Chennai Police acted with restraint; How did protesters get Petrol bombs?

How did protesters get Petrol bombs? Who aided them?

How did protesters get Petrol bombs? Who aided them?
How did protesters get Petrol bombs? Who aided them?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]B[/dropcap]alakrishnan, the deputy commissioner of police, Triplicane, is known as an officer of integrity and honesty, rare qualities seen in modern day police bosses. What stood out during the agitation by students and youth at Marina Beach in Chennai demanding the lifting of the Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu, was the unique policing of the area under siege. Not a single untoward incident was reported during the first three days. The agitating students and youth sang paeans on this officer and his men for the excellent behaviour.

The police officials repeatedly pleaded with them to vacate as early as possible as schools were reopening and office goers commuting to their work places will be filling the roads.

On Monday morning, situation underwent a big change. The same team of police which was maintaining the law and order in the area were portrayed as villains. What caused this volte face by the demonstrators and the news starved 24X7 TV channels?

Early Monday morning, Balakrishnan and his team approached the protesters, distributed the copies of the ordinance promulgated by the Tamil Nadu government and pleaded with them to disperse from the beach since their demands have been met by the Government. The students and youth were intransigent and refused to leave the beach. They needed two hours for vacating the Marine Beach. The police officials repeatedly pleaded with them to vacate as early as possible as schools were reopening and office goers commuting to their work places will be filling the roads.

Even after pleading with them three times, the protesters refused and were adamant that they would not leave. When they were told that the police may have to use force to make them leave the area, the demonstrators turned violent and began attacking the police. All of a sudden, they started pelting stones at the police and began running towards the sea shore. One of the police men suffered injuries and he was immediately removed to the hospital in a police ambulance.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]hen began the pitched battle between the men in uniform and the demonstrators who attacked the former, mark our words, with petrol bombs and sickles. From where the innocent students mobilised this many deadly weapons is anybody’s guess. The news channels have a unique selling proposition (USP) to make the people watch their bulletins. Portray the policemen and soldiers of the Indian Army as devils and embodiment of all that is evil. Whether it be Kashmir where soldiers deployed for security duties are massacred or in Chhattisgarh where the Maoists butcher the jawans of the Central Reserve Protection Force (CRPF), the media always portray the law enforcers as the villains of the piece. The same thing happened in Marina Beach and Alanganallur in Madurai on Monday morning.

They broke down the staff of the flag, threw down the tricolour, trampled it and set it on fire. Then only I understood that the Jallikattu agitation has been hijacked…

– Uma Anandan, Social activist

Fishermen and hired goons of the some parties and other anti-national elements who had hijacked the agitation appeared all in a sudden with petrol bombs and swords and started attacking the policemen. They made a hasty retreat as the marauding demonstrators outnumbered men in khaki. The Ice House police station was the target of the “peaceful” demonstrators and they threw petrol bombs at the police vehicles parked outside. Many vehicles were torched and the resultant fire engulfed the police station. The men rose to the occasion and saved their colleagues including many women from the blaze.

From where did the agitators got their arms and ammunitions? The police could not be blamed if they doubt the houses in the nearby fishing hamlets and the slum areas.

Uma Anandan, a social activist, who was providing essential materials like drinking water, bread and medicines to a group of activists at Marina Beach , was taken aback when she saw a gang of Islamic youth beating up an activist who had the audacity to hold a national tricolour. “They broke down the staff of the flag, threw down the tricolour, trampled it and set it on fire. Then only I understood that the Jallikattu agitation has been hijacked,” said Anandan.

More were yet to come. By Saturday night, the Jallikattu agitation had turned into a carnival… According to a woman activist, who wanted her name to be protected, Marina Beach turned out to be a bedroom for some as the streetlights were put off by the authorities. “While their colleagues raised anti-India slogans, it turned out to be a different kind of Jallikkattu,” she said.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he agitation had close resemblance with the demonstration organised by the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) under Udayakumar and his mafia at Kudankulam. The agitation along the beaches of Kudankulam happened in 2013 was being replicated at Marina Beach. Only the locations differed, the characters were the same.

