Christianity took over Andhra Administration?

Hindu Activists voices are being muzzled with police power

Christianity took over Andhra Administration?
Christianity took over Andhra Administration?

There are thousands of Hindu temples across India where Christians are openly trying to preach and convert Hindus by saying Hindus are devil worshippers.

Andhra administration seems to be working hand in glove with Christian missionaries. Visakhapatnam’s police commissioner Rajiv Kumar Meena issued a memorandum to the city police to protect minority Christians and their churches from Hindu aggression. As per Vizag’s city police website, the commissioner took charge on 27th June 2019 and this memorandum was issued on 4th July 2019. Commissioner did not waste any time issuing the orders to protect the Christians. The person who requested protection seems to have close links with the Andhra Christian chief minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy.

Rajiv Kumar Meena's memorandum to the Vishakhapatnam city police to protect minority Christians and their churches from Hindu aggression
Rajiv Kumar Meena’s memorandum to the Vishakhapatnam city police to protect minority Christians and their churches from Hindu aggression

All over Andhra, Hindus are under attack. Except in rare circumstances mostly aggressors and provokers are from so-called “Minority” community. When Hindus retaliate in desperation[1], Christians play the victim card and use the mighty power of the administration to muzzle the voice of Hindus. One such example is Shivaji, a Hindu activist from Shiva Shakti organisation was arrested In Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. He was arrested for sending WhatsApp messages which are alerting Hindus from the lies peddled by other religions. After the arrest, Andhra police have declined to give answers to the public and booked him on charges related to WhatsApp messages. Police are also blocking and not answering phone calls. Is the Andhra administration following traditional Christian methods to oppress or discourage Hindu voices? Shiva Shakti Shivaji’s arrest in Kurnool is an indication of the attitude of the police. As per the above memorandum, this is likely to repeat in Visakhapatnam and other places in Andhra too.

Andhra government came up with a scheme of appointing several hundred village volunteers. It is being alleged that many of these appointees are Christians and also YSR party members.

Shivaji's FIR

In Andhra, during Y.S. Raja Sekhar Reddy’s rule, several evangelists tried to proselytize in some of the famous Hindu temples such as Tirumala. After protests from the Hindu society, the administration issued orders restricting Evangelical activities near-certain temples. We can see the copy of that G.O below.

GO order
GO order

There are many grey areas in this G.O;there is no mention of how far a distance from the Hindu temples such evangelical activities are restricted and why only a few temples? Is this G.O indirectly saying that the government is allowing the Christians to preach near the Hindu temples which are not mentioned in this list? Why not a blanket ban? Did the government punish the guilty Christians ever? May be government or the police don’t have the evidence. Social media is full of such evidences. In this video we can clearly see how these missionaries are trying to proselytize near a temple near Visakhapatnam.

Andhra was known to divert Hindu endowment funds to the government’s common good funds. Endowment department is making thousands of crores or rupees every year[2].[3]Despite having huge sums of money, many Hindu temples are in a very bad state. Many Archakas are struggling to make a living.[4] On the other hand, the Christian preachers and Islamic mullahs are getting huge sums of money from abroad [5] via FCRA and FDI, and their communities are also paying them well (Dasama Bhagam, i.e. 1/10 th of their earnings are donated to church or Mosque). Super secular Abrahamised Government is sucking all Hindu temple money and have not dared to touch Islamic and Christian funds.

As per the news on Telugu MSM, Andhra govt announced salaries to imams (Rs-10,000), pastors (Rs 5,000). It makes sense to pay salaries to Archakas because the government is making huge sums of money from temples. One would wonder on what basis the Christian ruler of Andhra gives state sponsored salaries to pastors and mullahs? There are many farmers committing suicide, the government has no love for these hard-working farmers!! Where is the money coming from to pay these salaries? Is the govt using Hindu temple money for their schemes? Is this for electoral gains? Or is Andhra chief minister openly supporting the aggressive conversion racket to convert all Hindus? It is time all Hindus must demand separation of temples from the state’s clutches.

