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Jitendra Ojha, Geo Political expert, on Pakistan’s spy network in India and how to deal with it – P1

Sahil Mishra

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  • I hundred percent endorse opinion of R K Sanyam. I have no idea about goings on within RAW but if these are true, we all feel sad and ashamed as Indians. Latest developments pertaining to Parambir Singh, Sachin Vaze and Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh demonstrate the rot within Indian system. A perverse nexus between Khaki and khadi has always been there. I am sure, few comments about Mr Ojha at India legal magazine as well as information about him at Wiki Commons only demonstrated that how he has been fighting this malicious network of Khaki and Khadi who have been operating in unison with Pak linked organised crime network. India is fighting a difficult battle within the country. At one level, we have selfless Indians sacrificing their lives whereas at the other, we have criminals ruling the roost. Criminals in Khaki and khadi cannot be handled by sermons and speeches alone. All I hope that current Prime Minister of India Mr Modi asserts himself and makes a strong team with intelligent and honest individuals like Mr Ojha to herald a new beginning for India. India is way older and civilised than China. Instead of being equated with them, it is high time that as a country, we adopt Mr Ojha's vision of Indocracy to spell out a new governance model for our country. PGuru and other NRI channel must provide us an opportunity to listen to Mr Ojha's vision on Indocracy. It is available in bits and pieces on his blog and media interviews but he has not been bringing out in public domain. But issues raised by Mr Sanyam are valid but these cannot be addressed by the existing model of Indian democracy.

  • Mr Ojha, « Western nations are loosely-coupled to Pakistan and need Pakistan (Fixer who can fix all) to fill-up immediately cracks in strategy-when things go wrong, foreign policy enforcement seems going awry and thus would not come down heavily on Pakistan regardless, for example FATF ».
    Examples :
    UK policies till Brexit overwhelmed its politicians, and of governments on continent-Non-English speaking…
    The questions arises, what is the need for employing Babus at Indian embassies abroad ?
    Morarji Desai indiscreetly told Pakistan's Chief Martial Law Administrator General Zia ul-Haq that his government was well aware of Pakistan's nuclear development. He dissolved all the RAW units.
    I K Gujral :
    On his orders Pakistan's special operations desk of R&AW was shut down leading to major gaps in India's intelligence capabilities. And consquences ; Kargil War commenced.
    Ambassadors of most of the nations located in India, execute the policies beneficial to their respective country.
    How about Indian Babus ? Reason for their brazenness ?
    Because significant number of bureaucrats (IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS) use their working hours, office & office-position resources to anchor their future abroad.
    Brazen Babus, bureaucrats have been ruling Indians with an iron hand, but they themselves are pussy-cats outside India.
    Here is what one Indian on foreign land told another Indian, »Of course you are a victim of crime, abusive government policies here, are you sure that when you approach Indian Embassy for support, your problems would not be doubled ?
    Indian Babu-Broker would most likely make a deal with your offender (local officials), give you some token compensation packed as ‘Prasad’ and keep rest of the amount for him/herself. »
    So if any patriotic minded person chooses to pass-on vital intelligence to Indian leadership, it would be at his/her peril and with additional risk posed if Indian leadership exposed him/her to very adversaries of India.
    Has anything changed ? Hardly !
    Only now one hears, « Let British stew in their own soup » 70 years thence. How about other countries of Europe continent where English is not the vernacular ? It is not encouraging. Politicians of India repeatedly refuse to rebutt what the western emissaries (Europe for example) say against India, or detest acts which lowers the value of an Indian’s life, liberty and labour (fruits of labour).
    They never missed an opportunity to ostracize India, the list is Long…
    Because they know that Brown Sahibs are employed on a permanent holiday basis.
    Numerous persons (Mr Iyer hosted those foundations, Dialogue platforms) who are well-wishers of India & Masters in their respective field (India Breaking forces, awareness of Indic civilisation,…) do not get the respect/ear they deserve because they do not massage Indian politician’s ego.
    These politicians have been time & again dependent upon light shone by Babu’s self-centered, fractured, fissured history.
    Those who refuse to learn from history, repeat history.
    Once the present dispensation in Delhi demonstrates its resolve to take ‘Bull by horns’/ problems which threat India’s integrity, people are more likely to submit HumanIntel to Prime Minister.
    Examples… (as many as you can count)

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