NDTV Frauds whistleblower & IT Commissioner Srivastava calls Chidambaram “fraud, corrupt, serial scamster, debauch & immoral”

A 28-page stinker of a letter to the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram by an IT Commissioner who was harassed for being honest

A 28-page stinker of a letter to the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram by an IT Commissioner who was harassed for being honest
A 28-page stinker of a letter to the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram by an IT Commissioner who was harassed for being honest

This is a unique letter written by a civil servant to a tainted former Minister. This was written in 2015, by Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava to the former tainted Finance Minister P Chidambaram, after he returned to service, winning in all fake cases hoisted by Chidambaram. In his scathing 28-page letter, Srivastava details the corruption, immorality, and malpractices committed by Chidambaram. The Income Tax Commissioner writes to Chidambaram to get ready for compensation for his sins committed to the Nation.

“It takes tremendous courage & self-persuasion to stoop to the level where one is forced to interact with a person of your disposition & character but law requires that honour compels to allow you opportunity to atone for your frauds as not even a serial fraudster & scamsters like you should be proceeded against without being forewarned & pride binds me not to act without first informing you about your misdeeds. I do have no option,” said Srivastava in his opening paragraph to the 28-page letter to Chidambaram.

In his letter, Srivastava detailed most of the “frauds, corruption and immoral activities” committed by Chidambaram for the past few decades. He listed Chidambaram’s major corruptions and money laundering in scams starting from Dhabol-Enron to parking of more than Rs.6700 crores in NDTV through 2G & Aircel-Maxis scams and Vasan Health Care money laundering.

“Normally, a few public figures are believed either to be monetarily corrupt or debauched. Rarely a public figure is known to be corrupt and debauched at the same time. But I must admit, you have achieved the rare distinction of being corrupt and debauched simultaneously and have no threat of getting dislodged from that throne of infamy in near future. For the record, the undersigned has documentary evidence of your debauchery & in case you want, can provide the same for your reading,” wrote Srivastava.

The Income Tax Commissioner also detailed Chidambaram’s “immoral activities” with certain lady IRS officers also. “You are morally bankrupt, intellectually corrupt and emotionally pervert…..,” says Srivastava in this letter.

Chidambaram started harassing SK Srivastava after he found tax violations in NDTV. Srivastava first found the illegality of lady IRS officer Sumana Sen, who helped NDTV in tax evasions, while her husband Abhisar Sharma was NDTV’s anchor. Chidambaram had ordered 12 probes against Srivastava including fake sexual harassment cases. During UPA’s tenure, even fake mental health certificates were generated against Srivastava. At last, all the charges against Srivastava were rejected by various courts and he was re-instated in Income Tax Department on the orders Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Officers close to Srivastava told PGurus, that Srivastava is planning to initiate a case against Chidambaram for hoisting fake and malicious prosecution.

“In these facts, it is but just & fair that you must atone for your crime & offences by parting with something which is most dear to your heart, i. e. money. I demand that you must compensate my employer Government of India for huge embarrassment and wastage of public money in costly litigation from the First Court to the Final Court and also to me & my wife & children. Should you choose to be wise enough to accept this just and fair offer and I recommend you better be, we may settle necessary details in due course.,” said Srivastava to his former boss Chidambaram, clearly saying he would initiate legal proceedings for the five years long harassment, illegal actions, and mental agony.

According to Finance Ministry officials, after receiving this scathing letter, Chidambaram rushed to all his friendly senior functionaries in the Finance Ministry to initiate disciplinary action against Srivastava. Though some of them mooted actions against Srivastava, Prime Minister’s Office clearly told them not to entertain Chidambaram’s plea. Chidambaram also met with many legal eagles. All advised him that if there is anything wrong in the letter, he may file a defamation case. However, Chidambaram, who already became accused in many cases preferred to keep quiet.