Andhra government came up with a scheme of appointing several hundred village volunteers. [6] It is being alleged that many of these appointees are Christians and also YSR party members. Their recruitment is in the final stages now. God only knows the real reason why these are appointed, maybe it is for converting Hindus at village level?
Christian missionaries are notorious in using the administrative power to convert the indigenous populations across the world. History filled with many instances and evidences to prove the destruction of indigenous cultures and religions. Christian missionaries use the money power or the administrative power for conversion. One such best living example is persecution of Canadian indigenous population. [7] By doing such heinous acts the Church grew to become the world’s strongest political institution under the garb of spirituality.

The orders issued by the Andhra police is an indication of the Chief Minister’s Christians and Muslim appeasement mentality.

In British Raj, when East India company put restrictions on missionary work in India, missionaries used “Sati” propaganda to enter into India on the pretext to civilize barbaric Hindus.[8] The same missionaries turned a blind eye to the persecution of their women on the name of the witch hunt. Approximately 9 million women in Europe were murdered, with the support of the church. [9]

From the past couple of hundred years, Christianity is spreading in India like water under the carpet. Officially India’s Christian population stays between 2-3%, unofficially it is approximately 20-30% of India’s population. In many states Hindus are minorities.

Historically Christians and Islamists are abusing Hindu goodwill. There are many evidences to prove their aggression. Above video is one best example of how Christians are violating Hindu hospitality. Doesn’t the constitution put reasonable restrictions on all fundamental rights? There are thousands of Hindu temples across India where Christians are openly trying to preach and convert Hindus by saying Hindus are devil worshippers.

As per the constitution, every religion has the right to propagate, but there are restrictions to all fundamental rights. In the process of conversions Christians claim, “by doing idolatry a Hindu will go to hell and burn” and, they equate Hindu gods to demons. This is clear blasphemy. This blasphemy is happening on a large scale in Andhra and in India, but the authorities turn a blind eye. When Hindus confront these preachers with questions, then Christians use the power of administration to silence those who confronted the proselytization.

Time is running out fast for Hindus. If this trend continues, similar to North-Eastern states there will not be any Hindu left in Andhra in coming years. Hindus plight in Kerala and Tamil Nadu is horrible. Christianity is in control of these two states. We have all witnessed many attacks on Hinduism and Hindus in both these states. A good example is Sabarimala and how the communist government of Kerala was played by the church to destroy the holiness of Sabarimala.

The orders issued by the Andhra police is an indication of the Chief Minister’s Christians and Muslim appeasement mentality. He seemed to have forgotten that all Hindus voted him to power in good faith. The administration’s actions are very disappointing and unethical. They are trying to protect the aggressors and punishing the innocent who are struggling for existence from the oppressions. Hindus of Andhra must question this biased attitude of Andhra Government. If this does not change, by the end of the tenure of this government, about 50% of Andhra will slip into the spell of Christianity.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.



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  1. IT IS A WELL TRIED AND PROVEN TECHNIQUE OF CHRISTIAN CONVERSION to target ruling classes, officials and thus grab tge power to twist and implement innicent looking laws for converting tge masses. Just one single example – South Korea is almost fully converted in this way. That is why in AP (and elsewhere in India) this techniwue if dominsting administratiin eill continue unless awakened and united Hindus thwart these sinister methods

    • The article is well researched and has presented the Government Orders. How can it be wrong? Why are you making a fool of yourself?

