Prof RV explains why RSS is at the crossroads

In an in-depth conversation, Prof. R Vaidyanathan traces the history of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the philosophies of its followers and why the world's largest NGO is at the crossroads today. A must watch!"


  1. Mr. Iyer : I found this interview to be below par. It was so informal that it sounded like a chat at Saravana Bhaven at 4PM over a plate of bajjis and Kapi.

    I think a little more formal presentation would enhance the value and appeal of such interviews.

  2. Sir – Temples are meant for Hindu devotees and political leaders should not be taken to temples. If you take a foreign dignitary to a temple, in addition to it being against our’s and their customs, it will inconvenience the devotees who are there during that time. Also, there will be interference in temple practices for the dignitary’s safety/protection.

  3. Sree ji, whenever your discussion is with RV, the video is a sure blockbuster, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Excellent efforts, keep going.

    Gems of RV:

    # moolavar to urchavar == sacred to secular

    # modern sanyasis == (urchavar going all over the world)

    # SC ‘wisdom’ (on interpretation)

    # half drawer to full pant == traditionalists to modernists

    # dowry law and practices (Indian system of law and traditional practices coexisting)

    # modernisms to come from within society, not to be imposed

    # diversity is not discrimination

    # don’t thrust your mutton on my mouth

    # much more than coexistence is acceptance


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