Kerala Hindus Under Siege: CPM And Chrislamists Out To Wipe Them Off

The undercurrents in Kerala's tumultuous politics and society should warn Hindus of what will be their plight when they become a minority.

Kerala Hindus Under Siege: CPM And Chrislamists Out To Wipe Them Off
Kerala Hindus Under Siege: CPM And Chrislamists Out To Wipe Them Off

This is yet another MAYDAY message to the world from Kerala, the citadel controlled and ruled with an iron-hand by the Communist-Christian-Islamist alliance. Startled by the disclosures made by the Kasargod girl Athira, who had renounced her Hindu religion to convert to Islam under pressure from her classmates in college and who has since returned to her original faith because of the bitter experiences she had as a Muslim girl, the Marxist-Mullah combination has decided to destroy and derail all investigations and court trials of complaints filed by the parents of girls who fell victims to the evil machinations of Islamic fundamentalists.

A day after Athira declared to the world that she was forced to convert to Islam by her own Muslim friends in her college, the Marxists who are in power in Kerala presently, have chalked out a strategy to silence the protests and revolts by parents of the unfortunate girls who were lured by the proselytization strategies of the Mullahs and Moulavis with promises of heaven and luxuries.

The Kerala Women’s Commission, headed by M C Josephine, a Christian fanatic-under the garb of Marxist has decided to get Akhila, a girl from Kottayam district who was converted to Islam by force and who was subsequently saved from the clutches of her Islamist “protectors” by the Kerala High Court,  “saved “ from “House Arrest” and hand her over to the Islamic fundamentalists who were out to send the girl to Syria to fight for the ISIS.  PGurus had on June 1, 2017  published a detailed account about the agonies faced by Akhila’s parents and how the Kerala High Court had saved the girl from the clutches of the Islamic fundamentalists.(Has Kerala become Taliban Land).

I committed  a major crime by not allowing my daughter Akhila to read Ramayana,Mahabharata and Bhagawat Geeta – Akhila’s Father Asokan

Josephine, a fanatic Catholic woman from Angamali, who is known only for her hatred towards the Hindus and her close liaison with some of the bishops and priests in the Church disclosed the other day in Thiruvananthapuram that she would approach the Supreme Court with a petition that Akhila is under illegal detention of her parents and the apex court should get her released from the custody of her parents.

“It is the responsibility of the Women’s Commission to intervene and interfere in all issues related to the violation of women’s rights,” declared this Catholic Christian woman.

Josephine, a Malayalam version of Mamta Banerjee, was silent when asked about the physical assaults perpetrated on Dalit women in Kannoor district by the Kerala Police and the setting ablaze of a housewife in Palakkadu district by her own comrades. “I will ask the Supreme court to make arrangements for me to visit Akhila’s residence for a one-to-one talk with the girl who is under illegal detention of her parents,” said Jospephine.

But the Kerala State Human Rights Commission, another Marxist frontal organisation is all set to hear the petition filed by  Munawar Ali Shihab Thangal, an Islamic fundamentalist from Malappuram, pleading for the early release of Akhila from the custody of her parents. The KSHRC has fixed October 3 as the date for hearing the petition filed by Thangal, an ISIS supporter.

The Kerala High Court in its order had nullified and negated the religious conversion of Akhila and her reported marriage with Shefeen Jahan, an Islamic terrorist based in Malabar who is also an agent  recruiting and mobilizing Hindu girls for religious conversion. The mainstream newspapers in Kerala, notorious for their closeness with Islamist organisations had questioned the Kerala High Court order in this regard. A prominent national newspaper, the unofficial mouthpiece of the CPI-M and the Islamist organisations had blasted the Court and judges for denying Akhila her religious freedom and the rights to join ISIS.

The Popular Front of India, had asked the Kerala Government led by Pinarayi Vijayan, the Marxist chief minister, for the immediate withdrawal of the police potecion provided to Akhila so that  they could set her free and take her to the ISIS camp at the earliest. It may be noted that the Kerala High Court verdict on Akhila was delivered by Justice Surendra Mohan, himself a devout Christian. But the Islamist activists in Kerala had staged a demonstration to the Kerala High Court in Kochi shouting slogans labelling Justice Surendra Mohan as an RSS activist. It was after the demonstrations that the  Islamic fundamentalists came to know about the Christian background of the learned Judge Surendra Mohan. The incident turned out to be one of the biggest bloopers committed by the Islamic fundamentalists who are under the impression and belief that they would get virgins and all luxuries in heaven for all the evil deeds they commit on earth.

As part of its efforts to get Akhila released from her parents, the Marxists and Mullahs have fielded Sachidanandan, whom they portray as a poet, to abuse and humiliate Akhila’s parents. “Asokan, father of Akhila, is a mentally unbalanced person. He is eccentric,” declared Sachidanandan at Kottayam. Sachidanandan was the head of Central Sahitya Akademi during the UPA tenure. He was addressing a meeting organised by the CPI-M and the Mullahs to condemn the statement released by Asokan to the Hindu parents of Kerala.

“I committed  a major crime by not allowing my daughter Akhila to read Ramayana,Mahabharata and Bhagawat Geeta. I made her read Communist manifesto and all CPI-M literature which were abusive of Hindu religion and the cultural and historical heritage of India. My humble request to all Hindus in Kerala is that you should make your children read the great epics of India. You give them the freedom to worship in temples and explain to them the significance of Hindu Gods and Goddesses,” Asokan had told the people of Kerala in a statement which too was blacked out by the secular democratic liberal and free media of Kerala. This much for our secularism and socialism! Vellappalli Natesan, the leader of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam, an umbrella organisation of the powerful Eezhava community in Kerala had said recently that the Marxist-Methran-Moulavi alliance would finish off the Hindus in Kerala very soon.

In another related development that is extremely worrisome and one which should make Hindus very aware of the dangers to them, is that the police have closed down Arsha Vidya Samajam, the organisation which helped Athira return to the Hindu fold. The closure has been ordered on the complaint lodged by one of the girls who was there for a similar program as Athira. She has in her complaint alleged that girls in Arsha Vidya Samajam were held there against their wishes and subjected to torture and abuse which her mother has since refuted.The police has since sealed the premises of the organisation merely on the basis of this complaint! It must be noted however, that organisations like Sathya Sarani etc against which many red flags have been raised regarding their agenda of islamising Hindu girls, continue to operate without any problems. Hindus really must begin to understand the magnitude of the problem in Kerala.

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  1. Typical Hindu response is to think that “sensible” people in positions of power will somehow reverse!
    Whats needed is the grassroots movements to rout these evil forces that seeks to braindamage choices made by a woman who has experienced what the trauma is….

    Hope all Citizens will teach their children to really think thru all these sickular shenanighans to protect their hold on power….

  2. The need of the hour not only in Kerala but for all Hindus of India&world is to convert all Hindus into Hindu Dharma FAST.It must be continued to accept ‘erstwhile Hindus’ into the Hindu fold by using Constitutional provisions of PROPAGATION as one of the religious RIGHTS of Hindus too.
    The way things are shaping up Hindus; attack from outside and division from inside it will be a miracle if Hindu & Dharma will last another century except in museums/libraries/ZOOS.

  3. I believe in S.Gurumurthy and his works. So do your team. Has this matter been taken up with highest level of Central Government by PGurus? Keen to know response and action plan from Central Govt.

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