The detailed letter of Income Tax Commissioner of SK Srivastava to former Finance Minister P Chidambaram is published below:

Chidambaram Letter 05.10.2015 CS by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Sir, India is definitely doomed. There is no such thing as respect for law. One of my uncle is fighting a case against a relative who has committed illegality, my uncle won the case , but now the opposite side knowing well their postion that he has committed a illegality, hes and his lawyer is simply pushing the case as long as possible , so that my uncle might get tired and either give up or he may not see the end. And the judges also dont see this. We know that we are 100% right, but because of the current system , the unlawful people simply use it against the good. And there is no other remedy except the court, and court proceses are long, cumbersome, hard, so the frauds are taking benefit of this. If a person and an Indian does not get the BASIC thing , which is justice, then what more can he expect. Any country exists and earns a reputaion, good or bad only on the basis of its citizen. A country does not have its own existence. So if our people. judiciary, laws. police, govenments are not faithful and clean, then what will the people get. Its all in our hands. We have to clean ourselves, only then we will get the same. Its high time.

  2. What a crooked man this P C. He deserves Noble prize for his crookedness. He deserves it. He made the entire country a fools paradise and loted from each & every corner. And ably supported by the super cop S G.

  3. Bullshit, your brain is in competition with your intestines in creating shits to spray around.How could one call himself ,a principled person as when he is ready to settle out of court… Is it a threat banking on Namo. Congress threw Britishers when they had no rights. Don’t act bizarre.

  4. PG Wodehouse would have commented on PC by saying that “PC was so crooked that he could hide at will behind a spiral staircase.”

  5. Yes , I agree with whatever has been Said above by Shri S.K.Srivastava, Commissioner of Income tax ( Appeals), New Delhi.
    I further say I had briefly Known his son ,mr Karti Chidambram who had gone to study in the University of Texas at Austin & who in stead of attending MBA or whatever Faculty he was Studying in 1990 or So at Austin , He used to Go through Various Daily NewsPapers of various countries in the library where my Son used to make me Comfortably sit & Go for his Job . Karti , who was also in his MBA Faculty at above UNIVERSITY , Proudly USED to say to me that by 2015, he will see that his father Becomes the PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA.
    I do NOT KNOW More than above Details , Sir !

    I do Not Know whether Karti Chidambran was living Lavishly or Not, But I & My son were feeling great pinch even to spend even ONE DOLLAR & MY SON WAS DOING TWO JOBS TO MEET HIS EXPENSES. THE DEAN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MBA FACULTY, MR Arnold , Had THEN TOLD ME THAT MY Son was the “Greatest Asset of their University ” ( for yr information, My son was adjudged as the SORD SCHOLAR or DEAN’s LIST OF EXCELLENCE of his University’s MBA faculty).
    S C GUPTA. 9820587609.

  6. We are hearing a lot about Corruption since 2014. The way Media was discussing we thought all top Politicians, Officials will be behind bar very soon. 4 1/2 years are over still we are hearing only “Harikatha”. It’s a million dollar question when is the Climax. Hope having waited for so long, let it be Climax not anticlimax.

  7. A high position officer with such guts to stand ground and face wrath of such a powerful monster (PC), with such anger, after being back to high position job could not do anything till now, in such a high mandate gov. with a strong and honest PM (Modi)… Wow… Looks like he has been beaten up black & Blue (morally) and shown his place in the system to shut the …Up and go on with the humiliation.

  8. This fellow gives lecture to the present govt what to do and what not do. See this shameless creature created on this earth.

  9. What I do not understand is why the hell then our courts keep giving reprieve to this man? The courts endlessly give him extension of his arrest. I believe that our judiciary is even more corrupt when compared to legislature and executive.

  10. So this means except him other are all clean in the system…our system is helping fraud people …so why not get good systems in process
    1)Education is must minimum a degree
    2) person with only one account …
    3) person married
    4)should have two childrens complusary
    5) one family once every 15 year can stand for elections
    6)one person should hold only 10 lakhs as bank balance who ever he may be .
    Equality in all forms should be maintained
    7) only three class.
    a..educated class as professionals
    b…semi educated class
    c…labour class

    Caste system should be cancelled

  11. His son is a debauched too. I am a doctor and I have inside information that KC got Srinidhi abducted and raped her. Then they settled it by getting married.
    In all our epics, the downfall of the High and Mighty began with debauchery. So, these two will get punished as per Dharma. May be the Dharma Devata is waiting for their sins to overflow

    • Just prove one Corruption case if you do not have guts Dr.Swamy is there to help you if at all you have any sensible case or evidence.

