Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy hushed up around Rs.230 crores and Income Tax caught them

P Roy and R Roy evaded taxes of up to Rs.230 crores in 2010

Roys evaded taxes of up to 230 crores in 2010

The lies of Prannoy Roy are slowly getting exposed. The Income Tax Investigation Wing’s 18-page affidavit filed before the Delhi High Court on January 12, 2016 exposes the fact that The NDTV promoters Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy suppressed their personal incomes too. The details in the Income Tax affidavit show that both husband and wife had suppressed around Rs.115 crores ($17.6 million) each from their personal income.

Mr. Prannoy Roy, you are a typical liar and a bad one at that.

This affidavit clearly shows that Prannoy Roy’s dramatic statement in the Press Club protest meet with a coterie of journalists that he and wife have not touched black money in life is a complete lie.

Here is the exact portion [4(1) (iii & iv)] from the Income Tax’s affidavit:
“In case of Dr. Prannoy Roy for AY 2010-11, return of income declaring taxable income of Rs. 1,33,11,068/- was filed on July 31, 2010, which was later revised on March 16, 2011 declaring same taxable income, but also claiming carry forward of long term capital loss of Rs. 35,40,49,578/- which was not claimed in the original return of income. On receipt of the impugned report from the Investigation Wing, the assessment was completed u/s 143(3) of the Act on March 30, 2013 after making an addition of Rs.67,22,31,522/- on account of long term capital gain and another addition of Rs.47,31,33,800/- on account of unexplained investment,” said the Income Tax affidavit detailing how the amount of Rs.1,14, 53,65,322 (114 crores) was arrived at.

The Income Tax affidavit says Radhika Roy also suppressed earnings of  Rs.1,14,53,65,322 (Rs.114 crores) while declaring her income as only Rs.90,80,683 (Rs.90 lakhs) on the same period.

As per the Income Tax affidavit filed before the Delhi High Court on the petition filed by the minority shareholder Sanjay Dutt’s Quantum Financial Services, both husband wife had hushed up Rs.2,29,07,30,644 crores (229 crores). Having done this in 2010 from his personal income, he has the audacity to tell a blatant lie in front of his colleagues – “I can assure you we haven’t touched black-money or bribed anyone”.

Mr. Prannoy Roy, you are a typical liar and a bad one at that.

Readers are encouraged to read this 18-page affidavit as it shows clearly how Income Tax Department has dissected the various tax shenanigans of the Roys and arrived at the real income. The assessment was completed in March 2013, during the UPA era, so don’t cry vendetta.

A copy of the Income Tax Affidavit:

WPC 984 of 2015 – Affidavit Regarding Status Update DCIT 18(1) Date of Hearing 13012016 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. This NDTV presstitutes are worse than prostitutes. We have seen that in nera radia case. They are shameless third grade people under the guise of journalism.

  2. Of course the couple din’t touch(sic) any black money; instead, they just created it!! Shabash! The IT Department’s painstaking work is being clearly explained and in your repeated disclosures. Pity the Lutyens Press Corps which doesn’t know anything about corruption of the media!! Keep it up. dear Sreeji. Let me see when the end comes, as it must sooner or later. It will be a great day for our democracy when the husbsnd-wife duo land in jail — worth exhaustive coverage in..NDTV!!

  3. My only worry is how Arundhati Roy will take this slur! She never failed to convince us how she nursed the national interest in her heart,how she is one of many champions of humanity as well as fair justice to all! This relative too is not lagging behind and is able crusader for the values she has in her heart.

  4. You have to take his words that they did not touch any black money literally. They had this money only in ACCOUNTS! So they would not have ‘touched the money’. Poor chap! He is being hauled over the coals for speaking the truth!

  5. All are gentlemen till they are caught.Most of celebrities of political like lallu ,chiddu and media having foreign direct investment and cinee celebrities having crores of unaccounted income fall under this category. .

  6. When nobodys turns milononairs ,stakeholders startts gulping mutually, There comes the “clash of the Titans” see Burkadut begins to cry foul! And irony is that “All in the name of Freedom of the Press, speech and expression and ALL” When these guys get access with Bigwigs, they turns as Power Lobbyists, It’s not too old ,Burkaduts link with Radia Tapes,Gulamnabi Azad and ALL. ..

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