#Countdown2019 Episode 1 – Modi must act NOW against the corrupt.

#Countdown2019 with less than 500 days to go for the next Lok Sabha Elections, Modi has his Work Cut out

Team PGurus


  1. Dear Citizens when a PM. Him self is corrupt winning election but the help of electronic machines how can he act against corruption,your dear citizens are also not using your brains,you can ask PM. Modi to get killed Innocence citizens of India, to get raped Indian MUSLIMS DALIT woman’s to destroy Indian Image world wide, to get Indian industries destroyed,and to get ROITS in country, these things he can easily.

    • Mr. Ashiqali,
      Your comment & observations are simply ridiculous & without an iota of evidence. Please refrain from leveling such baseless allegations – for they trigger bawdy feelings on the minds of the reader. Yes. I do have some grievances too against this Govt in matters relating to dealing with the MEGA CORRUPT UPA leaders. But all said & done – in the current circumstances, we have the best possible Govt with the most proactive cabinet – whose integrity is beyond question. When you criticize somebody you have to first point out the specific issue – on which you have compunctions & then criticize the person on that point.

    • May be you are unable to flirt with black money like the congress netas did under UPA as modi government has tightened all screws on black money launderers, and tgerefore this useless baseless allegations.

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