under control.

Bangladesh horror continues: Around 70 temples, 66 Hindu homes Vandalised and 20 torched

Atrocities on Hindu continue in Bangladesh The atrocities on the Hindu community continue in Bangladesh and is far from under control. A group of assailants...
In another attack on Bangladesh’s minority Hindu community, mobs allegedly attacked ISKCON temple in Noakari region

Attacks on Hindu temples continue in Bangladesh: ISKCON temple vandalized along with the people...

Attack on ISKCON temple & devotees in Noakhali Just a couple of days back there was an attack on temples and Durga puja pandals in...
Fake pictures of Quran floated by BNP and Jammat-e-Islam in Bangladesh causes attacks on temples and Durga puja pandals

Bangladesh’s biggest Hindu festival sees attacks on temples and Durga Puja pandals

Islamist's miscreants in Bangladesh vandalized Durga Puja pandals, attack Hindus Amid the vibrant Durga puja celebrations across Bangladesh, a string of attacks on temples and...
EP 198 | Daily Global Insights | Jul 7, 2021 | US News | India News | Global News | Markets

EP 198 | Daily Global Insights | Jul 7, 2021 | US News |...

Sree Iyer: Namaskar Welcome to Daily Global Insights with Sri and Sree. Today is July 7th, Wednesday and this is episode 198. As always,...
Illegal immigrants have now become not only an economic burden but also a security threat

India is not the immigrant capital of the world

Deep-rooted conspiracy behind Rohingyas settlement in Jammu district The Rohingya intruders are a threat to national security, the environment and demography. The fear is real. And...
The UNHCR visited Rohingya habitations in Jammu and asked them to leave, promising funds to settle them elsewhere. They refused, saying they won’t leave as they are used to Jammu and know everyone over here.

Settlement of Rohingyas in Jammu a political conspiracy, says BJP

Accommodation of the Rohingyas in India fail to consider the burden they are bound to put on India’s strained national resources On April 20, Jammu...
Demographic changes due illegal immigration

Demographic changes in Assam due to illegal immigration

At least four districts will turn into Muslim-majority ones from being Hindu-majority for decades as a result of the illegal immigration When a subsidiary remark...


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