Leaderless protest lost its way. It neither had the experience nor control over the developments.

What remains unasked and unanswered is why Christians and Muslims turned up in large numbers for a demonstration which they consider as anti-Christianity and anti-Islam. For Muslims, worshipping of animals is unthinkable. The same is the case with Christians. How come two communities which shun any kind of idol worship turn in large numbers to support a festival which calls for worshipping the animals? Weren’t they the same persons who staged demonstrations against the government’s alleged move to ban cow slaughter? Are they now against the slaughter of bulls?

Yet another thing happened at Marina Beach. With the police picketing getting increased pleas were sent from Marina to youngsters in colleges and universities across the city of Chennai to depute more and more students to fill the beach! A telephonic conversation between two students has gone viral..

“Jihadis, evangelists and various Christian groups hijacked the issue. The real purpose was not Jallikattu. It was a show to express anti-Modi, anti-RSS and anti-India feelings. The demand for separate Tamil Nadu took top priority in this agitation,” said an intelligence official.

By Monday evening, the agitation had fizzled out. But the statements by Raghava Lawrence and RJ Balaji, the leaders of the student who protested at Marina Beach prove that the anti-India campaign is here to stay. “The Tamil Nadu legislative assembly unanimously has passed a Law making Jallikattu legal in Tamil Nadu. But more agitations of this kind are going to happen in Tamil Nadu,” said Raghava Lawrence, an actor and youth icon.

Someone familiar with the Modus Operandi of these elements had this to say:
“The jihadi elements and Koodankulam missionaries mustered the support of an area close to beach known as Ayodhyakuppam, known for violence that too mercenary in nature. They also brought in elements from rural towns. Extreme communist elements too got into it like the May 17 group…

Largely a combination of anti Indian jihadists, paid activists of Koodankulam type, professional communists and those making a living out of trouble infiltrated the ‘movement’. Leaderless protest lost its way. It neither had the experience nor control over the developments. Some forerunners to this movement saw it very late and withdrew yesterday from the scene.”

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  1. Koodankulam project was proposed by APJ do u think he would have suggested such unnecessary project, if yes! please read, no? God save u! the intelligence team works for the benefit of the country they don’t have any personal grudge or use smattered knowledge when comes to security concern of this nation like local police. u need to have a versatile persona to be one of them. ok, let me conclude. if u had suddenly jumped into this article, definitely would have sounded like a made-up one. but it is 100% true every country has an anti-national element which always wants to disintegrate the growth of the nation because they are you know how these ppl are formed they are normal ppl like us but at destitute times they get into wrong elements who want to trigger their emotion, project nation as their own enemy. behind every demonstration/protest there is moto to balkanize this country and u cant expect intelligence team to share each secret behind these fringe groups moto to the common public like us. kindly please read news from the core of the chronology behind every erratic problem that happened in India, platitude comments are not helping anyone.

  2. Dear PakistanGurus,

    Ur article is the most anti-national article I have ever read in my life. You are just trying to divide united India which will never happen. I hope this website shuts down soon.

  3. When such people can infiltrate so easily all across the country, in JNU IN J&K In Jadhavpur, IN HCU and now in Marina beach what is the great Ajit Doval led secret service is doing? BJP is more pomp and Glory and less substance. media is already against the Govt. Why not take preventive action. Or should we think they are taking lot of actin only sporadic incidents are getting out of control

    • Law and Order is under state control not central…If central police comes to that protest point they make BJP and police force as anti Tamil…. There are lot of other factors. But believe me Intelligence works well….If they think situation is completely going out of control then Central Govt will act…

  4. I burst into laughter seeing the claim of this trash website ” We are factual, accurate and unbiased”. Looks like a bunch of illiterate butt-hurt political thugs hiding under the garb of so-called facts.

    I have never laughed harder at a “news site”. Keep enjoying your wet dreams, pgurus.

