Madras HC refuses to hear Chidambaram family’s petition against Income Tax summons under Black Money Act

Are Chidambaram and his family running out of tricks to get Courts to delay the inevitable?

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and his family members’ familiar trick to try and get a stay form Madras High Court (HC) collapsed on Thursday evening. The High Court refused to hear the petition filed by wife Nalini, son Karti and his wife Srinidhi against the Income Tax summons under Black Money Act for the illegal and undeclared holding of properties and bank accounts in foreign countries. Nalini, Karti, and Srinidhi were supposed to appear before the Income Tax Department (IT) in Delhi on April 12.

Instead of directly registering the case under the Black Money Act and Benami Acts with the proofs given by Income Tax Chennai Unit and ED, the top officers in Finance Ministry and CBDT employed delay tactics[3] by seeking confirmation letters from the foreign countries.

Using their usual ruse of sending a communication to the IT saying that the agency should wait as they have decided to challenge their summons in Madras High Court, did not work this time. For the past two years, whenever any agency summoned them, they would head to a court and get a favourable ruling. It is a known secret that due to the hold of Chidambaram and wife in the legal world, they would sometimes manage favourable orders from pliable judges. It appears as though their luck has run out. The current notice was for the illegal properties bought by the family in Cambridge and bank accounts in London’s Metro Bank.

The reticent Central Bureau of Direct Taxes (CBDT) under the Finance Ministry was forced to take action after Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave strict instructions based on the complaint filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in June 2017. The BJP leader had exposed the findings of Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Income Tax Chennai (ITC) unit about the details of assets of the family in 14 countries and 21 foreign bank accounts[1]. This was caught by the agencies during the raid in December 2015 at Karti’s firms in connection with Aircel-Maxis scam. Shockingly, the Finance Ministry was not allowing ED and IT to take action against their former boss Chidambaram’s assets amassed through massive corruption during 2004-2014. For more than two years Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Finance Secretary Hasmukh  Adhia, the recently shunted out Revenue Joint Secretary US Kumawat and CBDT Chairman Subhash Chandra (who is still trying to get a further extension in service) were sitting on this sensitive information against the tainted former Finance Minister Chidambaram and his family[2]. Many officers who tried to initiate action under new Black Money and Benami Acts were unceremoniously shunted out by the friends and cronies of Chidambaram in the Finance Ministry.

Instead of directly registering the case under the Black Money Act and Benami Acts with the proofs given by Income Tax Chennai Unit and ED, the top officers in Finance Ministry and CBDT employed delay tactics[3] by seeking confirmation letters from the foreign countries. It was obvious that many of the foreign countries didn’t respond or not give replies promptly for mere letters from CBDT. If they had registered a case and then sent a Letters Rogatory (LR) to these countries, it would have sped up matters.

PGurus has detailed the list of the entire illegal assets of Chidambaram worth more than Rs.10,000 crores in 14 countries and details of 21 bank accounts in a well-documented article titled as Chidambara Rahasya[4].


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  1. Dr. Swamy should now turn his attention to the Finance Ministry and expose the persons who are helping Chidambaram to get away with the probe .

    • That dept is beyond the scope of this article. Why don’t you follow the references and just google tainted Indian judges or judiciary, unless of-course you are using the same PC tactic mentioned in the article!.

  2. What is Team Gurus so rhapsodic about?

    Agreed . Madras HC has refused to admit the PC-Family-Petition – (a legal way of dilating the proceedings)

    Also pleased to note that PMO whipped the CBDT/FM into action under continuous prodding from Swami.

    ‘Hired guns of PC’ r very much intact in their respective positions in CBDT,FM – that too with renewed vigour

    I can’t help being ‘sceptic’ or ‘cynical’ as long as tainted marauders like FM, Adhia, Kumawat & dozens of ‘sharp-shooters of Chidambaram’ continue in the Ministry, Secretariat, CBI & CBDT etc.

    Chidambaram, it seems, can’t be touched till he dies a natural death. If something could be done to send him to jail and confiscate his properties before his death – SWAMI ZINDABAD.

    It is too hard for me to digest the belief all this is happening without the knowledge of Modi

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