Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai got more than Rs.16 crores from a loss making shell company linked to 2G Scam

Upendra Rai got paid Rs.16 crores from a shell company with links to some real estate companies that have links with Dawood Ibrahim

Upendra Rai got paid Rs.16 crores from a shell company with links to some real estate companies that have links with Dawood Ibrahim
Upendra Rai got paid Rs.16 crores from a shell company with links to some real estate companies that have links with Dawood Ibrahim

In the previous two articles, PGurus had detailed how tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram had, through his Benami Upendra Rai, tried to play mischief in the Ministry of Finance and also about the black money/ assets accumulated by Upendra Rai through illegal means.

It is further learnt from the source, that White Lion has entered into dubious transactions with companies which are under the scanner of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in the 2G scam / Aircel – Maxis case and some firms linked to a Mumbai real estate lobby with links to the Dawood Ibrahim gang.

How Chidambaram’s Benami petitioner Upendra Rai has been operating through shell companies was detailed in the previous articles. PGurus has learnt from a reliable corporate source in Mumbai, the details of one such shell company called White Lion Real Estate Developers Private Limited. What can be more strange and dubious than the fact that as many as 87 companies have been registered in the same address as White lion real estate – 1st floor, Capri Anant Kanekar Marg, Bandra (E), Mumbai. The multi-layered farce unfolds in this story in a piquant manner.  Upendra Rai had received between October 2017 to April 2018, in 8 installments, more than Rs 16 crores (the exact amount is Rs 16,40,07,000 ($2.41 million)). There is absolutely no rationale behind this payment. As on March 2016, the said shell company reported a loss of around Rs.69,000 in their balance sheets. At the end of this report, we are publishing this shell company’s Director’s Report showing the loss.

Why then did a loss-making firm paying more than Rs.16 crores ($2.41 million) to Upendra Rai, who is a journalist as per his Press Information Bureau (PIB) Card and also a Charter Aviation Staffer as per his sensitive Airport Entry Pass? Using the PIB card, meant for full time journalists from accredited media houses (which Upendra Rai is currently not), he frequents North Block and South Block offices which house the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the Finance Ministry, the Defence Ministry and the Home Ministry. Is this Rs.16 crores, passed to Upendra Rai in past 8 months from an unknown loss-making firm White Lion Real Estate Developers from Mumbai meant for some top pliable officials?

It is further learnt from the source, that White Lion has entered into dubious transactions with companies which are under the scanner of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in the 2G scam / Aircel – Maxis case and some firms linked to a Mumbai real estate lobby with links to the Dawood Ibrahim gang. PGurus is withholding the names of the said companies so as to not compromise the integrity of the investigations.

Upendra Rai, as we had reported, obtained the PIB card (No: 275 in Editor Category) through questionable means and the all-India airport pass issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) through fabricated documents. Reliable sources in the BCAS, have confirmed to PGurus, that on the directions of the PMO, the CBI officials have started an inquiry and called for all the papers/ files involving the granting of all India pass to Upendra Rai. At the end of the article we are publishing a copy of the sensitive Airport Entry Pass issued to Upendra Rai by BCAS.

PGurus has been provided with 3 lists, by a reliable source which details:

  • Officers in the Government of India belonging to IAS, IPS and IRS who are being threatened by Upendra Rai to indulge in illegal activities
  • Officers who are actively supporting him in extorting money and harassing innocent people and
  • Officers who were posted in various departments at the behest of Upendra Rai.

PGurus has not been able to verify the authenticity of these lists and hence will forward the same to the concerned authorities including the PMO for appropriate action. Were certain officers honey trapped by these fixer gangs?

In the Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL) vs Union of India, Dr Subramanian Swamy, BJP MP and also one of the applicants in the 2G spectrum scam, had filed an intervening application before the Supreme Court which is presently monitoring the 2G / Aircel – Maxis case. Vide an order dated May 6, 2011 the Apex court has provided protection from interference for all the officers of the Enforcement Directorate and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigating the 2G case and that the Court will take serious cognizance of any such interference.

In the same order, the Supreme Court order reads that a journalist from Sahara Samay, namely  Subodh Jain, apparently sent 25 questions to the Investigating officer of the Enforcement Directorate, Rajeshwar Singh. Those days Sahara Group and its Editor Upendra Rai were trying to hit ED’s Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh for summoning the controversial lobbyist Nira Radia in October 2010. KK Venugopal, the then senior counsel representing the CBI and ED, submitted the replies prepared by Rajeshwar Singh in a sealed cover and the court, on perusing the same, observed that the said 25 questions, prima facie, appear to be an interference with the investigations being conducted by Rajeshwar Singh. The Apex court took suo motu cognizance and issued a notice in this case. Those days Chidambaram was engaged in doing dirty tricks to kick out Rajeshwar Singh from the ED and was blocked by Subramanian Swamy’s petitions to Supreme Court.

