Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai claims he is honest. We reject his claims and stand by our reports

PGurus response to the legal notice sent by Upendra Rai

PGurus response to the legal notice sent by Upendra Rai
PGurus response to the legal notice sent by Upendra Rai

PGurus had published three reports exposing tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai’s dubious activities and huge money flow to him from many companies, some of which are even shell firms making losses. On April 25, 2018, we received a legal notice from Advocate Rishi K. Awasthi on behalf of Upendra Rai claiming our articles were defaming him and demanding Rs.100 crores and an apology.

In this context, below we are publishing our reply to Upendra Rai’s frivolous legal notice.

Mr. Upendra Rai,                                                                                                             April 27, 2018

We have received your legal notice. First of all, we stand by our reports and reject your demand for an apology and giving you Rs.100 crores, as each point of our report is verified and backed with all documents.

We wish to provide you replies to certain points mentioned in your legal notice. The notice was served through our domain registry, saying that you could not find our address and whereabouts. In this connection, we urge you to click on our About Us and Contact Us buttons at the end of our website landing page.  We are also providing you the links below:

About Us:
Contact Us:

Hope this information will help you to be in touch with us for any queries or communication in future. We have already emailed this to your Advocate yesterday night itself (April 25, 2018, Pacific Standard Time).

Now let us come to the other issues raised by you. You said you are an honest person. Then how come you carry Press Information Bureau (PIB) Accreditation Card  (No: 275 in Editor Category) meant only for persons who do the sole job of journalism  by declaration in the application, while carrying Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) Airport Entry Pass by declaring you as Director –  Quality Control of a Chartered Flight firm Air One?  We are having a copy of these two Cards, that you obtained in dishonest and dubious ways. Can you give us valid answers as to how you maintain these two Cards simultaneously? Our opinion is that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should arrest you for this fraud and the PIB should forthwith cancel your PIB Card, which enables you to roam in North Block and South Block and other sensitive Government Offices.

You might be wondering how we catch hold of the copy of these two sensitive cards that you keep on your chest to enter into sensitive areas. Our answer to you in this regard is this that this country has many whistleblowers and honest officers to expose the corrupt and fixers like you.

In your legal notice, you wondered that how we termed you as benami petitioner of tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram. There is no need of superhuman intelligence to understand that you are a pawn and benami petitioner of tainted Chidambaram. Your frivolous petition against Enforcement Directorate (ED)’s Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh, weeks after Supreme Court’s 2G Bench directed CBI and ED to finish the Aircel-Maxis scam in six months exposes your intention of filing this frivolous petition. Crooked Chidambaram has used your services to malign honest officers like Rajeshwar Singh. In your petition, you said Rajeshwar Singh owns Rs.1200 crores worth of assets! These kinds of frivolous allegations were raised by you and your former employer Sahara Group in 2010 when Rajeshwar Singh summoned controversial lobbyist Niira Radia. You and your employer Sahara Group and its tainted owner Subrata Roy were slammed by the Supreme Court for Contempt Charges in 2011.

For saving his skin in 2011, Subrata Roy and Sahara Group had published large advertisements in newspapers that they have no link with you and your brother. But we have documents to prove that in 2017, you and your firms were receiving amounts exceeding Rs.6 crores from Sahara Group’s firms, which are committing perjury to the Supreme Court by saying that they have a cash crunch.

Who are you fooling Mr. Upendra Rai? Do you think we will be frightened by your frivolous legal notice? We can’t control our laughter on your claim that you always work as a journalist as per the guidelines of Press Council of India. Supreme Court’s Contempt Notice for trying to malign ED’s officer Rajeshwar Singh to derail the 2G scam probes and save Niira Radia shows that you are a curse to the media world. No wonder a minister coined the term Presstitutes.

You said filing petitions is your right. Agreed. We also have the right to expose the frivolousness of petitions filed by your ilk, working for the corrupt and tainted persons like Chidambaram.  Hope the Apex Court this time will teach you a lesson for filing a rehashed frivolous petition against an honest and bold officer Rajeshwar Singh.

