Mr. Jaitley, What is wrong with you? Gone senile? How dare you criticise CBI & Police for acting against corrupt Bankers?

The speech of Arun Jaitley at a Banker's conference, at odds with the Prime Minister's goals, gives rise to doubts about his health and fitness

The speech of Arun Jaitley at a Banker's conference, at odds with the Prime Minister's goals, gives rise to doubts about his health and fitness
The speech of Arun Jaitley at a Banker's conference, at odds with the Prime Minister's goals, gives rise to doubts about his health and fitness

Has Arun Jaitley, the former Finance Minister and recently indisposed Minister without Portfolio lost his mind? His speech from his Delhi official residence through video conferencing at a bankers function in Mumbai is bizarre and should be condemned.  In his speech, Jaitley blamed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Maharashtra State Police for the recent arrests and actions against banking frauds. He also termed Prevention of Corruption Act as “badly drafted” law and demanded for the need of change[1].

Mr. Jaitley, take rest and get your old strength back. You must remember that this country is suffering from high profile banking frauds that happened during your term as well as your buddy former Finance Minister Chidambaram’s term. Surely you realize that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying his level best to fix the banking scamsters frauds that happened during your and your predecessor’s tenure. Take the Punjab National Bank (PNB) Scam of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi of Gitanjali. The entire world is now aware that your daughter Sonali Jaitley’s law firm was the retainer of Gitanjali Group till December 2017.

The Finance Ministry during your tenure was aware of the PNB scam and Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi’s banking frauds as the Income Tax and Department of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) submitted their report in February 2017 after conducting nationwide raids on January 14, 2017. Finance Ministry never shared these explosive findings of DRI and Income Tax with CBI, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) or the Financial Intelligence Unit[2]. The details were shared only after 11 months after the fugitives left the country. This happened under your watch and you are responsible.

Mr. Jaitley, you should have advised these bankers to run the show legally and transparently rather than blaming the CBI and State Police officers who took the burden of probing the financial crimes. You also spoke against the Prevention of Corruption Act. We know the dilution of Prevention of Corruption Act is, was and has been a pet project of yours. You tried it once before – when you were the Law Minister in Vajpayee Government and the Supreme Court quashed it.

Are you bringing up this dilution of Prevention of Corruption Act to save your tainted buddy Chidambaram, who is wanted by the CBI for custodial interrogation and expected to be chargesheeted soon in Aircel-Maxis and INX Media bribe case?

Your mind always seems to work like that of a Devils’ Advocate or a Defence Lawyer appearing in a trial court to save the accused. You must always remember that you are a Minister, even if it is without a Portfolio. And you owe this post to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who accommodated you in the Cabinet despite you losing with a margin of around two lakh votes from Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency in 2014 election when almost all candidates of BJP have won.

Here is a piece of unsolicited advice – take care and try to get well soon. Take good rest. Don’t poke into Finance Ministry’s affairs. Let the new Finance Minister Piyush Goyal work hard. Despite your cutting funding to them, the CBI is doing a fine job, going after errant bankers.


[1] Arun Jaitley speaks out agains arrest of bankersJul 4, 2018,

[2] Is Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia shielding PNB scamsters Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi? Mar 21, 2018,

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  1. Its time to castigate Mr. Jetlee for his seemingly dubious record of being on the wrong side of this government and for trying to sabotage the promised policies of fighting against corruption and black-money and for casting a shadow of mistrust on Modiji’s Government.
    We the People wont let Mr. Chidambaram and their stooges to go underground without paying for their sins…

  2. I was watching CNBC TV 18 when Jaitley delivered this famous speech and this channel tom-tom jaitley’s idea and patted jaitley for his defense of the bankers.Bankers are to make money grow but not to play around with public money and do dubious transactions.

  3. Almost BJP Government is in its evening of the term. Nothing concrete has taken place in mega corruption except unearthing it and somehow or other lot of bottlenecks are created from within and outside. Unless Modiji comes back in 2019, all the work done by him will go a waste and the corrupt elements will go scot free. It is the responsibility of CBI, ED, etc., to effectively and expediously pursue the corruption cases of politicians and Courts should also cooperate and giving just judgements to impose faith in public. All mega corruption cases should be tried by SC directly and hand sentence without provision for appeal. Political corruption is the worst form terrorism that is spoiling the country in all respects.

