Enforcement Directorate also catches Editor-cum-Extortionist Upendra Rai for laundering of more than Rs. 100 crores

A case under PMLA has been registered by the Enforcement Directorate against Upendra Rai

A case under PMLA has been registered by the Enforcement Directorate against Upendra Rai
A case under PMLA has been registered by the Enforcement Directorate against Upendra Rai

Tainted Journalist-cum-Fixer Upendra Rai, who is cooling his heels in Tihar jail, is now caught by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) too. Taking cognizance of the two First Information Reports (FIR) of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the ED on Friday registered a case and conducted searches at various homes and offices of Upendra Rai in Delhi and Noida.  A case has been registered under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) which can result in three to seven years imprisonment for Rai, whose accounts witnessed a flow of more than Rs. 100 crores ($14.83 million) during the 2017-2018 financial year.

Upendra Rai who claims that he is only 36 years of age, and of being an “honest journalist”, is having two flats in Mumbaione in Hazratganj in Lucknowone in Pune and a huge bungalow in his village and a flat in London purchased along with Sandeep Wadhwa of the tainted Sahara group. We have already reported that this notorious fixer is living in a Bungalow worth Rs.30 crores in South Delhi (C-24, Greater Kailash – I, New Delhi[1]).

Upendra Rai also owns flat worth Rs.10 crores ($1.48 million) in Asha Deep BuildingFlat No 801, 9, Hailey Road, New Delhi which was brought from Naresh Prasad Sareen and Madhu Sareen for an amount of Rs.6.5 crores.

The tainted journalist cum extortionist is having a Maybach car worth Rs.4.5 crores ($0.7 million). Upendra Rai also has an Audi 6 bearing registration number DL 3CCN 6148 worth Rs.70 lakhs, a Toyota Innova Crysta (DL3CCN 1915) worth Rs.25 lakhs,  Maruti SX4 (DL9CX 3081) worth Rs.11 lakhs, and a Honda Accord (DL3CBA 5300) worth Rs.26 lakhs– all registered in his name.

CBI’s first FIR detailed the huge money flow into his firms and forgery in getting sensitive Airport Entry Pass by declaring himself as Director – Quality Control of a chartered flight company – Air One. Meanwhile, declaring himself as a full-time journalist, Rai also obtained Press Information Bureau’s Accreditation Card in Editor Category. Rai has been sent to judicial custody by the court till May 23.

As per the CBI’s second FIR[2], Upendra Rai threatened the White Lion Real Estate Developers owner of adverse media reporting about his firm by showing the Income Tax documents. As per the FIR, threatened by media staff of Upendra Rai,  Balvinder Malhotra landed at Upendra Rai’s home in Delhi. Rai showed him a bunch of documents of Income Tax department about the adverse findings. According to Malhotra, Rai threatened him that if Rs.15 crores ($2.23 million) is not paid, he would publish all these documents and Income Tax would definitely fix him under the new Benami Act.

The CBI FIR also indicates that the agency would soon arrest some Senior Income Tax officials for facilitating the Rs.15 crores extortion by Upendra Rai.

1. The conversion rate used in this article is 1 USD = 67.43 Rupees.


[1] More details of huge illegal assets & money laundering of Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra RaiApr 22, 2018, PGurus.com

[2] CBI registers another case against Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai for extorting Rs.15 croresMay 5, 2018, PGurus.com

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  1. PGurus is doing amazing work. But don’t be lulled in to thinking NDA is above the board. The likes of Amit Shah, Ravishankar Prasad, Javdekar, Giriraj Singh etc are a blot in its name..

  2. These investigations and revealations are very good for the economy as this will impact flow of public money to private channels.Then such money can be utilised for public good.Also this will induce fear in the minds of corrupt and dishonest people who will think twice before indulging in dubious actovities.
    These actions are being pursued at the initiatives of the present govt. and it is essential that it gets another term so that the anti corruption activities continue. We all honest and patriotic citizens of the country must vote for Mr. Narendra Modi for this.

  3. Your headline should read as
    ” Extortionist cum Editor” . Upendra is more famous for Extorting rather Editing.

  4. Atlast we are hearing some good news of action on ground by the govt.agencies. This must continue to the hilt and the guilty punished soon. All sources of income for the properties of the accused in this case must be thoroughly probed which may reveal more startling facts of corruption and collusion in the crime. Once again kudos to P Gurus for the mercurial reporting of the events.

  5. Upendra Rai is close with all corrupt politicians, civil servants and police officers. Nira Radia tapes expose his links in judicial fixing also. He is the money collector and pawn of all including Chidambaram, Ahmed Patel, Rajiv Shukla, who also made fortune thru journalism. It is high time for agencies to look into the import of girls from countries like Uzbek as Cheer Girls during IPL match.

  6. Upendra Rai is unfortunately dragged & penalized otherwise he is very honest & truthful journalist who has been doing a good job of being benami transactions on behalf of his political masters in a sincere & honest ways.
    CBI, ED & IT are hunting a good man !!! He can be of immense help to BJP leaders & can work for them also.


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