In a role reversal, Prof RV asks Sree Iyer his opinion on CBI Director Alok Verma being asked to go on leave

Honest CBI Director Alok Verma has been placed on leave at the dead of the night leading some uncomfortable questions to be asked of the Govt. Was this a Modi decision or did someone else force this?


  1. Whatever the powers vested with CBI director he did not execute his work to the full satisfaction of people hence crooks are not convicted or charge sheeted. It is evident the way they conducted 2G case with out any conviction and ex Finance minister and his son as road side romeos gave poses for videos of news channel whenever he appeared on tv channels as if the entire official machinery working under him. That action pains me and all honourable and honest citizens who are afraid and abide by law of the country but these thugs dont bother about any thing at all.Vadra says we are in banana republic and these insults we have to swallow.

  2. It is very ironical that the Govt.says that the CBI Director is not sacked but only sent on leave on advice from CVC. Secondly, an interim arrangement has been made by them to carry out the duties of the Director. In other words, the ousted Director is continuing only in name as Director and another official is entrusted the duties of the Director, by arrangement between CVC and the Govt. The net effect is the selection panel for appointment of the Director is circumvented in a very dubious manner. If this procedure can be practised by Governments, there is no need for elite selection panel at all. One wonders what is the tearing hurry to transfer all the officers who were probing cases relating to the Special Director sent on leave. It is reported that the Director had earlier objected to the induction of the Spl.Director on grounds of pending corruption case against him. Had only the CVC and the Govt. looked into it and kept him away from CBI till the probe against him is over, this whole unsavoury episode could have been avoided. The culprit clearly seems to be the Govt. and CVC and justice must be done to the ousted Director for the illegal sacking.

    • Asking an official to go on leave is a routine norm in administration ,when a second in chain or public complaints against him. The matter was precipitated by Verma by filing FIR against the complainant without CVC permission ? Further disobeying and and not replying to CVC is gross misconduct. As a head, Verma could have sorted the issues with second in chain and CVC, instead he started retaliating. Govnt hands are tied.If they mediate, it is called interference, in such a case what are the options left. Some say, govnt should have acted earlier, and some say they acted too fast.

      Verma complaint against govnt, that they are interfering is blizzar. If his stay was untenable, he could have resigned. Allowing the 3 jokers to meet him on Rafale is more bizarre. Congi have used this meet to discredit Modi in a massive way.

      Every second officer hands in CBI are tainted, and every one has a political godfather. Not only CBI, ED, CBDT, may IB too have political godfathers ,because these officials interact with them regularly. That is how system works in every country. We, sitting in cosy rooms and commenting are swayed by perceptions created in media. But the ultimate outcome should be that officers should not harm the nations interest, which only time proves.

  3. Support to Alok Verma PGurus os convincing. At the same time it is not clear why Verma was after Asthana.
    Let us give benefit to Verma that he was right about Asthana. But he had more important jobs of solving corruption cases. Also the fight with CVC, at least as projected by CVC, was not justified. Was it just ego or something more? Verma might be clean and great too as claimed by Shree Iyer. But with such high-profile cases on hand Verma did not show prudence. Instead got himself into a trap.
    What is the use of such talent when not applied in interest of his own job and the Nation

  4. At last Shri Iyer, S Swamy , P Bhushan, Yeshwant Sinha and R Gandhi are on same page. Only once this has happened before, ie in Mahabharata.

  5. High level politicians against whom cases are filed,are very happy for this situation in CBI. The current director should concentrate only on the cases and advance them very quickly and make some arrests. Let some other commission like CVC concentrate on the present case of Alok Varma and Asthana.

  6. Things are getting cleared. Modi waited for the iron to be hot. He was getting regular inputs from Asthana. Verma going to SC proves he is cornered. He should have cooperated with CVC , to clear his name.

    One should analyse the complaints forwarded by Asthana to CVC and it looks Verma is blue eyed boy of all opposition parties including P Bhushan and Modi batters A Shourie and Y Sinha. Media’s support has now swung from Asthana to Verma. Replica of movie “ Mission Impossible “.

  7. The whole murky affairs points to one thing clearly. No influential politician with mighty corrupt practices can be brought to book in India as the political system is mutually protective of each other. outward appearances and utterances are for public consumption only. People are divided along the lines of caste, religion and region which provides excellent field in which to practice politics of manipulation of sorts with impunity.

  8. when two idiots are fighting rather than doing their job it’s the right thing PM asked both of them to go on leave. Why raise Sinister doubts over an executive decision. Govt has its powers to take prudent decisions from time to time. Swami dictum can’t always be right.

    • Both cannot be idiots. One is honest and other is dishonest. Modi waited for right time to strike and when Verma filed an FIR against Asthana, he banged the hammer. Truth will be known in two days when SC hears Verma.

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