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CBI to verify SPG records to ascertain Christian Michel’s meetings with Sonia Gandhi

The cookie is crumbling. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is verifying the records of Special Protection Group (SPG) of Sonia Gandhi to cross-check several meetings of Sonia Gandhi with dealer Christian Michel for the past two decades. What must concern her is the fact that Michel’s driver has already told the agencies about their frequent meetings till October 2012, the last time Michel buzzed off from India after the AgustaWestland chopper purchase controversy blew up in their faces.

Earlier, in the Bofors case, Sonia’s SPG Officer Naresh Chandra Gosain testified to the CBI that Sonia met dealer Ottavio Quattrocchi 21 times. He also told that whenever Rajiv went out of Delhi, Sonia would take the children Rahul and Priyanka to Quattrocchi’s home[1].

According to sources, Sonia normally visits high profile guests at her 10, Janpath residence or at the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) office in the heart of Delhi in Raisina Road. Till May 2014, RGF office was also under the control of SPG, as the Gandhi family members frequented it and met dignitaries there.  Soon after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government came to power, Sonia had written to the Government to withdraw SPG members from the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation building, where SPG staffers were posted and maintained a Register and monitored the visitors.

The CBI has found that Michel landed in India more than 300 times from 1998 onwards and was engaged in many deals related to the aviation sector including Indian Air Force purchases. Michel’s driver Narayan Bahadur’s confession is expected to be a big breakthrough for the CBI, as he had revealed where he took Michel in Delhi for the past two decades. CBI is expected to verify these aspects with the SPG Guards of Sonia also.

This is not the first time that CBI is verifying SPG records to know the activities of Sonia Gandhi. Earlier, in the Bofors case, Sonia’s SPG Officer Naresh Chandra Gosain testified to the CBI that Sonia met dealer Ottavio Quattrocchi 21 times. He also told that whenever Rajiv went out of Delhi, Sonia would take the children Rahul and Priyanka to Quattrocchi’s home[1]. Quattrocchi’s driver also confirmed this.

Though Michel always used to stay in Hotel Claridges in Central Delhi, he purchased a farmhouse in Chhatarpur in the outskirts of Delhi. These were the findings of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in 2015 when the agency caught hold of Michel’s retainer Raju Santhanam, who was also a journalist[2].

CBI is also verifying whether Sonia’s son-in-law Robert Vadra also had direct dealings with Christian Michel. Sonia Gandhi was also very close with Michel’s father, the late Wolfgang Michel, who was a big dealer in the aviation sector in India, Libya and UK etc. Many Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) officers wrote in their memoirs that former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao ordered RAW agents in London to watch whenever Sonia lands there and they have reported many times that she stayed at father Michel’s bungalow near River Thames.


[1] ‘He met Sonia 21 times after Rajiv’s Death’Jan 17, 2011, India Today

[2] VVIP chopper deal: Christian Michel sent cash with driver, met SP Tyagi kin at Sainik farm, ED tells courtJun 16, 2016, Indian Express

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  • All MSM Channels, repeat ALL channels are SOLD MEDIA. None of them present a BALANCED View on ANY MATTER. YES, These channels Are ADVOCATES for Terrorists & And Traitors. JAI HIND. Bharath Matha ki JAI.

  • Time for an independent news channel that can expose these murky connections and deals of the Congress first family which has fooled the people all these years to loot and remain in power. Presently, the main stream media wants to black out the wrong doings of Congress leadership,may be as a quid pro quo for benefits extended.

  • Well, BJP need to market this such that common man knows about whom they are voting for? A 30-sec clip in Youtube / Whatsup will do the job. BJP party can take the services of marketing firm to do it for them. This italian pest need to be removed from Indian garden.
    Having said all these, we have people in BJP working for Italian pests. So remove those internal pests first. is it easy? I do not understand y lick foreigners boots like this? No self esteem? Boots of a person whose Mother was serving german soldiers for ......
    India was controlled by such a woman for 10 yrs. We have people like Pilot's doing a round of yes man to her. Do they have any shame?

  • Now India need to make it mandatory that any foreigner visiting the local indian citizens should be "profiled" & there should be log of all his or her movements

  • The ordinary public is not realising the dangers of this dynasty, on the otherhand ,they are thronging for the freebies and false promises, which is going to destroy the growth of India.

  • The pace in which various investigations go on, before Sonia gets convicted, she will die a natural death, just like Jayalalitha

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