  2. I am also a Hindu.
    fighting at each other is shame on you .we say unity in diversity .
    we say ours is democratic country.proud to be Indian.why all these words?
    Some our well learned and we’ll knowledge having humanitarian friends said that Christians are converting Hindus .
    hahhahah this is a big lie as per me.
    Say for eg: if I say some good words about jesus and give some money to you and if I ask you to come to my religion then will you come ?
    Definitely people think twice, thrice and more that why would I go to other religion just because of some temporary benefits.
    every one have their own introspection .
    no body here are fools to move to one path to other path blindly .
    They might have experienced some good things spiritually peace or physically healings so people are coming to Christianity by their own not by force .
    May be funding from some foreign countries had happend in the past .
    now these days who gives you money when they themselves are in problems.
    countries like US are protesting that don’t give jobs to outsiders because it is affecting their livelyhood.
    When foreign countries treating indians as blacks then white supremacy people why would they give money to you?
    There will never be a threat from Christian’s.
    Infact they helped our society in very remarkable way.
    Otherwise we would be dieing in some senseless customes and traditions like sathi sahagamana,

    From the very first, missionaries were shocked at the social evils that persisted in India, including the practice of sati (the immolation of widows on their husbands’ funeral pyres), the killing of lepers, and the sacrifice of children.

    William Carey was active from his arrival in 1793 in any issue that he felt needed change or reform. Within a year, near Malda, he reported having found the remains of an infant that had first been offered to a god as a sacrifice and then abandoned to be eaten by white ants. Moreover, children were thrown into the Ganges in fulfillment of vows taken for answers to prayer. Carey used his connections to those in authority and power to campaign for the outlawing of such practices. Governor-General Lord Wellesley asked him to submit a report on the matter and subsequently, in 1802, declared infanticide to be an act of murder; those who performed such horrible deeds, if caught, would themselves be put to death.

    Carey employed his publications to educate public opinion on matters of humanitarian concern. The first issue of the Friend of India carried an exhaustive report of an actual sati. Subsequently he kept the practice before the public eye and did all he could to see sati abolished. By 1814 Ram Mohan Roy joined Carey in the campaign against sati. Armed with accounts of 438 widow burnings, Carey and his Serampre colleagues implored the government to forbid the rite by law. At first very little progress was made, due to strong opposition from high caste Hindu leaders. The Christians kept up the pressure, and eventually public opinion turned against the orthodox Hindus. In 1829 Lord William Bentinck finally signed an order prohibiting sati in the occupancies of the East India Company

    Look at mother Theresa and her contribution

    Look at johann gutenberg

    Look at sir ARTHUR COTTON
    Our constitution was written english.

    There will be many if we talk about history

    Look at Christian schools and their education systems .
    people struggle to get some seats in their schools just because they teach good path not religion.
    By the I want to ask you why are you speaking English?
    In your daily job why are you communicating in English. its a foreign English people language right?
    why are you studying English and why do you want your children to be studied in foreign languages and countries ?
    By the way why all talented people are moving to abroad and settling there ?
    Why are you using thier technologies.Why do you want to go to abroad and settle there.
    There will be many if we keep talking.
    I don’t say that there are no good people in Hinduism ,there are many very good learned people in Hinduism.
    Their have done immense contributions to the society .
    My humble suggestion here is not fight with each other, infact unite and lead the life and make our country a super power.
    There might be bad people in Christianity .I don’t say they all are good but taking bad ocassions and insulting entire community is wrong.
    Here I am not supporting any body
    I am sharing my thoughts just by taking some good aspects which had happened in the past ,thinking optimistic way ,not by prejudice mentality
    Don’t be prejudice in all your thoughts but think and do analysis of the other side and talk .
    Make healthy discussions but not scolding each other .
    Scolding doesn’t give any thing infact it develops enemity ,anger and so on out of which you gain nothing but you loose many things.

  3. Jagan Govt also issued a GO allowing payment of remunerations to Pastors and Imams. As pastors are in thousands, the calculation is to convert another 20% of population atleast.

  4. Hindus don’t foresee any danger to their culture in near future inspite of clear signals before them. Hindus are lethargic and not as active as others are. Others feel it is their prime duty to bring the world into their religion and to achieve this, they are prepared to do any thing against others. Whereas Hindus never bother even about Hindus who are being converted with simple luring like rice bag etc.

