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Major Gaurav Arya on Iran, a compromised Oli & talk of Pakistan selling three airports to China

Sahil Mishra

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  • Boycott of China goods should become a people's movement. Tech help volunteers should guide citizens on alternatives to Chinese smartphones and other consumer goods. If not defeated, China will divert our villages, take our land and empower Pakis.

  • You guys have 800k faujis in occupied Kashmir to suppress locals, how many more would be needed to control Azad kashmiris, when they know how to fight worry well.........
    And What will happen on your border with China, where your jeans are jumping from the peaks to save their lives??????

    • Watch out fellow earthlings! Bharat Mata shows her might. Auspicious time begins tonight! Enjoy all your theories come to a naught. Action speaks louder than words - aptly defines the ever sacred land of Bharat. Bharat mata ki Jai.

    • Suppressing the locals? What would happen if the troops are not there? Any local even remotely suspected of preferring India will be killed.

      But since you asked, wasn't Pak supposed to leave PoK ? Or is the UN resolution only something to talk about rather than implemented?

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