In the legal notice, you claimed you do honest work as a journalist for a living. But the details of huge fund flows to you and your firms’ 36 bank accounts (that we have accessed so far) shows that you are a fit case for probe under Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) and Prevention of Corruption Act for inducing pliable top officers in North Block and South Block which houses PMO, Finance Ministry, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), Home Ministry, Defence Ministry etc and extorting businessmen/ women using Income Tax search and seizure data in collusion with certain officers in Finance Ministry and CBDT.

Our articles detailed your huge wealth and assets in many cities and fleet of luxury cars and Rs.16 crores from a loss-making shell firm called White Lion Real Estate Developers. It is laughable that you claim of making an honest living as a journalist. How at the age of 37 (claimed by you), a journalist got such huge assets and money flows? Something does not smell right and we believe that we did the right thing by exposing fixers like you.

Mr. Upendra Rai, in your legal notice, you mentioned many times about your reputation. After reading your notice, we are searching dictionaries for the exact meaning of the word ‘Reputation’.  What reputation do you have? Your name is in the CBI’s ‘Undesirable Contact Men (UCM) List’ provided to senior officials of each department urging them to desist from meeting or contact people like you, who do fixing, extortion and collection of bribes for pliable officers. So, this is your reputation? Defamation is meant for people having fame. And we must remind you that telling truth is not defaming. We will continue to tell the truth, even if someone has a problem with it.

Mr. Upendra Rai, we are again reiterating that we stand by our reports on your dubious activities, which need to be immediately probed by the CBI, ED, Income Tax and SFIO and for offences under Black Money Act and Benami Act. We will definitely alert these agencies with the documents that we have in our possession.

We hereby reject your demand for withdrawal of our articles, apology, giving Rs.100 crores to you and Rs.51,000 to your advocate. You and your advocate may treat this as our reply to your legal notice. If you still want to pursue a defamation case against us, go ahead. We will also be happy to produce the entire set of documents to expose you in legal forums.

Finally, we request you to see our well-researched article ‘Chidambara Rahasya’ detailing your master Chidambaram and his family’s illegal assets in 14 countries and 21 foreign bank accounts. Kindly give him a copy of this article.

Yours truly

Sree Iyer
Founder and CEO
Articles published:
1. Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai got more than Rs.16 crores from a loss making shell company linked to 2G Scam, Apr 24, 2018,
2. More details of huge illegal assets & money laundering of Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra RaiApr 22, 2018,
3. Chidambaram files a frivolous petition through benami against the ED officer probing Aircel-Maxis scamApr 21, 2018,

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  1. Wow !! That’s a great reply to this crook Rai and also indirectly to his crook master Chidu.
    1.But nevertheless there should be parallel actions on ED, CBI, PMLA, SFIO, counts and these corrupt morons should never get time as they will will show special conditions for bail court authorities keeping the whole country’s people in the dark. Seize all his assets in the country and abroad and auction them to show him how and to what extent the authorities can go.
    2.Bring Dayanidhi Maran and Kalanidhi Maran and Chidambaram to books and award them with punishment in jail as well as seize and auction their assets.
    3.Bring 2G Spectrum Raja (A Raja), Kanimozhi, Radia, Unitech Chandra and other people to book and jail them and auction their assets.
    4.Bring Gali Janardhan Reddy Somasekhar Reddy and Sriramulu to the book in the illegal Bellary mining cases.
    5.Bring Praful Patel’s and Pawar’s for sinking Air India and Indian Airlines and bringing the Maharaja to become Maha-Pauper.
    There are so many people but I will end up with the above for today.’

  2. Very well done. So glad to see these folks getting nabbed and right information is flowing out.
    Wishing PGURUS keep up this great work.

  3. Upendra Rai GO hide under a pallu or P chidambaram’s corrupt lungi . This reply must be hurting more than a root canal. HAHA

  4. The best reply to a threat of defamation I’ve seen. Besides, if he does sure you, you’ll get the chance to cross-examine him which will bring out more truths. Please keep up the heat not only on PC clan, but also investigation agencies, bureaucracy, and the Government.

  5. Sock it to him. Make a counter claim for 100 crore for involving you in frivolous litigation and threatening you with it.

  6. Courage and ethics always! Sree Iyer sir Hats off to you! This is the most bold reply I have ever read in my life. Underlying reason being honesty! You are an inspiration for youngsters like us. Keep going!

