Is Priyanka Gandhi the last cheque that the family is trying to cash?

Today's news is tomorrow's history. Priyanka has zero administrative experience and the political capital of "family-name" in this age of 24x7 news will lay this bare.


  1. Is Priyanka Gandhi the last cheque that the family is trying to cash? Majority of the voters may deny the said cheque payment in the form of votes having “overwriting” such as Wadhera then …Vadra sometime back…. Gandhi Vadra now….. One has to look into “pre-printing” of the name on the cheque itself. Voters can decided to stop Cheque payment option in the form of voting in her favor in particular and her party in general. It is possible that she may be pitted against Smriti Irani. Her dumbo brother may not contest from Amethi this time. Irani will win but it is probable that Mayawati or Akhilesh or both may transfer their votes in favor of Priyanka just to “frustrate” BJP. And as usual BJP does its blunders one after the other.

    It is pathetic to see the print and visual media in our country are servile and not matured enough to differentiate between chalk and cheese. Whatever may be the outcome it is going to be big season for quack astrologers/Numerologists doing brisk business in favor of Priyanka at the back drop of HDK Kumaraswamy-Deve Gowda-Revanna running around temples and astrologers to save their government!!

    It’s reported that Priyanka is worth Rs.450 Crores “without” doing “anything”!!

    By the time Modi takes a decision on Nehru-Gandhi family members- Priyanka’s children too contest elections to become MPs ….sorry not MLAs in UP State at a future date!

  2. Well, the family name of Mrs.Robert Vadera has meandered from Nehru to Gandhi, in between having a brief but significant meeting with Feroze Jehangir Ghandi(Khan), the lady’s grandfather. So now we have the granddaughter of a Muslim and daughter of Catholic Christian, claiming to be refurbished Brahmin. Strange calling this politics

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