Aircel-Maxis Sanction for Prosecution: Is Accused Chidambaram blackmailing Finance Minister Arun Jaitley?

Is Chidambaram blackmailing Jaitley by threatening to expose the activity of his children?

Is Chidambaram blackmailing Jaitley by threatening to expose the activity of his children?
Is Chidambaram blackmailing Jaitley by threatening to expose the activity of his children?

For the past 125 days or so, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is waiting for a Sanction for Prosecution from the Finance Ministry headed by Arun Jaitley in the Aircel-Maxis scam. A week prior to the filing of a chargesheet against the former tainted Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis scam on July 19, the CBI had approached Finance Ministry through its administrate Department of Personnel for sanction to prosecute four Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers, who are co-accused with Chidambaram. According to reliable sources, Chidambaram is blackmailing Arun Jaitley by threatening to expose the huge income from Corporates received by Jaitley’s son Rohan Jaitley and daughter Sonali Jaitley and her husband Jaiyesh Bakshi.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley must be held responsible for this fraud in saving his buddy – the corrupt Chidambaram.

It is an open secret that the hearts of many top babus in the Finance Ministry and Income Tax bleed for Chidambaram. This is mostly due to mismanagement or soft attitude of the current incumbent, Jaitley. According to sources, the Income Tax and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officers who raided fugitive Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi in January 2017 have found Sonali Jaitley and her husband’s money trail with the absconding diamond traders. Officers close to Chidambaram from these departments passed on all the data regarding this to him and it is believed that they have even given the Income Tax Returns of son, daughter and her husband from 2010 onwards to their former boss Chidambaram. These documents expose huge money trails from Corporate houses to the children of Jaitley, ostensibly accounted as legal retainership to Jaitley’s son and daughter. Why do Corporates pay such large sums of money to these young advocates who are rarely seen in any court?

A few weeks ago, Congress releasing a money trail from Mehul Choksi’s firms to Jaitley’s kid’s accounts was a warning shot to Arun Jaitley[1]. This is a message to Jaitley by Chidambaram. Some months ago Chidambaram had leaked this info to some media houses and asked them to write a letter to Jaitley and his kids to get a response on the matter. Due to his huge clout in media, Jaitley managed to put a kibosh on the media houses (meaning made them to keep silent). Seeing media being unhelpful, Chidambaram changed tactics and used the Congress party to conduct a press conference to release the money trail documents from Mehul Choksi to Sonali Jaitley. This was a clear message to Jaitley from Chidambaram that if you touch me I will expose you.  What else could be the reason for Jaitley to withhold CBI’s Sanction for Prosecution for more than 125 days? According to CBI officers, they have applied sanction for prosecution on July 12. Normally CBI gets approval to sanction for prosecution in one or two days.

Who are the four IAS officers co-accused with Chidambaram and son?

  • Former Finance Secretary Ashok Jha
  • Former Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla, currently serving as the Chairman of National Stock Exchange
  • Kumar Sanjay Krishnan belonging to the Assam Cadre
  • Deepak Kumar Singh belonging to the Bihar cadre

On the previous hearing on October 1, in 2G Court, CBI was slammed by Judge OP Saini for the delays in providing Sanction for Prosecution of the above named four IAS officers. The Judge even went on to say that he will pass “suitable orders” if the sanction for prosecution is not submitted by November 26, the next hearing[2].

Not getting Sanction for Prosecution against the co-accused four IAS officers will dilute the charges against main accused Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis chargesheet filed by CBI. This will also hamper Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) Chargesheet. Apart from this, the Finance Ministry’s dubious activity will hamper the filing of chargesheets by CBI and ED in INX Media case also. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley must be held responsible for this fraud in saving his buddy – the corrupt Chidambaram.

It is high time Prime Minister Narendra Modi intervened and gave orders to Finance Ministry to provide sanction to prosecute the four IAS officers, co-accused with Chidambaram.


[1] Arun Jaitley’s daughter works for Mehul Choksi, alleges Rahul GandhiOct 22, 2018, India Today

[2] CBI pulled up for Finance Ministry’s delays in giving Sanction for Prosecution in Aircel-Maxis scamOct 2, 2018,

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  1. Why the courts are not asking the govt. and FM to make it’s stand clear on the application for sanction.
    The judiciary, politicians, bureaucracy, media and businesses are hand in glove and live in comfort on the money of poor people and Courts are there only to protect those who are strong in power play and are ethically most corrupt lot in the country. They are the root and the cause of increasing corruption at every level.

  2. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) chief Ajay Bhushan Pandey will succeed Hasmukh Adhia, who retires this month end, as revenue secretary. !!!!

    I wonder what happened to Dr. Swami’s request for ‘sanction to prosecute’ Adhia???!!!

  3. According to an ex-IPS officer and an old hand in the CBI, the latter has absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any act of omission of commission against PC and the reported case is “trumped up”. Coming from an ex-spl director of CBI as it does, it would be proper for you to go deeper into the matter afresh, notwithstanding the suspicion of conspiracy against the present FM. It may also be inquired if there is any truth in the rumours about a former FM (now in a constitutional post) engaged in gathering evidence and making out a strong case against this accused.