  5. A well staged drama against all the protestors, I’m not denying that there was no anti national slogans took us a day forums to understand people are turning it around once we became pretty aware of the situations and avoided the anti nationalists or goons what ever you call the cheap political foul players but the police trying to go against the protesters knowing that our numbers are less compared to the other days in the early morning and they didn’t not give the two hours for us to dissolve… You can open up your eyes and see the videos of the Unlawful Law and order department enjoying the character play of goons pretty better those goons … It was either the order of the Central govt or State govt trying to make the wonderful protest into a disaster. Knowing things went back completely wrong students stayed back and without the action the police was expecting for ….. So the suited khaki goons played it at their best & luckily they didn’t realize that they are been captured it was easy for us to prove that we didn’t not turn down the law.

    I’m a hindu and I have got many Muslims as my friends and they saved me from getting beaten up… We see each other as brother and sisters and TAMIL unites us all. U call us anti Indians we the protestors who stood up singing national anthem and yet the law force came striking on our heads we stood up there bleeding for our tradition – After all your are a part of the money making Indian media that is going to play the carefully scripted stories of your payers.

    You wanna see stones pelting, u can surely see who did it all are recorded thanks for social media everyone of us have a copy with us. You are just a blind folded payed media using the chances and skills of communication to defend the payers – Is this what you say as journal freedom. If you don’t know properly don’t portrait what you fantasize.

  6. You are trying to create a divide here. The Muslims and Christians in Tamilnadu came to protest for Jallikattu because it’s a Tamil culture. Most of the Christians participate in Jallikattu as well. Get your facts right. Most of the Christians and Muslims in India are not anti-nationals and are downright against anti-nationals. People who create divide among people are anti-nationals especially who write articles like this.

    • those came with osama bin laden adn those made slogan agaisnt prime minister of india unnecesserily are not anti national ..grow up…these saem people who are against jallikattu and other hidnu festival are now tried to pretend as they support jallikattu…fact is taht they are agaisnt all hidnu culture from jallikattu to dipavali to holi to wearing tali and bindi on forehead..

  7. OPEN REQUEST TO PMO PLEASE ACTIVATE YOUR CYBER ARMY AGAINST ANTI-NATIONAL POSTS The majority Tamils are pro Hindu some ABRAHMIC DESERT THUGS are bent on hijacking protest now through FB AND WHATSUP they MUDSLING MODIJI AND PANNERSELVAM CM..MODIJI’s cybergroup is on mode off and if it is not activated, his grand success will get tarnished ..BJP be careful and react and pluck out all those who sow bad images of MODIJI on social media.. MODIJI’s image is the principal objective because enemies now understood that Tamils are affirming their will to protect cows and may become more and more pro-Hindu upsetting all ABRAHMIC PLANS . So now these groups adopt extreme methods that they inherited from Moghuls by burning police station and paying whores to denude themselves when people are unaware of what her intention is just to blame the police ..IN TN ABRAHMIC DESERT groups ²from Coimbatore or some secret places (under police investigation) send old men, ladies, children girls to stage fake protest in exchange of heavy money.. some news media confirms that DMK and anti-hindu abrahmic desert parties are involved …investigation on , Some unknown men had put fire on a police station and filmed fake police setting fire to auto rikshaws all planned because people were posted on upstairs and filmed the scene while men in police dress acting ..well done DMK AND ABRAHMIC FRIENDS YOU DID A MARVELOUS STAGED DRAMA.. MEDIA BRAVO BRAVO You selectively picked up staged drama CLIPS to broadcast them constantly on your channels TO DENIGRATE TN PÖLICE AND through him our CM AND through CM you know who ??????…………THEY HAVE WONDERFUL IDEAS TO MANIPULATE THE FOOLISH AND WEAK PEOPLE BUT NOT ME..HOW MANY TAMILS HAVE UNDERSTOOD THE DRAMA GOING ON IS STAGED BY VIOLENT ABRAHMIC AND ANTI-HINDU GROUPS PLEASE COMMENT..written by J ABDULLA


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