    • Yes… This is true…
      Most of the newspapers n media know about Hindu haters yet they are afraid to raise their voices…
      Take for example d.raja is some Marxist or communist head of India ..
      He is a Christian… N hides behind d.raja…that is Daniel Raja.
      But has the media ever disclosed his full name?
      Media are run by Christian mafia n hence they will never disclose these things… Only when that Rajasekhara Reddy wife n kids planned for a trip to Jerusalem did I know that he was a Christian… Earlier he used to take dhotis to tirumala…so I was fooled… Likewise many citizens are fooled by media…
      Christian groups have a network n they get to know their men in all fields.

      • I have mentioned this to Annie Raja’s face on National TV as well as on other fora. If you look up Wikipedia now, it says Doraiswamy Raja!

  5. Mr. Sudha Mohan Mylu, your article doesn’t make any sense. Are you awake or aware 5 years of hybernation. The story started form BJPs RSS alliance one of the shivashakti team was been criticizing Christianity, Muslims and wanted to people’s back in the name of Ghur Vapus, don’t you know that?. Our secular country have freedom to convert their religion as per constitution. Last 5 years attacked many Christian pasters and burn the bibles, don’t you know that?. I haven’t see any of your articles about that, but now your pen is erecting to write Humiliation of christianity and Jesus christ and Quran on social medias don’t you know that?. Why this was happening because of political benefits to Launch BJP to A.P, so they need to blame Jagan Mohan Reddy. What if the protection gives to people’s safety which makes anything to you? Do you feel suffocating?. As a CM he have to give protection to his people’s. Do you have any threats against Christian’s , go and ask for protection. How much you getting by posting useless article from your main source?. Please survey and aware what’s really going on before you commiting.

    • Will you agree to pressurized Jagan to give off Tripathi board to Hindus…?
      If we Hindus had our right to run our temples n take care of our temple properties then there will be no conversions..

      Do you know how Hindus who work/ study in Christian institutions are indirectly forced to convert to continue job or study…?
      Will you give back all schools run by missionaries to government for a secular education?
      We Hindus retaliate.. we fight to get our rights…
      Do you know what happened in Sabarimala?
      Do you know that Christian forces were actively involved in destroying Sabarimala tradition?
      Don’t comment if you don’t see things neutrally..

    • John,
      Please stop behaving like an illiterate. During the previous regime, I had criticized the TDP and CBN on their policies towards Hindus. If you have not read those posts, too bad; I can’t help. Let me begin by asking you a few questions:
      1. Why there are thousands of churches are being built when there are no Christians In some villages in Andhra?
      2. Can you tell me what this is for? Why do you want to bring a failed religion to India?
      3. Why are you so interested in converting Hindus to Christianity?
      Social media is a platform; whoever has a strong argument wins, please don’t blame the world if no one listens to you.
      Are you not ashamed to distribute Bibles in Hindu worshipping places? How would you feel, if Hindus do the same to you? Please stop provoking Hindus. There is an ample amount of written evidence by Missionaries that exist in the form of books in India to hoodwink Hindus. I encourage you to read and understand the conversion game.
      Bringing BJP, RSS into this discussion is irrelevant. Everyone in Andhra knows that it is because of their support that Jagan managed to get into power. Let me remind you that Jagan was attending courts before elections on corruption charges.
      If there is a genuine case of an offense, the police must take action. But this trend of protecting only one religion and ignoring others is dangerous. This is indirectly imposing the agendas anti communal bill proposed by congress.
      Many Hindus are happy with their religion – you want Hindus to convert not only their religion but also their loyalty to Christianity. By doing so you want to create a political vote bank by converting many to Christianity. India’s Christians are indirectly being controlled by the West.
      Constitution was amended several times in the past. The secular word was added due to communist influence. The word Secular does not mean to protect only one religion and persecute others. It means to treat all equally, which clearly not happening in India. The main reason Modi came to power because of the inequality towards Hindus.
      History is filled with an ample amount of evidence to prove what I said. Please open your eyes to see the stains leftover by Christianity – brutal persecution of Indigenous populations. I encourage you to read the book “Breaking India” written by Shri Rajiv Malhotra.
      Shiva Shakti Karunakar is an ex-Christian. He started asking questions about half baked facts popularised by evangelists. These are valid questions for which the half-baked evangelists have no answers. Why are you running away from answering these questions? Why do you see that as an attack? I think it is time for you to introspect.
      Hindus are peaceful people, and please do not provoke them by hurting their religious sentiments. All fundamental rights are not absolute but are subject to reasonable restrictions. Please get that right.

