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#Episode10 Daily Updates with Sridhar - Breaking news on US Elections

#Episode10 Daily Updates with Sridhar – Breaking news on US Elections

Transcription: Sree Iyer: Hello and Welcome to PGurus channel. It's a wonderful morning again. It promises to be another hot day in West Coast. I...
Facebook's selective coverage US Senator writes to FB, Global update on COVID, stimulus hopes fade, who will it hurt more? Banks not doing well and more

#Episode9 Daily Updates with Sridhar – Crisp, Clear and Concise look at the day...

Sree Iyer: It's a really hot day in California, this October day. Somedays are extremely hot and today promises to be one such day. Do...
Is Quad getting increasing support from Taiwan, Germany and France? Does this mean UN is finished? All this and much more!

#Episode5 Daily Updates with Sridhar – Crisp, Clear and Concise look at the day...

Transcription Sree Iyer: Viewers, it is Friday morning and it's a bright and sunny day in California here as is in New York. One of...
Modi’s personal twitter account hacked, sleuths suspect the hand of China-funded hackers

Who hacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Website’s Twitter account? Chinese hackers or Indians connived?

Few hours after the Centre banned 118 Chinese Apps, on Thursday early morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal website narendramodi.in’s Twitter account was found...
Anti-India propaganda by Hindu-haters in the name of having the cities pass an anti-CAA resolution

Growing number of anti-CAA Resolutions in many cities: The next steps

Some people blame the Democratic-leaning city councils for anti-CAA Resolution and perhaps there is some truth A tale of two Twin Cities since May has...
President Trump and Joe Biden both have not spoken on Hagia Sophia to the best of my knowledge

Namaz was once again held in Hagia Sophia for first time in 86 years

The man trying to become the President of the US, Joe Biden, said two days ago that he will fight Islamophobia and on the...
Democratic Party has been insensitive to Indian and Hindu sensibilities. Hence there's a clear case for the Indian American community and Hindu Americans to exercise a tectonic shift in political preference across the US in the Nov 2020 elections.

US Elections 2020: The Democratic dissonance

Indian Americans must review their support for the Democratic Party The US Presidential election in November 2020 is set for an interesting apotheosis in the...
Twitter unquestionably has different rules for different accounts and this is the hypocrisy of social media giant which follows again and again

Twitter promotes Jihadis on social media but censor those tweets which are against Leftists

There are several Twitter accounts that are glorifying violence but Twitter doesn’t bother about those accounts There are several instances where Twitter’s hypocrisy being exposed...
Analyzing 2020 US Presidential Elections

Analyzing 2020 US Presidential Elections

It’s my analysis that 2020 elections may result in GOP gaining majority in Congress as well. There are approximately 26 Democrat presidential Candidates and 2...

Supreme Court confirmation – Tell Your Senators to Do Their Job

The Constitution of the United States is clear: Article II Section 2 says the President “shall nominate, and by and with the advice and...