CBI registers another case against Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai for extorting Rs.15 crores

More problems for Upendra Rai as the CBI books him in an extortion case

More problems for Upendra Rai as the CBI books him in an extortion case
More problems for Upendra Rai as the CBI books him in an extortion case

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday evening slapped another case against tainted Journalist cum Racketeer Upendra Rai. The new case is for blackmailing and extorting Mumbai based real estate firm White Lion Real Estate Developers’ owner Balvinder S Malhotra. The seven-page First Information Report (FIR) of CBI’s Anti-Corruption Wing of Delhi says that Malhotra was forced to give Rs.15 crores ($2.5 million) to Upendra Rai as “consulting fees”.

Tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai threatened the White Lion owner of adverse media reporting about his firm by showing the Income Tax documents. As per the FIR, after being threatened by the media staff of Upendra Rai,  Balvinder Malhotra landed at Upendra Rai’s home in Delhi. Rai showed him a bunch of documents of Income Tax department about the adverse findings. According to Malhotra, Rai threatened him that if Rs.15 crores is not paid, he would publish all these documents and Income Tax would definitely fix him under the new Benami Act.

PGurus recently published the dubious huge volume of money transfer to Upendra Rai from this White Lion Real Estate Developers[1].

The CBI FIR says, Rai said that if money is paid, he can handle the case with Income Tax and provide an escape route. After agreeing to pay money, as per Rai’s instruction, the real estate firm was asked to enter into a bogus consultancy agreement with him and more than Rs.15 crores were transferred. The money transfers were done to Upendra Rai’s HDFC Bank and Axis Bank accounts between October 2017 and April 2018. CBI also made Upendra Rai’s associate Rahul Sharma as accused in this case for raising fake invoices of a non-existent consultancy deal.

CBI FIR indicates that the agency would soon arrest senior Income Tax officials also for facilitating the Rs.15 crores extortion by Upendra Rai. It is certain that many corrupt top officials of Income Tax would be fixed in this case.

Currently, when the raids under CBI custody facing charges for money transfers of more than 100 crores and forgery committed in obtaining a sensitive Airport Entry Pass[2].

The previous week, crooked Upendra Rai tried to threaten PGurus by sending a Legal notice of defamation seeking Rs.100 crores to which we gave a fitting reply[3].

1. The conversion rate used in this article is 1 USD = 66.16 Rupees.


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  1. Is it possible for this govt to book all crooks who enjoyed various facilities and patronages since there are lot of individuals under this catagory who were encouraged by the corrupt congress to enable them to be useful for congress to stay in power permanently?

  2. Most of the incidents happened in last two to three years.Again FM and Ministry found pretending to be sleeping.

  3. Times to fix other fixer journos. Otherwise with journalism only how they made huge homes and farm houses across the country. Most of them like Shekhar Gupta started in Scooters. We have seen them riding second hand bikes. Now look at their assets. Same is Rajdeep’s home in Panchsheel Park. How Rajdeep and Sagarika constructed 50 cr worth home around 2006. We have heard Nira Radia transferring more than 2 cr for Navika Kumar to buy flat in posh South Ex around 2007. She got Income Tax Notice also. Finance Ministers of India must have saved her. from the hacked account uploaded in public domain in December 2016, we have seen more than Rs. 7 cr in Barkha Dutt’s one SB account and she claimed it was legally earned. How 7 cr at an SB account is a basic question and then what would be in other accounts. We have seen scooter and cycle using journalist Rajiv Shukla rose to a billionaire and holding chairmanship of cricket IPL. CBI and ED and Income Tax must create a special unit to monitor these huge money flow into these kind of fixer journalists and editors wealth. Let these units start from Shekhar Gupta and just probe how he and wife hold 14 percent shares in Indian Express and find out whose benami is these 14 percent shares


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