CBI charge sheets Editor-cum-Fixer Upendra Rai for extorting Rs.15 crores.  Income Tax officers expected to be charge sheeted soon

CBI charge sheets Upendra Rai on extortion charges

CBI charge sheets Upendra Rai on extortion charges
CBI charge sheets Upendra Rai on extortion charges

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday charge sheeted the notorious Editor-cum-Fixer Upendra Rai for extortion of Rs.15 crores from a real estate company owner in the garb of journalism. Upendra Rai currently placed in Tihar jail is now facing a second charge sheet of CBI and recently the Enforcement Directorate had attached his properties worth Rs.27 crores.

In the current charge sheet, CBI is expected to file a supplementary charge sheet fixing certain Income Tax officers for helping Upendra Rai for extorting huge money by leaking the details of tax raids. Rai’s associate Rahul Sharma is also charge sheeted on Friday for blackmailing the businessman Balwinder Singh Malhotra, who owns White Lion Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. According to the charge sheet, Rai and his staffers after getting information from Income Tax officers, started sending questions to Malhotra, who was facing huge tax evasion and money laundering. The questions were sought on behalf of his newly formed news website called as Print Line. This blackmailing happened in September 2017, said CBI, which registered FIR on the basis ofa complaint filed by the real estate company owner[1].

Terrified over the questions in the garb of journalism, Malhotra surrendered before Upendra Rai and agreed to pay Rs.15 crores for not-publishing and also fell into the promise of Rai that he will manage all the Income Tax cases. The money was passed to Upendra Rai and his firms as a consultancy fee, which was totally bogus, said CBI. The agency said this was nothing but extortion and blackmailing in connivance with certain Income Tax officers. CBI is expected to charge some Income Tax officers as accused in the supplementary charge sheet.

CBI said that Upendra Rai pressured Malhotra through his relative Kapil Wadhwan. Both Malhotra and Wadhwan were forced to meet Upendra Rai at his Greater Kailash residence (now attached by ED) after getting threats from Rai’s staffer journalists.

“Succumbing to the pressure, a consultancy agreement had to be signed to work out an arrangement to pay the huge amount demanded. Thus, a consultancy agreement dated October 3, 2017, was prepared between M/s Upendra Rai and Associates and White Lion from October 1, 2017,” said the charge sheet detailing the money flow of Rs.15,19,50,000. The money was from Axis Bank’s Bandra Account to Upendra Rai’s HDFC Bank account between October 2017 and April 2018.

CBI has charge sheeted Upendra Rai and Rahul Sharma for criminal conspiracy and offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act. CBI previous month charged Upendra Rai for forgery and fraud in making sensitive Airport Entry Pass and huge transactions of above Rs.100 crore in a year[2].

The Enforcement Directorate previous week attached his several homes and flats and posh cars across the country worth Rs.27 crores[3]. CBI is expected to charge sheet Upendra Rai under Official Secrets Act too.


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  1. CBI should have seperate wing for investigation on many of the third rated journalists working against the country for foreign money under the garb of press freedom

  2. Total blackmailer made huge money in the garb of journalism. Linked to many politicians and officials and police officers. Upendra Rai was parking money of many such corrupt people.

  3. There is rampant illegal construction after taking completion certificate by builders in connivance of completion authority. No fear. Highlight such cases to arrest such illegal practice.

  4. Do Upendra Rai and Rahul Sharma contribute in any way towards stalling the FIPB Fraud supporting P. Chidambaram-Karti Duo and siding certain Bureaucrats within the Finance Ministry? Please elaborate. The Duos U.R-R.S as well as P.C and Karti and other FM Bureaucrats receive third degree attention by CBI to spill all the details Conman like PC’s contribution should never be hidden as a Chidambara Rahasyam.


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