Even a frivolous “promise” made in political rhetoric carries weight when uttered by a leader projected as the Prime Minister of the country.

Even a frivolous “promise” made in political rhetoric carries weight when uttered by a leader projected as the Prime Minister of the country.

Modi just did never promise to bring back the corrupt Indian money stashed abroad in Swiss Banks and other institutions of the kind.

There is the public perception that Prime Minister Modi has not kept his election campaign promise that he would get rid of corrupt money abroad and deposit Rs15 lakhs in each Indian’s Bank account. That just hasn’t happened. And strangely as well as sadly, the BJP has evaded that question although Rahul Gandhi and others from different political parties have often asked that question on public platforms. The worst bit on this issue is that Amit Shah, the BJP chief, dismissed this query as a jhumla at the time he addressed a big rally during the Bengal state assembly elections a little over a year ago. Now, jhumla is a Hindi word of which no proper English word has been found. The best one can say is that it’s just an election jumla — meaning it was an idiomatic expression, not meant to be taken literally. In short, it was a frivolity.

“This does not say he has promised this much amount to every citizen” – a viewer posted on social media.

Even if it were a frivolous “promise” made in political rhetoric, it carries weight and gravitas when uttered by a political leader who was projected as the Prime Minister of the country. It had some meaning and rationale behind it. And the political leader who indulged in that gravitas had to fulfill that promise or give an explanation for not doing so by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And publicly apologize if he had failed to keep his promise. The BJP has so far done nothing of that kind.

The blunt truth of that so-called “promise” of Rs.15 lakhs is that it was never made!!

Yes, Narendra Modi never made that promise!! He just did never promise to bring back the corrupt Indian money stashed abroad in Swiss Banks and other institutions of the kind and use it to deposit Rs. 15 lakhs in each poor resident Indian’s account.

The truth of what Narendra Modi said in that election speech of his can be seen on a brief YouTube video.

One viewer, Swati Goila Jain, who saw the above video posted on social media as follows on December 4, 2014:

“As per the video posted by another member, what he, Modi, is saying – ‘If all the black money being deposited by people all these years is brought back it would be so much that every person could get 15-20 lakhs each’. I could not hear any mention of 100 days in Modi’s speech. That was probably somewhere in some other speech. This does not say he has promised this much amount to every citizen.

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  1. Wow that is a lot of vitriol for someone who claims to be old and presumably knowledgeable, Mr. Ramachandran. Maybe you should probably try that humility advice you seem to be liberally giving out. The author has given a video in which he states that the PM didn’t explicitly promise 15 L in each account. You should probably counter with similar evidence rather than impose your opinion. You seem to be someone who is really bitter about so called Liberal political parties not being in power. There seems to be so much effort put into finding what hasn’t been done but you forget that this government has done more for women than any other government in the past be it the cooking gas, bank accounts, etc. Also this government has doubled the rate at which roads are being built. They have stood up to painful neighbors in ways which the current Congress party or for that any other political disposition can only dream about. Their efforts in Skill Development, Foreign Outreach is something which hasn’t been done ever, at least not in such a short span. This can be proved by the fact that opposition has nothing but religious intolerance to harp on.

    Sir, I am definitely not a supporter of the current political system, but one thing I am sure about is that India will progress only in a framework where the Gandhis cease to pull the strings. Let the Scindias, Deoras, Pilots come to the fore and let the old sycophants be discarded. Most importantly I would like a Prime Minister Candidate who has actually achieved something life, unlike Rahul Gandhi.

  2. No, does it mean it can’t be revealed later. Now nothing succeeds like success. We are both old people
    and if by God’s grace we both are alive I will definitely get a chance to get even with you. I shall wait till
    that time. Please do not display arrogance and try to be humble and have humility Lavakare Sahib!!!!

  3. Lavakare You have still not answered my question. We will come to know the improprieties committed
    after they remit office. Dont revel now. There is time for everything. Nothing is permanent and
    you should know everything passes.

  4. Are you people afraid closer to next election that you are disowning the promises. People now have to
    record everything now!!!!! .

  5. We agree that 15 lakh in each account receivable is a wrong interpretation

    But we all know or have felt that he had promised to bring back the Exchequer majority of Black ? money stashed abroad…

  6. in dozens of rallies he promised cost+50%as MSP to farmers.but with in 1 month after coming to power silently filed an affidavit in SC that they can’t do media highlighted this.

  7. What about Garibi Hatao program of Indira Gandhi. Rs. 133 crore UREA scam. Famous Pappu’s father Rajive Gandhi quotes (Nanai ko yaad karadengey – all those petty phrases ? Are they consdered as premises.
    Khangress is getting restless for they cannot be lelieve to be oot of power for so long… hence tey are speaking anything they l
    Corrupt Chidambaram says, BJP muscular policy is not working in Jammu & kashmir. What he do during his 10 years ?? whihc policy he discovered is working.

    • Why are you defending BJP Govt. If Congress did wrong should the party with a difference also
      do the same thing. Is there any difference therefore.

  8. No sane person can give such promise which comes to 15lakh multiplied by125 crore comes to
    18 75 000 000 000 000which is a huge amount,30 trillion crore doller,.equal to 15 year gdp as on date.
    Even if family is taken insteadof individual the amount comes to 6 trillion crore doller

  9. Lavakare sahib kai bolta tumhi. It is clearly coming to his rescue. BJP is lying all this whie and this is yet
    another big lie.

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