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Fugitive Christian Michel to be brought to India tonight. Nightmare starts for Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel

The communications showed Michel’s proximity claims with then Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her political secretary Ahmed Patel, who is named in the communication as AP

Giving big nightmares to Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel, Narendra Modi government has won a big diplomatic victory in the deportation of AgustaWestland chopper main middleman Christian Michel from Dubai on Tuesday. According to officials, the fugitive Michel is expected to brought to Delhi by Wednesday early morning.  On Tuesday morning, Dubai Government has passed orders of deportation of the fugitive middleman and handed to over to Indian authorities.

Dubai Government’s Ministry of Justice’s final order came on Tuesday after Michel lost his appeal in the apex court of Dubai against the deportation

Michel will be taken to CBI Head Quarters from Delhi Airport and in the in the evening produced before the Judge in Patiala House Court for further custody, said a senior CBI official.

In coming days the worries of Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel will be when they will be confronted with Michel by CBI and ED. As per the documents in Italian Court, Rs.210 crore (5% of the deal) was given to Sonia Gandhi and family.

Dubai Government’s Ministry of Justice’s final order came on Tuesday after Michel lost his appeal in the apex court of Dubai against the deportation. Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj led senior officials delegation is in Dubai from Monday onwards to attend various programmes and for high-level talks with Dubai counterparts.

Many media houses will also have to be worried on the deportation of Michel as he had given aroundRs.45 cores to them for hushing the AgustaWestland scam

Modi Government approached Dubai authorities in early 2015, demanding the deportation of Michel, who was the main middlemen accused of bribing top Congress leadership for the controversial purchase of 12 VVIP Helicopters from Italian firm AgustaWestland, worth more than Rs.3600 crore.

During the trial court proceedings in Italy, the Prosecution produced documents and communications between Michel and his partner Guido Haschke in sharing around Rs.400 crore bribes to senior politicians and Indian Air Force officials. The communications showed Michel’s proximity claims with then Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her political secretary Ahmed Patel, who is named in the communication as AP. Both leaders’ photos were shown to Haschke during the trial by Italian Prosecutors and he confirmed that Michel was handling politicians and he was handling officials in Defence Ministry and Indian Air Force through agents. The communication between Michel and Haschke showed that five per cent of the deal value to be shared with “The Family” and in another communication Michel said that the deal has through as “Sonia Gandhi had communicated to Government that she will not at all fly in old Mi-8 helicopters.”

At one point, Congress leaders alleged that Modi had made deals with foreign leaders to make Michel as approver to implicate top Congress leadership. After the scam broke out in late 2012, British Citizen Michel fled to Dubai to save himself from the Italian investigators.  Two years, Michel came in front of media and gave series of interviews to accuse Indian Government for targeting him for the political gains. It is a known secret that from 2015, Michel was in touch Congress leader Kamal Nath’s son Bakul Nath. The Congress leader’s son doing business in Dubai arranged TV interviews of Michel to Indian media in 2016 to accuse Modi Government of political vendetta.

Apart from politicians, many media persons and media houses will also have to be worried on the deportation of Michel, as he had given around Rs.45 cores to them for hushing ‘the AgustaWestland scam’ At present only one journalist (Raju Santhanam) was arrested by ED for handling activities of Michel in Delhi.


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  • This fugitive British National Chrishtian Michel is a well trained economic offender and is not a indigent person and therefore NO MERCY OR CONCESSION SHOULD BE EXTENDED TO HIM. So no free Biriyani and NO free legal services should be extended to him by the Indian Government. He should be treated like any other hardened criminal / economic offender and treated as such as per Indian Laws.

    In this regard, I wish to bring to the attention of Readers Shri Arvind Lavkhare's recent article dt 28-11-2018 appeared in on Tenth anniversary of 26/11-Mumbai Terrorist attack, explaining how an alien enemy is NOT entitled to free legal aid in India for the crime committed by him on Indian Soil. It is given below and worth reading. Politically connected Indian lawyers may extend free service to this serious economic offender, because of political dramatis personae involved in the episode.

    "The idea of giving legal aid to Ajmal Kasab (the only terrorist of 26/11/2008) emerged from K.G.Balakrishnan, the then Chief Justice of India (CJI). That came to light in a report of “The Times of India”, Mumbai Edition, dated 30 December 2008.