      • Sir, very thankful to you for the article and reply. It seems AP (and consequently telangana too) is the only state to have a separate AP Christian Minority Finance Corporation, set up by YSR and continuing since. Hundreds of crores of money is disbursed to churches through this. Please share any information you have about this organization, and also your views on it’s legality? Is it ok to have separate christian corporation?

  6. Should not the rules of electioneering be changed?Then it would have been possible to warn the electorate of what would happen if Jagan Reddy or Sonia come to power.The current code of conduct not to talk of religion during election campaigns is anti-hindu and should be changed.

    • If you have facts to rebut this with, do so in polite language. One more expletive laden comment and you will be disbarred.

  7. Do political parties have an official position on this? This job is beyond individual initiatives. If the BJP is happy with this, and if India has to accept this aggression, it is futile to resist.

    I don’t see much hope.

  8. The threat to Hindus and Sanatana Dharma is real. It is a pity that Hindus are not united nor they have involvement with religion. They are ready to go to any extent to seek fulfillment of their materialistic desires. All the Hindu groups and organisation must get united under one platform to save Hindu dharma . Otherwise be rest assured that in a couple of years you have to search for temples. We have to save Hindu Dharma becoz it is the only religion which lays emphasis on equality, love, affection and DHARMA

  9. What is the intention of this article. Is JaganMohan reddy Christian?? What a falsehood is this?? No one is going to read your shit except religious fanatics like you. Are Hindus under threat all over India. It seems you are not following national media, infact minorities are under threat from Superstitious Radicals..
    Don’t spread falsehood

    • The ignorant and illiterate masses voted for Jaganmohan Reddy in the recent Andhra Pradesh elections for the generous freebies he promised them. It’a game plan he learned from his father, Rajasekhar Reddy, who successfully adapted the Christian evangelical tactics of freebie offers to achieve their conversion targets. Anyone who followed Jaganmohan Reddy and his mother during his campaign would not fail to notice the black book they always clutched in their hand. Still, the people voted him to power. Being from the powerful Reddy community helped, too. Reddy is a grave threat to the survival of Hindus in the state because he is Constantine II of Andhra Pradesh. The Hindus will pay a heavy price for empowering the wrong person.

  10. Very true. All Hindus must understand the designs of Bishops and Mullas. I have the experience as how educationists in University even are working as preachers for Christianity but their contribution to the growth of University is nill. And they do it while on tour from the University.

  11. What a hateful and ignorant rant. With this type of articles, you will get zero supporters. You think preaching is the same as attacking? Hindus attack churches, break furniture, beat and kill pastors. That is true persecution. And you think that is the same thing as verbally preaching? What nonsense. If you don’t like missionaries and preaching, why are you Hindus going to US and converting Christians in the name of ISKCON? One rule for you and one rule for us? Because of people like you, Hindus are converting. Change your attitude then you will produce results. God bless.

