Karti linked firm siphoned Rs.300 crores from Ambulance services in Odisha too like Rajasthan. IT Commissioner Srivastava files a complaint to CBI & ED

Karti promoted firm Ziqitza used the same modus operandi in Odisha and cheated the Government of 300 crores, according to a complaint by OASEU

Karti promoted firm Ziqitza used the same modus operandi in Odisha and cheated the Government of 300 crores, according to a complaint by OASEU
Karti promoted firm Ziqitza used the same modus operandi in Odisha and cheated the Government of 300 crores, according to a complaint by OASEU

The saga never ends. Every day there is a new scam uncovered in which the Chidambaram family is associated. The former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram promoted firm Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL) that was involved in the Rajasthan ambulances services scam is now found to have done used similar illegal ways of siphoning money in Odisha too. The Odisha Ambulance Services Employees Union (OASEU) alleged that more than Rs.300 crores was pilfered by the Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL), which is now facing prosecution by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Rajasthan. The Union has submitted many vouchers of over-invoicing in wage bills and bills of fake trips of ambulances to siphon the money over a period of five years by the firm promoted by Karti.

Same formula of pilfering

Citing the complaint filed by the OASEU to the Odisha state authorities, Income Tax Commissioner S K Srivastava lodged a complaint with the CBI, the Director General  (Investigation) of Income and the Enforcement Directorate (ED), urging that the agencies would probe into the matter as the agencies are already probing a “similar fraud” executed by the same firm in Rajasthan. In the Rajasthan ambulance scam, the agencies had questioned senior Congress leaders including Sachin Pilot and former Union Minister Vayalar Ravi’s son Ravi Krishna for illegalities[1]. The Court has now taken cognizance of the charge sheet and the trial is going on in Rajasthan.

“During my stay at Bhubaneswar in connection with some official work, I was handed over a few documents collected by the officials of Odisha Ambulance Service Employees Union alleging misappropriation and pilfering of Government money to the extent of about Rs.300 crores by the Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL) which is controlled by Karti Chidambaram who was one of its Directors and who has been along with the firm is named as accused in a FIR filed by the Rajasthan Police as well as the CBI along with others.,” said Srivastava.

The complaint pointed out that money was pilfered by inflating the wage bills, fabricating forged and fake trip records of ambulances and vouchers. Karti linked firm engaged in contracts with many state governments for providing service to the “108 Ambulance calling scheme”. In many states it was found that bills were over-invoiced and fake trips were created to collect money from the state health departments.

When Karti was caught in the Aircel-Maxis scam controversies in mid-2011, he had resigned from the Directorship of many companies including Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL) and is now running the firms through his benamis.

“The allegations that money was being pilfered by Ziqitza Health Care Ltd and Karti Chidambaram by inflating the wage bills, fabricating forged records, bills and vouchers is a standard methodology adopted by tax evaders in labor-intensive sectors of the economy and prima-facie, the case being made out by officials of Odisha Ambulance Service Employees Union needs to be looked into as the records of the ESI, PF, etc and the paper trail indicate such fabrication,” said Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava in his complaint to Directors of CBI, ED and Director General of Income Tax’s Investigation Wing.

A copy of the complaint by the OASEU is shown below:

Complaint by the Odisha Amulance Service Employees Union by PGurus on Scribd


[1] Rajasthan: FIR against Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot in ambulance scamJun 10, 2014, India Today

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  1. Freedom Fighter, Respected V. O. Chidamabaram, from Tuticorin TOILED in British-India jail to LIBERATE India. In post-independent era, the P. CHIDAMBARAM’s CLAN opened the Indian Overseas Bank across India to let people deposit money into banks. Later, as the FM of India, Mr. PC perfected the sophisticated “HEIST” to Clear the money out of India to Overseas BANKS. He has been extra-smart to INCULCATE the tricks of his family trade of “collect and transfer” to his prodigal son, Karti C. who is now a smart ACE in the art of opening and closing bank accounts across the world. Don’t we need more and more Chidambarams to GLORIFY India!

  2. KC will just “thump” his shoulder in the air. Entire family is filthyly rich and darling of the media!
    He knows where the “key” in BJP is too!!
    BJP will just do time pass so as to enable all UPA1&2 corrupt fellows to complete bad astrological periodical cycle BY aPRIL 2020 and play around peoples memory is short dictum!

    We have had good samrajyas /kingdoms practicing some Dharma and truthfulness studded with experts guiding Kings and Queens to run administration. Ruler and the ruled knew the process and culprits were punished if not sent to gallows.

    Now, politicians/ministers first try to help culprits to escape, then we have various avenues via HC/SC stay orders, adjournments, bails are just offered in a jiffy and culprits die after living lavish lifestyles in the native country or abroad! Crooks get away with everything. We call these process a great democracy in the world…Human Rights… Secularism….Gandhi’s nonviolence—not guilty unless proved (shall not be proved for the next 60 years.. file goes itself missing)!

    We have created a rotten system with blade servers working at cross purposes.

    We need a PM who understands admin setup with three dimensional vision instead of giving just order to tom, dick and harry ministers /few officers without any scruples to look into the issue/scam !

    India graduated in corruption from 2G to SG,RG, PriyankaG, RobertG …………..In our country murders and rapes used to be a yard to become MLA/MLC / MP now mega scams are the barometers. From Birth to Death we have micro to mega scams and the Ambulance has become a “special vehicle purpose” earnings and reinvestment.

    New slogan is to become a “VISHWA GURU”. In which profession/sector/subject?

  3. Chidambaram and Karthi the odious pair. Hands in many pies. Outwardly a look of polished demeanor by chidambaram and loutish look if Karthi. How does a person like chidambaram become finance minister. ?? How come he has the guts to speak in that clipped accent, spouting an imagery of decency. There should be a law to give death sentence to corrupt politicians


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