New racket of converting Bangladesh citizens to India in Delhi emerges

Illegal racket that creates fake identity papers for nationals of Bangladesh emerges from the NCR

Illegal racket that creates fake identity papers for nationals of Bangladesh emerges from the NCR
Fake identity papers for nationals of Bangladesh

MHA/ IB/ Delhi Admin – pl. act

Does the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) have an idea of how many citizens of Bangladesh are living in and around the National Capital Region (NCR)? Shocking details have emerged of a Bangladesh national, entering India on a Tourist Visa, shedding his national identity, getting Aadhaar, PAN card etc. and then flying out to the West as an Indian national. What is worse is that this racket is being carried out by previously settled citizens of Bangladesh, in the NCR!

This is a clear and present danger to all the three entities involved.

Mr. Mohammed Sazzadul Kabir, an 18-year-old Bangladeshi person crossed the border on a Bangladesh passport and Indian tourist visa on 20th July 2017, entered West Bengal. From there he reached New Delhi by U Abhatoofan Express (13007) on 22nd July. Later after some months, he obtained PAN and Aadhar Card by ‘managing‘ some government officials.

Md. Kabir Bangladesh passport
Fig 1. Md. Kabir Bangladesh passport
Md. Kabir Bangladesh national
Fig 2. Md. Kabir Bangladesh national

Prior to this incident, an uncle of Mr. Mohammed Sazzadul Kabir had also arrived Delhi in the same manner, settled down along with his family and now he’s into Fake Passport Business.
The question here is what the administration of Delhi is doing? The evidence we collected is from Delhi and our sources say that there is a big racket of Fake Passport Makers from Bangladesh operating in Delhi and surrounding areas (NCR). What must be of utmost concern is that the racket is self-contained and only perhaps deals with a few outsiders – which begs the question, how big is this operation?

Md. Kabir India PAN Card
Fig 3. Md. Kabir India PAN Card
Md. Kabir India Aadhaar Card
Fig 4. Md. Kabir India Aadhaar Card

Mr. Kejriwal, this is happening right under your nose and you have no clue about it! Or, is your government suffering from ‘Selective-Blindness’? Where are they getting these fake identities from? If these are original identities given by the administration then this is dirty vote bank game being played by the political party for their electoral gains by giving shelter to these illegals and providing them Indian Identity.

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  1. The One who blamed Kejriwal does even know which department makes PAN and Aadhar ?
    India should close Porous borders and Police should be strict and helpful in deporting by find out people whose visa has expired in the country. Even Immigration should send out lookout notices if a foreign national does not gets his visa extended or the foreign national does not depart before expiry of visa. If above case is true, the person should be requested for extradition and deported to Bangladesh and his identities revoked.

  2. It is unfair to blame Kejriwal for this illegal racket or even hold him responsible.

    Neither the Delhi Police reports nor is he in a position to decide & execute any scheme/plan. I AM NOT A KEJRIBHAKT THOUGH.

    Coming to the main issue, I have been coming across Bangladeshi citizens who fraudulently obtain INDIAN PASSPORTS by paying heavy bribes. When I came across 2 or 3 such illegals, I was told that they obtain Indian Passports to get employed in the Gulf – since Indians are paid far higher than Bangladeshis. ALSO THERE IS AN UNWRITTEN BAN ON BANGLADESHIS IN THE GULF.

    But it shows how porous our borders are, how fragile our security is & how corrupt our Admin is.


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