    • No Hindus attack on any church or pastors unless you attack on them. Remember Bible was banned in so many states in USA why think about it.. because it s controversial..You were a Hindu originally one upon a time. You guys are brainwashed.. you guys converted for 💰 and rice bags. You guys are targeting Innocent and illiterate people..not the educated… cheap tricks.. don’t worry..not long for these conversions have patience wait and see

    • We don’t go n convert in USA. People who are fed up of churches and their false beliefs and stories come to ISKON because they see true peace n true love there…
      Are church pastors n fathers not involved in crimes- land mafia or sex crimes or kids assault ?
      Why are they not in media?
      But missionaries can’t stand a true Hindu saint and work to abuse him in all possible ways…
      All famous Hindu saints are caught up in some thing or the other planned by missionaries… They send their people to Hindu institutions n try to degrade any Hindu saint who attracts crowds… We don’t do such cheap things…

    • if Hinduism were a proselytizing religion like Christianity or Islam, ancient Hindus would have gone out far and wide as missionaries or jihadists and aggressively converted people of the Middle East into Hinduism, long before these two Abrahamic religions were born. Then, there would have been no Christian evangelicals or Islamic marauders, who perpetrated atrocities not only against the Hindus, but also people of other ancient faiths, such as Zoroastrians.

      It’s a well-known fact that churches in India are funded by the Christian evangelical organizations in the Western countries to carry out their mission by proxy. In Andra Pradesh, there’s an alarming proliferation of churches and militant Christian pastors who receive such funds. These pastors reap rich remuneration for harvesting souls, which they do by employing aggressive, deceitful and immoral methods. The vulnerable sections in the society are their prey. Some pastors keep their Hindu names, such as Mahesh and Sambasiva Rao, as they relentlessly spew venom against Hinduism and Hindus.

      Unfortunately, these hate mongers have a free reign now in Andhra Pradesh since the state’s newly elected chief minister, Jaganmohan Reddy (note the Hindu name) is a staunch evangelical Christian. He has launched a program of government-sponsored conversions into Christianity, following in the footsteps of his father, Rajasekhar Reddy (also a Hindu name), who sponsored an extensive Christianization program in his capacity as the chief minister of the combined state of Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

      During the recent election campaign, candidate Jaganmohan Reddy visited the Tirupati Venkateswara temple and other major Hindu temples frequently, masking his true religious identity, only to get the votes of the gullible Hindu masses. Most unfortunate that the temple authorities accorded candidate Reddy all the ceremonial honors. Also, truly appalling to find that the pujaris, who would shun the Hindu Dalits, were only too eager to conduct the Hindu ritualistic motions he performed. Do the people of Andhra Pradesh realize that the man they put in the highest political office in the state is a religious bigot who is all set to wipe out their religious and cultural identity, systematically?

      The Indian constitution guarantees all citizens the right to practice and also propagate their religion, but not a license to assault, decimate, and obliterate a different religion, especially the Sanathana Dharma, a unique peaceful and pluralistic spiritual path in its own native land.

    • Sanatana Dharmik or Sanatani is the accurate description and you too are one. Till the whole world accepts that those who were born in Bharatvarsha are Sanatanis, Hinduism/ Hindus will have to do. Urge everyone, including you to say that you are Sanatanis.

  12. The Southies ass licking of Muslims and Xtians with the way they move their tongues, in Ethopian tribal language..NOW REAP


  14. The Real devil worshippers, the Satan worshippers, bloodthirsty Xtianity combined with White barbaric supremacist savages racist Hate attacks on Hindus in US IS INCREASING. The Hindu priests were pissed at by the White skinned Xtian demon worshippers
    Again and Again Iám reminding teams like PGurus to start a full fledged exposure in the savage bloodthirsty ideology of fake bloodthirsty jesus and the satanic white supremacy that hides behind it..THE FILTHY ETHOPIAN BASTARDS DUMEEL KARUNANIDHI AND COMMIE PIGS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT..TIME ATLEAST KARNATAKA IS SAVED FROM THESE WILD DEMONS XTIANS..KERALA, TN AND ANDHRA ARE GONE CASES.. THEIR HINDUS SHOULD BE ARMED NOW FOR A TOTAL WAR


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