  4. Was it it not already clarified that FM’s daughter& son-in-law have returned that money and that the matter closed.? If at all something like what pgurus is concocting here only Time would answer these type of suspicions,pointing fingers, blackmail stories etc. My guess is that general polls would be advanced if at all matter gets too grim to create widespread delicate situations/collateral damage

      • He is waiting for appropriate time &order from Modi/PMO , BJP-RSS to create maximum election time impact .
        If he had given sanctions in all open&shut cases immediately people/electorate will forget and only remember day-to-day chores like fuel price which can go up&down but anyway present regime has done its best to deregulate &leave it to market to determine prices etc
        All this drama of hidden hand trying to stifle,stop Swamy in his court cases, the enemity between him &FM, blah blah all bullahit,Bunkum ..
        Wait patiently till 2019 polls and still if nothing emerges then decide. Even then there’s a possibility that all these court cases could be mere exaggerations by both national parties BJP&Inc to recieve,trap voters to keep power amongst themselves &to prevent another force emerging as alternative to them in national scene.
        Have U ever wondered about track record of PILs in corruption cases in India ? How many successes,quanta of reported loot amount, fine paid or sentences given etc?

  5. IT IS NOW LEFT WITH THE PEOPLE OF INDIA TO RESPOND WITH URGENCY. A large scale mass campaign must be initiated and sent to Modi for immediate action. India must wake up or India will go to sleep forever.

  6. Personally PM Modi is incorruptible and one must appreciate his 18 hours a day working culture. None of his family members and his age old mother benefited from him. For the benefit of our nation, PM visited 64 countries during his current tenure and he got good exposure and he has become too smart now.
    It took four years for Amit Shah and Modi together to come out clean on false allegations on them pending for over a decade. PM Modi forgot his 13 years of torture under the Dynasty and secularists. PM Modi will never dump Jaitley. Both need each other. BJP has now become a corporate political party and Cong-I is a known international racketeer very difficult to dislodge them.
    I guess message from PM Modi to all of us on corruption issue is to forget and forgive UPA1&2 mega scams doers and let dynasty live forever as shadow “PMs in waiting” with big security at tax payers cost for few more decades while Modi as PM will show us completed “developmental projects” here and there during his next term also. In other words PM is keeping long silence and indirectly indicating us to “choose” whether we want ‘development” or fight “corruption cases” wasting each other’s time!?! No matter Dr.S.Swamy goes hammer and tongues…..Politics is the art of management…e-marketing/digitized marketing management!

    PMs another message and may be a worry is that if, he takes “action on dynasty” members, PC and his gang, big sympathy wave votes may come to Cong-I in 2019 elections! This had happened in Indira Gandhi’s period during 1977. She cried and shouted that a women like her was jailed/crucified by Janata Party government. Hence, Modi intends to avoid such a nasty situation. Hence, in the larger interest of Hindus, PM Modi may not act on Jaitley-PC tango for now!!
    At a future date KC, Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi (!!) Vadra may become Rajya Sabha MPs to serve our nation with mega scams as their credentials!!!
    All our politicians when in big trouble more so scamsters do consult Astrologers/Palmists and run around godmen too. Hence, dynasty members, PC and his ilk are trying to push Courts hearing beyond August 2019/ 2020 to go scot free! Their respective time is not good now!! UPA1&2 some ministers and Cong-I CMs scams are forgotten during these four and a half years of NDA’s “developmental works” regime! Thanks to BJP lead NDA govt!

    BJP likes congressmen/Communists lenient bureaucracy/advisers. Some in BJP do not like Dr.S.Swamy and his crusade against Corruption and Hindutva too.

    PM Modi was terrific, the most performing and an achiever as CM of Gujarat. It’s evident now that he lacks pan Indian Administrative skill sets to set right rotten and corrupt system.

    If things go wrong and become unmanageable BJP may compromise on corruption cases and conveniently throw the onus on rotten system and corrupt judiciary before demitting office!

    Look at Bofors scam neat burial!


  7. Thank you very much Mr Shree Iyer,
    I have noticed that my comments are not being posted.
    I shall not waste my time on your website and comments anymore .

  8. All India needs is to elect 534 honest MP’s. Let them choose a leader amongst themselves No parties. Parties means thugs, goons and corruption. Only then can India survive

  9. It appears as long as AJ will be FM, none of tainted IAS officers will be taken into custody and it is doubtful whether PC or PR will be ever arrested ??

  10. Better to rename the party as BMP ie Black Mail Party.DirtLungi blackmails Shakuni and Shakuni blackmails 56″ and 56″ blackmails Indians in the name of Hindutva.

  11. Jai Italy is a crook. He is saving Chidambaram. Modi must kick this crook. Jai Italy has collapsed Modi’s 2014 mandate. This man is sick to the core

  12. why cannot all storm to social media and create ruckus. PM will never intervene as the govt is gverened by AJ not NaMo. we need to protect our country and no one else will, including our own PM.

  13. This has been in the minds of people for a long time. Not only this, there is a very large number of bureaucrats in the Finance Ministry who have all along been extra-loyal to the ex-FM. A former FM had started the job of collecting adverse materials against PC. The officers assisting in that process are no more in the ministry. It is inexplicable as to why the govt is shy of facing the truth.


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