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In conversation with Geeta Mohandas of Vaidyagrama, a village of ayurvedic physicians

Sahil Mishra

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  • U look like some asnine guys who are talking negative about every person of opposition what fake news are you carrying I feel pity for those stupids who follow you.

    • I don't know what are you taking about. I have only positive experience from almost all of Shree Iyers initiatives. Looks like you have some hidden agenda/hate inside you. Good wishes to you.

  • More than half of the time the interviewer is doing the talk himself, hardly allowing the guest to talk. He does so despite having poor knowledge of the subject. For example when the guest tells about having number of Indian local breed cows, the interviewer asks, many of them must be giving A2 milk! He doesn't know that the milk of desi cows is necessarily A2 milk, as it's called, for the special protein that it contains. Instead of letting the guest tell about the place, the interviewer himself tells all the details and turns to the guest just to get a nod to what he is telling.

    • BTW, the interviewer is able to articulate the ideas much better so it is absolutely okay for him to speak more. The doers aren't always the best talkers.

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