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India was a maritime trade superpower with which Sanatan Dharma also spread around the World

India was a maritime trade superpower. Her ships plied from Aden to the Philippines. In the West, Aden onwards the goods were transported by Arabs right up to Greece and Rome.

So Sanatan Dharma reached all these areas, and more specifically, Southeast Asia.

Shri Krishna Ji tells Arjuna in Gita that whatever the leading men of any society do, the rest of the society soon starts doing the same.

The prosperous too lead the world or those patronized by the prosperous. It is a given fact, though idealists of the Marx variety or the renunciation variety may not like it.

India was the wealthiest country in the world during the 5000 years before 1000 AD. So, the rim of the Indian Ocean from Aden to the Philippines was Hindu or almost close.

Cut to 2020. The richest country now is the US. So the world loves jeans, Mcburgers, Hollywood, divorces, feminism, and English.

The Leftists with the saffron flag claim that Hindus are a contented people and love a simple life. That is life at subsistence. So they oppose the free market. According to them, it is also Western contamination of the pristine Indian rural life.

The Leftists with the saffron flag do not realize that the communication revolution has made the entire world a single society. This single society will follow the ways of its prosperity.

They better re-read Gita. I hope they do not think they are wiser than Shri Krishna Ji and do something about this “noble poor” worldview of theirs. They may be in love with the “noble poor,” but nobody else is.

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  • India produces enough Engineers for the whole world. Go anywhere and see for yourself. The problem is not retaining them, the reason starts 70 years ago with the License Raj.
    Knowing about History is important, else someone else will claim credit for your achievements.

  • Today, India produces the highest number of history debaters in the world. And too few Engineers and change-makers who live in the present.

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