A victim of the Fake University scam describes his plight

Four years and 2 universities later, getting a Masters degree is still a distant dream for this student from Hyderabad. 2 scam universities and the need for caution while enrolling in US schools


  1. I keep my doors open and stack lot of money inside house. Leave a board outside that “I m going out, there are lots of money inside the house, doors are open, no security around. If anybody want to steal those, you are welcome”.

    Innocent and poor people enter the house and pocket few notes.

    Now I return home with Police and tell that “I did setup a trap to catch thieves and all of you go behind bars”.

    The US officials themselves setup a fake University and invited applications. Had it been to identify people who are already staying in US illegally, its fair to an extent. But all the applicants were in India. US officials cunningly made them to come to US and have booked them. This is just to to add some badges to their career.

  2. Indians need to stop thinking that the USA wants them to go there and settle.. he is trying to build a wall.
    Universities are big business- the real and the fake Universities.

  3. These are not innocent victims. These students knew what they were getting into. Now they are caught, so they are crying wolf.

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