    That newspaper clipping (which is still with me) says that the then CJI (speaking to the newspaper from Israel), was a firm believer in Article 22 of our Constitution which provides that “no arrested person shall be denied the right to consult and to defended by a legal practitioner of his choice”. To fulfil this, the CJI said that the trial court would do well to appoint a lawyer to defend Kasab.”

    But, ah, what exactly does Article 22 say? Here below is its full text:

    (1) “No person shall be detained in custody without being informed, as soon as may be, of the grounds for such arrest nor shall he be denied the right to consult, and to be defended by, a legal practitioner of his choice.

    (2) Every person who is arrested and detained in custody shall be produced before the nearest magistrate within a period of twenty-four hours of such arrest excluding the time necessary for the journey from the place of arrest to the court of the magistrate and no such person shall be detained in custody beyond the said period without the authority of a magistrate.

    (3) Nothing in clauses (1) and (2)shall apply—

    to any person who for the time being is an enemy alien; or
    to any person who is arrested or detained under any law providing for preventive detention.”

    Article 22 has four more clauses (with sub-clauses) but none of them over-rides Clause 3 and its two sub-clauses. Hence, the issue that arises as to why the then CJI thought that Ajmal Kasab was not an “enemy alien.” And therefore entitled to consult and be defended in our Courts by a legal practitioner; in other words, why should he has mandated legal aid for Kasab.

    This writer understands that there is an international document that defines the phrase “enemy alien”: It may be so, but Article 22 does not define it in Article 22, does it?

    If one goes by commonsense, Kasab was indeed an enemy who had been seen by witnesses while he killed several innocent civilians; he was also guilty under the Arms Act by virtue of the guns and bombs which he was carrying. Yes, he was guilty of a criminal act, undoubtedly.

    The controversial point was whether he was “an enemy” considering that his Pakistan nationality was not fully established in that critical time that Mumbai police captured him or even thereafter.

    Considering the above firm facts, Justice K.G.Balakrishnan must, sadly, be considered as blindfolded while the Kasab trial took place in Mumbai from January 13, 2009, till March 31, 2010, while the CJI retired on May 12, 2010.

    The point often missed in the debate on the thick veil over his nationality was the CJI’s and entire India’s argumentative nature embedded in their DNA.

    Consider the fact that our then President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee believed that our Mumbai police had provided evidence of Kasab’s Pak nationality and that Pakistan should act accordingly. (Citation 44 )." UNQUOTE.

    Congratulations to our National Security Advisor Shri Ajit Doval and his team of officers for having accomplished the critical task of extradition of this notorious criminal from UAE to India and to make him stand for judicial trial in India.

    Now the scene is over to Indian Judiciary, which has not covered itself with glory in the case of Bofors bribery case - Initially by the judgment of MK Chawla of Del HC and the subsequent ruling of SC, due to UPA Govt improper conduct, the Bofors bribe money kept by Quattrochi in an account in a London Bank, which was frozen by Vajpayee led NDA Govt, was allowed to be withdrawn. The day to day proceedings of the case should be monitored by Shri Nripendra Mishra and Shri Ajit Doval to ensure there is no internal sabotage during judicial trial and the Indian Govt MUST INSIST FOR DAY-TO-DAY TRIAL, in view of the Corruption involved.

  • Very heartening to learn this Great News of Middleman Michel ,most wanted in AUgusta WASTLAND case is being brought to New Delhi.Congrats PGurus.

  • While this is undoubtedly a welcome DEVELOPMENT, still this case will CROSS ITS FIRST HURDLE only if

    (1) Michael is willing to SING before a Magistrate by turning Approver
    (2) a 'credible' & 'incontrovertible' MONEYTRAIL linking Michael to the Ma-Beta is established by the Investigation Agencies
    Of course there are still bigger hurdles in the form of
    (a) corrupt Ministerial Babu's
    (b) Investigation Agencies' Officials who are on the PAYROLL of the Italian Mafia
    (c) Prosecutors who are loyal to Ma-Beta
    (d) Corrupt Judges who are on PAYROLL

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