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In ancient Bharat, scholar women like Ghosha, Maiytrei, Lopamudra & many other sages contributed in composing hymns of the oldest text of the world, Vedas

West Bengal witnesses a non-brahmin woman independently officiating Saraswati Puja in public

Durga Puja will be the ideal challenge for these women to permanently establish their rights as Purohitas in the Hindu society This year’s Saraswati Puja...
The world is divided into Communal faiths (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) and Dharmic faiths (bound together through the common bond of Dharma)

The most practiced faith in the world – Dharma

Dharmic renaissance is a natural phenomenon that is unfolding right in front of our eyes. With information freely available Dharma will reassert itself in...
The idea of a Modern Secular Bharat

The idea of a Modern Secular Bharat – Part 1

India is a classic civilisation state and Bharat Mata is mystically transcending the narrow legal definitions of European theorists of what constitutes as the...
Was the attack on Hindus by Christians in Chirala pre-planned?

Are Hindus under siege in Andhra?

Are Hindus under siege in Andhra? It appears so... Video evidence emerging from Chirala, Guntur district shows Shiva Shakti members being physically attacked by a...
Is Congress adopting the age-old rule of the British?

Divide & Rule: A simple Congress strategy, working slowly!

India is a cosmic chaos. There’s always a method to the madness in India. And, this is aptly applicable to what the Congress &...
Do not expect mangoes from a coconut tree, says Jaya Row

In conversation with Jaya Row, Lifestyle coach

This crisp 11-minute conversation with Lifestyle coach Jaya Row talks about how we can draw inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita forms the backbone of...
Meditation & Yoga play a vital role in Palliative care.

The role of yoga and meditation in Palliative care to improve resilience and psychosomatic...

Meditation and yoga can improve quality of life in Palliative care Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never;...
Is Mr. Raghuram Rajan a Karmayogi?

Is Mr. Raghuram Rajan a Karmayogi?

In a recent television interview, on a question about patriotism Mr. Raghuram Rajan professed to be a Karmayogi. Although difficult to translate in English,...

Caste system in ancient India wasn’t rigid: Author Amish Tripathi

As India battles the widespread anger following a Dalit research scholar's suicide, best-selling author Amish Tripathi is trying to drive home the message that...
Nupur, you have put yourself, and your family, at grave risk for a party that backed away from standing with you

My New Letter Series – Dear Nupur, You Were Wrong In What You Said..

Dear Nupur, Going back about 75 years ago, we had a bald frail old man, a masochist some would call him, who went to a...