  4. As early as 2011/12, UPA would have apparently got the signals of a good thrashing awaiting them in LS-2014

    Very cleverly they successfully planted their ‘sharpshooters’, ‘pawns’, ‘trojan horses’ in (1) various Ministries (specifically Finance) (2) Judiciary (3) Investigation Agencies – CBI,ED (4) RBI Governor, the traitor Rangarajan, (5) CAG, the tainted Sharma

    The Prosecution cases in the Aircel-Maxis-1, 2G were effectively diluted & demolished with the active collusion of the corrupt rascal O.P. Saini & the minion thieves of the scoundrel Chidambaram

    CBI & ED in coordination with the corrupt rascal s in the Finance Ministry ensured that the prosecution cases against Chidambaram never progressed at all

    The corrupt Judges in the HCs & SC made sure (1) that the NH case never took off to protect that MA-BETA fraud duo (2) the criminal prosecutions of the the Chor Chidu were thawrted/delayed

    Under these circumstances, it is imperative & appropriate on the part of Modi to declare Emergency followed by arrest of all UPA thieves & seizure of all the loots instead of going in for snap Elections

    Another drubbing a la LS2004 will be extremely detrimental to the nation

  5. May God Almighty curse this cunning lawyer with incurable, prolonged, neither death nor life like, bedridden disease for rascals to be sent to jail and for India to prosper.
    May God send good thoughts to good for nothing Namo and most importantly to R S S, from all sides to induct The loin and the potent leader SUBRAHMANIAM SWAMY as his Deputy PM.

  6. Isn’t it strange that before namo came to Delhi, Sushma and Arun ji used to run the BJP as the leader of opposition. And now what is alieniating the people from BJP are their ministries. Don’t know if this is the conspiracy Swamy ji was talking about.

  7. Basically AJ and PC are good friends and S Swaraj and Sonia are good pals. Modi is the sole lion with a knee jerk HM. Very few options are left for Modi, but to sail with untrustworthy ministers as RSS is playing a balanced game.Bad karma has hit both the ministers . Divinity obstructed AJ to be in cabinet by election loss but Modi came in the way. Now divinity has obstructed AJ by ill health. It is time Modi retires AJ and replace him with the brilliant CA Piyush Goyal and the F Ministry can be cleaned in a month.

    Modi is not dumb, perhaps he is creating more space for him and may be he has diplomatically pushed Piyush Goyal into the ring to make him FM permanently.A smart employer never dismisses a cunning employee, but appoint another employee and give responsibilities of the former, who fades away gradually. Hope my assessment is true.

    • Venkat, I don’t agree with your observation that Modi is not dumb.

      How come he was unaware AJ was Sonia’s Trojan Horse for a full 4 years?!

      It seems Modi has become wiser & alert of late, that too as a result of the sustained & persistent campaign by Dr. Swami

      I fail to comprehend why this corrupt AJ who lost his own seat miserably was chosen for such a key Ministry

      All what this AJ did successfully in these 4 years was to effectively dilute & thwart the major scam prosecutions

  8. What can you expect from a corrupt man ?? Arun Jaitely the sooner he goes, better from BJP else he will bring down entire BJP & lose entire ground work done by RSS.

  9. I wish Jaitley gets permenantly sick or passes away soon. Anyway, this Govt will not book any cases on him. If he passes away soon, we can have some good FM at the helm (i am not saying swamy, as i am sick of expecting that he will get some portfolio). India will get saved. Bharat mata, time to save yourself by killing taking away this Jaitley to you.
    Request to all, do not use abusive words against Chidambaram, as it is name of a Great God in South India (lord siva himself who sustains the world with his cosmic dance). it is a disgrace that he has that name, as we cannot even scold him. Rather abuse him with PC.Like Rascal, traitor etc PC.

  10. I cannot believe my eyes and ears on Mr.Jaitlys statementd.But now I can realize why 2G was derailed.For any person,national interest should be the topmost priority.With such views,he should not be heading Finance Ministry.He should not be in the cabinet too.He should take care of his health and take rest.

  11. Time to launch a judicial enquiry commission on him and the finance ministry babus who helped big corporates such as Nirav Modi, Mallaya, Dhoot, Reliance, and god knows how many loot bank money. This poor nation needs to know what were the kickbacks received by the minister and the babus over the years. NEED TO NAME THEM AND SHAME THEM. Need probity in public life and government administration.

  12. Jaitley is a sinner. He is just continuing and protecting the policies of Chidambaram and his gang. Time for PM, BJP and RSS to admonish Jaitley. Time to give VRS to him.

    • Not just VRS, Mr. Vinay, If, as claimed in para 3, it can be proved, AJ deliberately hid the Bank Scam details from investigation Agencies, he becomes as culpable as that rascal Chidambaram & in such cases VRS is too mild punishment – AJ should be prosecuted for abetment which carries not less than 4 years

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