  12. But why is it that despite 3 years having elapsed, there is no action on the above charges? Particularly when the IT Commissioner says he has all evidences to back up his allegations, this should have been an open & shut case seeing its logical end in quickest possible time. It would drive all sane persons to frustration when they see that the culprits are still alive & kicking while on the other hand we claim to have solid “proofs” of criminal actions. There must be an answer to this enigma very soon.

  13. Mr SK Shrivastava / Mr Sree Iyer, For doing Debauchery, the South Indian Dhothi is an added advantage. No button, No zip, always, ever ready, free, for indulging in happy hours. Please note that INTERESTINGLY no ME TOO in the debauchery episode. But for the lackadaisical approach of law enforcing agencies under the present Modi Government, he and other CONGi culprits would have been behind the bars long time back. Indian Courts are willing to give him / them NO ARREST ORDER and further get the timelines of NO ARREST ORDERS extended, as desired. We can only pray and sing, Sadguru Maharajki Jai, Seethaapathi Shyaamala Ramachandraki Jay, Radhaapathi Krishna Chandraki Jai, Gowripathi Chandrachoodaki Jai, Rakumai Paandurangaki Jai, Pavana Sutha Hanumanki Jai Jai Jai, Soono Soono Sadhuji Rama Nama Kaho ji,
    Govinda Naama Sankeerthanam, Govindaaa Govindaaaaaaaaa, Hara Hara Nama Parvathy Pathaye Hara Hara Maha deva. Pavana Sutha Hanumanki Jai

  14. what is mystery to me is How is this #NDTV which has been running losses for many quarters now,still manages to conduct its business? Who is paying staff salaries and footing establishment costs?

  15. Crook Chidambaram is a greatest corrupt stinking creature i have ever seen in the past 5 decades . I really enjoyed the epithet” Morally bankrupt, Intellectually corrupt and emotionally pervert”. Hats off to our sincere Commissioner Mr Srivastava’s Guts in standing upright, to the onslaught of a powerful Minister and his boss for more than 5 years. One can imagine the ordeal sufferred by him and his family .
    10 years of UPA has made Bharat a weakest nation.Thanks to PM Modi ,we are back on our rails.

  16. totally agree with you venkat…. after all that has/has not happened in last four years, I have lost faith in BJP too. Not that Modi is incapable,but the system is too rotten for anyone to fix it through ‘normal,procedural’ means.

  17. PChas proved to be a horrible creature. This lungi clan clown was our FM and HM is a shame on India. He needs to be investigated thoroughly and prosecuted immediately.

  18. Media, politicians, corporates, public figures, all in nexus for the universal lubricant – money. Money hushes up everything, shushes crusaders and gags justice. That has been the case since Roman times, and I don’t believe we will see any different. Too many individuals with their fingers in the pie and with too much money to blow so that they can swindle more from the nation, its taxpayers and its coffers. What is needed is a return to austerity in Indian and clamp down on the flow of money. You see, everything is linked – from real-estate developers asking for money in “black” to corrupt ministers pushing multi-trillion rupee deals towards favored industrialists and corporates and treating the law as their personal shoe. And everything is lubricated by untold amounts of money, looted from the common man and squandered by the rich and powerful to get even richer and more powerful. There is no other solution other than to clamp down on the unchecked flow of money and return to austerity.

  19. When stinking and overwhelming evidence in multiple cases have been filed as early as 2014, we have seen nothing but going SLOW, STALLING on the part of Modi Govt. Vajpayee did not wish to proceed on Bofors case and it was all hushed up, dropped and closed. 2-G, Augusta Westland deal scam, coal scam were never settled. BJP is making a stunt. Arun Jaitley is part of the Lutyens team protecting the interest of Enron, NDTV, Tatas, Adhanis and Ambanis’s interests and nation’s interest and weeding out corruption takes a back seat. Why Arnab Goswami and S. Gurumurthy calling themselves as paragon of righteousness, truth seekers keeping mum and not bringing out the real culprits in the FM, CBI, ED, I-T Departments? Fishy, and India stinks and corruption will never be weeded out. I am frustrated with modi, who is in fact the other side of the same old UPA coin, new gin in old bottle.

  20. It is a pity that our mainstream media does not cover this sensational and critical revelations and charges against PC, the former FM coming as it does, from one of his own Dept. senior officials. PC must surely be having the backing of the first family of his party in all his misdeeds. It is also a pity that the present government led by Modi also chose to go slow in punishing the corrupt and guilty.