  7. Corruption should be considered on par with juvenile rape and punishment given accordingly. In rape, only one person is affected but corruption affects the whole Nation. It is more a heinous crime. When life is short, how come these politicians indulge to make huge illgotton wealth and for whom?

  8. Mr Sree Iyer You should also publish the frivlous legal notice sent by Upendra Rai’s advocate Mr Rishi K Awasthi for readers perusal. The readers will post more comments which will be a fitting reply to Mr Upendra Rai and that will expose him thoroughly what sort of a man he is

  9. I have always been a fan of you Shri. Sree Iyer! All the very best to you in exposing all corrupt people. I do wish to see very soon the entire Chidambaram clan and all their cronies behind bars.

  10. I salute Mr. Iyer and his group. More than anything this courage of conviction to face the corrupt mafia. If pGurus is privy to so much ‘explosive info’, our investigation agencies should have the minutest info of the shady dealings. I wonder what follow up actions are in progress!!!

  11. I am very much impressed, and more for publishing your reply here. This proves your fearless pursuit against corruption by such people in power. I heartily wish you success in your endeavours.

  12. Wow. What a reply. If Upendra Rai reads this, he needs to hang his face in utter shame. Satyameva Jayathe -> Truth alone will prevail. Great news to start the day.
    May God give us all lot of courage and strength to put these rogues behind bars and make world a honest place to live and prosper.

  13. Thanks on behalf of all honest people not raising a voice on account of the harassment! (Filing a legal suit is the easiest way to harass if one who files the suit has power(Chidambara Rahasyam)). Wish you all the required energy (Financial/Otherwise) to face these Hypocrats. Wish this armed with the energy you face this legally in courts in Style, with the power of truth and support from every honest individual(whose burden of truth you carry on your shoulders) in all possible means.
    Thanks( Yes this word fails to express! Still is an expression of gratitude)

  14. This fellow need to spend 3 days in a jail, the police will get information enough for his next three births, in this 3 days only. They speak lies with impunity. time to include all his family members together in a jail & let them get feel of what scriptures say on sharing the bad karma together & come out with real juicy bytes of information.
    Adding associates of bad karma i.e. including immediate family members in the constitution or penal code, will have good effect on society. Once the Lalu & his entire family are put behind bars, then each will curse the other & such events to be telecasted live – i.e. open another “Criminals” channel & keep live beam of telecast every one hour moving from one politician / criminal to other.

  15. Iyer Sir, great. It is a slap on both their faces. They will never open their mouth in future. They may even send you feelers not to hammer and tongs. But See Iyer, PGurus are honesty personified. Regards, Narayanganj Iyengar, Chennai

  16. Never thought for one article one can be sued when MSM keeps doing it and no one goes after them.
    Adv.Harish Salve is right that time has come to start cases against these power zealous and reduce court burden by suo moto action, so as they can save time to serve interest of truth.
    Parrot is free now —
    SC was ‘caged lion’, and it is time to free it.
    Worst is some of those SC judges has opened gates and asked people of India, including CJI in tears to save India which we have since ages and so on ?
    Is it not painful to see in spite we put our fate in their hand, had no faith in system ?
    Hope few free lion will protect the pride of India..It is for them to decide who wants to remain in cage.
    Honest n fearless SC is need of time, most desirable highway to growth of India. One add on our to our desirable infrastructure for free and fare democracy.
    Hope we do not delay this time. and SC or other important institute will not confuse BUSY breadwinners of India who trust.
    Respect you for many of your good efforts sir.

  17. The Response to this notice is well articulated and shows that is Truth still remains the most powerful weapon always than any other state of the art Artillery

  18. “This is the True journalism..”, Hats off to you Mr. Iyer and the entire team of PGurus. What a ” निर्भीक ” reply from you.
    Oho..oho ! We people of India never had a thought that a Person like you still exists.

    That’s why it’s been said that God is there who is watching us and also watching the corrupt Pawns who don’t care about the Nation and it’s values.
    In short.. ” वंदे मातरम “.

  19. High time to arrest this fixer Upendra Rai working in the garb of journalism. Obviously he filed fake petitions to save Chidambaram. Supreme Court should order huge fine and jail on these fraudsters


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