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India need not fear the 5.0 Fronts but remain alert and attentive to the changing political, socio-economic, and global conditions in rapidly changing times

What constitutes “the 5.0 Fronts” for India? – Part 2

The previous part of the article can be accessed here Part 1. This is the second part The 5.0 Fronts readiness The previous article sets the...
If Modi Govt doesn’t take strong actions against internal divisive forces, the nation will inevitably face violent street protests between different communities in the near future

Is India at crossroads?

Deteriorating internal security, law & order environment in India Indians are increasingly disturbed over the last few years over the deteriorating internal security and law...
The investigation reveals that PFI was covertly mobilizing funds through a well-organized network in Gulf countries as part of a criminal conspiracy and these proceeds of crime were secretly and clandestinely sent to India through underground and illegal channels

ED attaches over Rs.68 lakh deposits of PFI and its front organization Rehab India...

Massive ED action against PFI, 33 total bank accounts & Rs.68 lakh attached in PMLA case The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has provisionally attached 23 bank...
Has the Modi govt. lost its nerve? Is it blowing a golden opportunity to attract foreign investment because the world is fed up with China? Sree Iyer asks tough questions of the Modi govt.

Modi Govt. embracing Gandhigiri is only emboldening the perpetrators; act decisively, says Sree Iyer

Shaheen Bagh - No action Delhi Riots - No action Republic Day protests - No action West Bengal Post poll violence at BJP workers - No action The...
Priyanka has again exposed that Congress is controlled by Gandhis and all other leaders are Chaprasis & are mere puppets!

Priyanka Gandhi – A failed leader, with poor vision and surrounded with dumb advisors

The more Priyanka tries to showcase herself as fighting for poor farmers more hatred she generates The way Priyanka Gandhi had behaved in the Lakhimpur...
This #DGH conference seems to be a well-orchestrated, impressively coordinated attempt to spread fear-mongering about Hinduism more than anything else

Radical extremists and ideological forces propagating Hindu hate

Hinduphobia propagating Hindu hate In the west, supporters of brutally ferocious Islamic terrorism, heinous radical extremism, supremacist political fanaticism, and expansionism are propagating Hindu hate....
The author takes a dig into the reasons behind voters losing faith in the right-wing?

Why have people lost hope in India’s Right-wing nationalist parties?

Bengal and Delhi riots were major reasons behind betrayal by right-wing Hindu-nationalist forces? BJP’s rout in the Bengal election is generally remembered as an incident...
Reject Islamic propaganda against India

Letter to IRF-RT: Reject Islamic propaganda against India

Dear Mr Greg Mitchell. Namaskar! Regarding the letter circulated by IRF-RT (International Religious Freedom Roundtable) campaign to collect signatures, propagated by Hindus for Human Rights and...
The best way for Adityanath to overcome all odds is to promote a young & dynamic advocate J Sai Deepak, he can deliver much better than anyone

Next Gen Hindutva Govt needs Adityanath but it also needs Adv J Sai Deepak...

Young Hindus are eager to learn about Hindu history and its civilizational past We may agree or disagree, Hindutva will be the inevitable method for...
Every anti-national that contributed to anti-India propoganda needs to be taken head on

Foreign Destructive Ideology (FDI) – The failure of Modi Government

Banning SM platforms like Twitter will make them comply with the country's laws Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has a way with words spoke passionately...


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