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Land grab attempt foiled – how a few Santals fought a crowd of 12,000 on Jun 5 in Kishangunj

The leading dailies of the nation reported that the tribal people have shot arrows on the Muslim crowd who were praying on 6th June 2019.

As per the reports, a handful of tribals attacked the praying crowd of Muslim with bows and arrows which injured 5 people. However, the tribal said that they were protecting their land from encroachment.

After this incident, Thakurganj Police acted and arrested 11 tribals, who are the earning members of the family and they are very poor too. Also, There were few women been arrested.

Mr Devdutt Maji’s team has been providing the basic ration, food and necessary things to the arrested tribal family members as the earning member of the family has been arrested.

Also, watch Mr Sree Iyer in conversation with Mr Devdutt Maji on the Kishanganj land grab issue

One of the tribal named Shibu Soren was killed, but not at that spot but far from that place and the three people are charged for his murder.

The conflict between the native Muslims and Tribals are going on since 2012. It all started after Tribals occupied the lands bordering the state of Bihar and West Bengal.

There has been an ongoing fight between the local villagers and tribal over the land issues. The tribals say that they have been deprived of benefits under the government schemes as they have been landless for years. This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Earlier four similar incidents were reported from the same tea estate.

To this date, hundreds of them do not have Voter ID cards or Aadhar Card. They also stated that the land allotted to them is either a barren stretch or by the river bed where they cannot settle down.

Goal Of this Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to collect funds for Shri Shankar Murmu who is a tribal activist fighting for the cause of the accused tribals. The funds collected will be transferred to his bank account and used as follows:

Cash Support to deceased Shibu Soren’s family 1.5 lakh

Interim support to 11 families @ 15 thousand per family

For any Donation or contribution click here

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