Noida Police expunges FIR filed by Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai against PGurus

One more skullduggery attempt of Upendra Rai bites the dust, thanks to timely action by NOIDA Police

One more skullduggery attempt of Upendra Rai bites the dust, thanks to timely action by NOIDA Police
One more skullduggery attempt of Upendra Rai bites the dust, thanks to timely action by NOIDA Police

One more dirty trick of Upendra Rai collapses. Noida Police has expunged his fake complaint filed against PGurus. The way the case was filed against PGurus for exposing the frauds, money laundering, obtaining sensitive entry cards in dubious ways is atrocious. Before coming to the details of the fake complaint filed by Upendra Rai, we would like to express our sincere thanks to senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and Noida Police and the top police brass of Uttar Pradesh, leading to the expunging of the fake complaint.

First, Upendra Rai sent a Rs.100 crore legal notice to us through email dated April 25 to which we gave a befitting reply by rejecting his demands[1]. In the legal notice, Upendra Rai, who literally falls under the definition for the word – tout – said that he is a resident of Greater Kailash – 1 in New Delhi. But in the First Information Report (FIR) filed before the Noida Police on April 27, he claimed that he is a resident of Jalvayu Vihar in Noida. This shows that Upendra Rai was fooling all and engaged in forum shopping with agencies. Perhaps he could not show his face in the police station in Delhi where he lives and tried to fool the Sector 20 Police station of Noida.

In the FIR, the cases registered against PGurus were under Section 420 and 509 of IPC and Sec 66 of IT Act. How can these Sections be applicable for publishing an article? Sec 420 is for cheating and how can writing an article come under the charges of cheating? The worst was the invoking of Sec 509. This Section is meant for offences against women. We don’t know Upendra Rai who declared himself as a male looked like a woman.  The third offence was under Sec 66 of Information Technology Act which deals with hacking a computer. How can publishing an article come under this?

As we have reported many banking details showing the huge volume of money flow to Upendra Rai’s accounts from shell firms like White Lion Real Estate Developers and his 19 housing loans from 2014 to 2017[2], he might have thought that PGurus had hacked his computers. We only reported the details of money laundering found by investigating agencies.

There are 26 firms pumping money into Upendra Rai’s firms such as Clear Water Solutions, HCBL Cooperative, M/s. Pooja Enterprises and Sahara India Commercial.  We are in possession of all this data and a huge amount of around Rs.100 crores has been pumped from these 26 firms to Upendra Rai and his firms. Can Upendra Rai explain what he did to get such a huge amount from these firms? Rai claims to be an honest journalist and declared to Press Information Bureau that he is a full-time journalist. How can a journalist obtain such huge cash to his accounts and having huge assets in many cities in India?

How can he explain his dual role of a full-time journalist and a Director – Quality Control of a charter flight firm Air One? Intelligence authorities have already reported to investigative authorities that a former Noida Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Jyoti Narain, currently working in the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) helped Upendra Rai to obtain this sensitive Airport Entry Pass. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should probe how Upendra Rai the fixer obtained such a sensitive entry card. How did the agencies grant sensitive PIB Card and Airport Entry Card to Upendra Rai, who is already in the CBI’s Undesirable Contact Men (UCM) List? This needs to be probed.

Reacting to the fake complaint and subsequent FIR against PGurus, Subramanian Swamy tweeted on April 28 afternoon:

We also appreciate the prompt response from Nodia Police:

The Noida Police also tweeted their press release of expunging the FIR filed on the fake complaint of Upendra Rai:

Later Dr. Swamy Tweeted thanking Noida Police for prompt action:

We express our deep gratitude to Dr. Subramanian Swamy for taking up the injustice against us and prompt response by Noida Police and Uttar Pradesh’s top police brass in ensuring justice.

We once again urge Upendra Rai to read our reply to his legal notice seeking Rs.100 crore[3].

सत्यमेवजयते (Satyameva Jayate – Truth always wins)


[1] Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai claims he is honest. We reject his claims and stand by our repostsApr 27, 2018,

[2] Similarities in “consultancy works” of Chidambaram’s son Karti & benami petitioner Upendra Rai. 19 Housing loans by Rai!!Apr 28, 2018,

[3] Chidambaram’s benami petitioner Upendra Rai claims he is honest. We reject his claims and stand by our reportsApr 27, 2018,

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  2. 100 Crores lawsuit , congress leaders love these no’s . Once they ( Sonia Gandhi supporters ) filed case of 100 millions on two local citizens on New York . Dr swamy helped them too to win that case.

  3. CIA, ISI, and many more Agencies are doing like Him. ‘He’is manipulating North n South block by obtaining so many VVIP passes. 100 Cr. Of rupees … company..may be he is working for D Company….;) Jokes apart but seriously it’s very dangerous for our country and its integrity. When People like him are still walking around like a PET withoutt a collar. PGURUS, kindly help him to arrange the Collar containing a chain so that he can rest where he sud be.

  4. Sathyameva Jayathe. Pleased to hear this. Special thanks to Subramaniam Swamy. Thanks to Noida Police too for in this country cheats have no issues with law and order for they break them only after buying their custodians but the honest ones or harassed the most.

    Wish Pgurus all the very best and best of luck. Keep continuing the good work.
    Thanks on behalf and all honest citizens of India.

  5. If everything is to be done by Dr Swamy.PGurus and various activists against Chiddu and his Dirty Gang what HM and FM are doing?Sucking Thumbs.


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