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Devotees have a fundamental right to pray. Is this being violated during the repairs done at Tirumala?

Tirumala – MahasamprOshanam or MahaNirbandham? Devotees have a fundamental right to pray

Note to the readers: Some words have capital letters in them. This is deliberate. It means while reading it, stretch that letter. This is...
For sure the Bhaktas would agree with the author that there is no need to replace the existing beautiful gold plating of the Ananda Nilayam unless there is something structurally wrong with it or under it currently

Mackenna’s gold for TTD’s Venkanna

Vimanam The Vimanam is the structure right above the Garbha Gruham, the Sanctum of a Mandir. Every Vimanam has a name. To give you two,...
Is the TTD contemplating changing any Ritual or Seva?

The ‘Dollar’ Manual – What’s TTD planning?

Proposal to bring in a new manual pertaining to Sevas and Rituals of the Temple Bhagawan Balaji. Kaliyuga Pratyaksha Deivam. Millions throng to His Mandir...
Part 1 of the series describes the history of how the Archaka system was organised and the lineage of the MirasiArchakas

Why is TTD against the MirasiArchakas?

The Protectors of Rituals and Customs To learn briefly on the MirasiArchakas, here is a recap of my two-part article on Tirumala Issue - Major...
A TTD Template on How to rob Bhagawan Balaji

A case of missing jewelry of Bhagawan Balaji

This instance is enough to conclude that all is not well with the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD)’s accounting procedures, their sincerity to handle the...


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