  21. Former Union Finance Minister “PC” in abbreviated term in English is shortly mentioned as PACI [ PASI WHICH MEANS “hungry” in Tamil ] This notorious man is having no satiety for power, pelf, money & happy hours Kujaalaa. One can understand and sympathise with Shri S K Shrivastava for the enormous ordeal he had encountered, when PC held powerful Ministerial positions like FM / HM of India during UPA era and he was LAW UNTO HIMSELF. But what we can expect from our Court, especially SC. Because for 25 years of untold sufferings undergone by Cryogenic rocket engine expert & ISRO Scientist Shri Nambi Narayanan, the SC ordered compensation of Rs. 50 Lakhs. By applying the same ratio / logic, Shri S K Shrivastava may expect a compensation order of Rs. 10 Lakhs from SC for the 5 year ordeal encountered by him for the illegal action of then UPA Govt, harassment and mental agony suffered by him. If PC approaches him for OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT, I would suggest Mr S K Shrivastava to settle the issue with PC for a reasonable amount of Rs. 500 crores and the incidence of income tax, wealth tax, GST etal on this paltry sum / amount should be borne and paid for by PC only in its entirety. Please take the money before hand / FIRST THROUGH RTGS only and take UTR Number from PC and sign the requisite documents.

      • The present Govt. is scared to bring even KC to court or jail. PC has not been charge sheeted or interrogated despite tonnes of evidence over the last three months. KC is given royal treatment to go abroad to UK or Singapore to happily fudge, transfer funds. What does this tell us?. One need not be a rocket Scientist or a great Sherlock Homes. Clear. PC has moles in the top echelons of BJP caucus who want the proceedings of this CASE to go SLOW, STALL it to EVADE the ARREST and with time it can be dumped.

    • Hi VJ: Note, PC is PERFECT CROOK and is no ordinary mortal to settle matters with a commoner like Srivastava, an Income Tax Commissioner. PC is a well oiled smart machine adept in the art and tricks of hiding income for a long time as he hails in a family that has floated banks, insurance companies. Thus, he is well groomed in the art of cheating and concealing income as it runs in his blood. On top, he has perfected himself in the art of swindling by studying all the legal loop holes and had surrounded himself with a coterie of Bureaucrats, Political mafia and Cheap Chamchas to serve as Benamis to get the much needed coverage to perpetrate his skills as the Smartest STEALER in India. Note, he is competing with Vladimir Putin in the art of distributing his vast wealth off shore in diversifies manner all across the globe and no one can track it that easily. Dr. Subramanian Swamy who has been bragging that he would send PC and son KC to Tihar Jail has now conceded defeat and has ALMOST given up on the cases he has filed against Chidambaram in courts. PC can rock the boat of Modi any time with the press of a button from his palatial den in Karaikudi any time. What you see as the shock waves or mild tremor in the dens of CBI, IT, ED and FM is all the small tie fire work of PC so the hearing of all his cases in courts get postponed indefinitely so he can evade arrest, seek no bail to ensure nothing comes out and that he could go about scot free maiming and taunting Modi/BJP inaction/lack of poll promises of 2014 day in day out. The C- Company of Chidambaram has the full control over the voting Board members of the A-Company consisting of of Arun Jaitley from Delhi, Ambanis from Mumbai, Adhani and Amit Shah from Ahmedabad who will rein in on Modi to go SLOW and Stall the Cases against the C-Company. Modi has to listen and follow the masters who put him in the driver’s seat to run their agenda. Can Modi deny he did not accept any funds from Adhani and Amabanis to cover his criss-crossing of India in private jets and choppers during 2014 election. It is now time to return. Deals that Modi strived hard to negotiate for Adani in Australia and for Amabanis in France are now coming in the open. So, do not think anything worthwhile for the common Aam Admi will ever happen in India. UPA and NDA are the two sides of the same old Coin of Corrupt India at the Top who continue run the business of the nation as usual.

  22. P Chidambaram is such a crook and born fraud. He had hunted down IT Commissioner SK Srivastava for exposing the frauds of NDTV. Hope law will catch this crook Chidambaram soon.


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