Recently, in November 2017, Supreme Court has prevented the corrupt coterie’s dirty tricks department from filing anonymous complaints against the ED’s officer. In March, 2018, the Supreme Court ordered that the investigations in the Aircel – Maxis case shall be completed in 6 months and no stone shall be left unturned in booking all persons who are guilty[1]. All the above orders of the Supreme Court prima facie establish that there have been constant and consistent efforts made to thwart the investigations by continuously hurling personal allegations against the investigating officer Rajeshwar Singh.

Subramanian Swamy in his intervening application before the Apex Court states that Upendra Rai, along with his assistant Subodh Jain, have again sought to derail the investigations and are flouting the orders of the Apex court, by interfering in the investigations. The application also suggests an unholy nexus of undisclosed politicians, bureaucrats and corporates under investigation.

The Supreme Court in the past has, after perusal of records, found that the allegations hurled against the Investigating Officer are baseless and were actually done to interfere with the investigations. The application further states that similar efforts are being made now to derail the investigations in the Aircel – Maxis case, which is at a very crucial stage. Attachments made in the said case, by the Investigating Officer, Rajeshwar Singh, who has a track record for competence and integrity, have been upheld by the Adjudicating Authority under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Swamy, in the said application has also submitted that Upendra Rai has been named in the list of “Undesirable Contact Men” (UCM) by the CBI. The purpose of placing individuals under the UCM is to ensure that CBI zeroes in on them and also to warn Government officials to avoid associating with them socially and accepting hospitality as well as gifts from them.

Swamy has in his petition said that this conspiracy to impede the investigations in the Aircel – Maxis case be exposed and an independent investigation should be conducted by the CBI and ED into the allegations against Upendra Rai and his associates.

It is obvious from the details available with PGurus that Upendra Rai and his associates have been directly dealing with the Finance Ministry officials on various issues. That begs 3 important questions –

  1. Who are the officers in the Finance Ministry dealing with Upendra Rai?
  2. What favours have they received from Upendra Rai? And finally,
  3. What is the sinister design behind this entire conspiracy?

Are P Chidambaram’s cronies still ruling the Finance Ministry?

Sensitive Airport Entry Pass issued to Upendra Rai by BCAS is published below:

Rai's Airport Entry Pass
Fig 1. Rai’s Airport Entry Pass

The Director’s Report of the shell firm White Lion showing loss of Rs.69,000:

White Lion Director's Report
Fig 2. White Lion Director’s Report


[1] SC slams CBI and ED. Directs to finish the investigation in Aircel-Maxis case in six months – Mar 12, 2018,

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  1. The present Central Govt. should not shy away from publishing these sort of Corrupt activities committed and continued by the players of the previous regime. It is too essential to bring the same into the mind of every citizen of the country that these men sholdnot get elected into any public office in the country any more in the best interest of the Country.

  2. to get this pass after paying a hefty fee by a tour operator for single airport one needs to submit 31 certificates/papers. Last month I witnessed how one was dragged endlessly by one related department which does nothing but wining and dining at other’s cost in star hotels but no time to do their work on time and it gave lots of anxious moments as the last date got approached. This despite having submitted the extension application 3 months before the deadline…..That is the reason I call this govt as UPA III….

  3. Oh my god. We don’t get this kind of analysis and information from main stream media. Thanks a lot for raising the issue.

  4. Again a good work by P Gurus. However i fail to understand why even the PMO office actions are so slow . Some responsible PMO official should explain why there is tardiness in taking action against such crooks .You should cancel all priveleges to this Upendra so that more skeletons will fall out from his cupboards.
    P Gurus as a private investigative journalist can do this much ,why not the government machinery be faster otherwise the damage is being done by the crooks daily.

  5. Thank you for the report on the Chidambarams. Had it not been for you , these guys would have walked away with the loot! Please do something about the Tharoor case. Only you can make it happen.

  6. What kind of crooks are floating in t his country. Obviously due to political and civil service patronage. This Rs.16 crore will be meant for fixing and Upendra Rai is laundering money for the corrupt and hawala operators.

  7. Give legal rights to police for use of 3rd degree techniques & let it be streamlive on all TV channels for the citizens to see it, least even if he changes his statement, people can still trash him in public & give taste of what “good life” is all about.

  8. Salute to You ( ),
    Not only you people r putting an honest report before us but stood besides the Honesty. In present scenario journalism has become a ladder for some deadly currupt people. Actually they are creating a spider’s net all around to catch or rather to creat a ‘Bhokal’ n becomes a Pet for the curruption.
    We desperately need ” स्वक्छ भारत अभियान “!

  9. Pgurus kudos to you for such a professional thoroughness in not only writing such a well documented article but also informing the PMO about the 3 lists you have received.


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