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Subramanian Swamy urges Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to probe into the illegal sale of properties of Modi Mandir in Patiala

Swamy urges State Government to order a probe of seizure and sale of assets of Modi Mandir complex

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy urged Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to institute a probe into the sale of properties by certain trustees of Modi Mandir in Patiala. In a detailed complaint attaching several sale deeds “illegally” executed by the current custodians, Swamy said that in the interest of the public, the State Government must order a probe of seizure and sale of assets of Modi Mandir complex and other properties of the temple in various places. He pointed out that Modi Mandir’s properties in Haridwar and Barsana are also in a dubious way disposed by the current custodians.

“I write this letter to seek your attention on information received by my young associate in law, Mr Satya Sabharwal and request for direction in probing, Sale of ‘Modi Mandir Complex’ also known as Modi Mandir at Passey Road, Patiala [Details of the Complex: Land measuring 42 Bighas 16 Biswas i.e. the land 36 Bighas 07 Biswas comprising Khasara No. 7 (7-17), 10/3/2 (6-7), 12/1/1 (9-19), 13/2 (6-19), 550/5 (5-5) of Khewat No. 605, Khatauni No. 1162; and land measuring 06 Bighas 09 Biswas comprising Khasara No. 16/1 (6-9) of Khewat No. 24, Khatauni No. 64 as per Jamabandi 2017-2018]. I am informed, by my associate that the above-mentioned Mandir Complex [42 Bighas 16 Biswas prime land of the Mandir] through one Devendra Kumar Modi and his other associates involved are bent upon through various sham and benami transactions to sell the said Mandir Complex for their own benefit. I am also informed that the said Mandir Complex also knows as Modi Mandir at Passey Road, Patiala dedicated to Lord Laxmi Narayana attracts a large number of daily devotees, who come daily for worship,” said Swamy about the illegalities in the 60-year-old temple.

The Trust is also engaged in the field of education and own/ run educational institutions like schools and colleges etc., including one as Modi College, Patiala.

The “Modi Mandir Complex” was managed by a Family Charitable Trust known as “Rai Bahadur Multani Mal Modi Charitable Trust” registered at Patiala and also having its office in Patiala in terms of the initially framed Trust Deed dated July 12, 1944, by Rai Bahadur Multani Mal Modi being the Founder Chairman and Seth Banarsi Dass Modi being the one of the Founder Trustee of the said Trust. That the said Charitable Trust was also actively engaged in doing charitable activities and thereby acquired a large number of immovable properties mostly in the form of Dharamshalas and Mandirs/ places of worship and known as Modi Bhawans & likewise Modi Mandirs at various religious places in different states & cities different parts of India including Modi Nagar, Patiala, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Barsana etc. for its usage by the benefit of the public at large being a Charitable Trust. Moreover, the Trust is also engaged in the field of education and own/ run educational institutions like schools and colleges etc., including one as Modi College, Patiala.

“I am informed that the current Chairman of the Trust, Mr Devendra Kumar Modi with his associates have been mismanaging the affairs of the Trust. It is also shocking to know that, previously the Chairman, Mr Devendra K Modi accompanied with his associates have mismanaged and have already sold various valuable properties of the Trust as elucidated below:

  1. One Dharamshala known as Modi Bhawan at Rishikesh (near Haridwar) was sold for an undervalued amount than that of the actual market price of the property and the sale proceeds have been mismanaged and been not spent for the purposes of the Trust.
  2. The property known as Modi Bhawan at Barsana (UP) on the false ground that the Trust had no sufficient funds to maintain the building or that building needed repairs and they all the three used the sale consideration of the above premises for their illegal means. Moreover, the amount was not deposited in the Trust accounts,” pointed out Subramanian Swamy seeking a probe by the State Government in the interest of the public.

He also sought cancellation of illegal sale deeds of the assets of the temple.

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  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple is not being sold. Only people with vested interest are spreading false rumor to grab Trust's property.

  • Mr. Satya Sabharwal should have investigated and enquired on the issue before starting an illegal campaign to mislead public in a deceitful manner through social media, causing irrepairable damage to the reputation a, character and honour of Rai Bahadur Multanimal Modi Charitable Trust, it's Trustees and Dr, D K Modi. Mr Sabharwal should not have misguided the Hon'ble M.P., Dr. Subramanian Swamy. False propoganda that, Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir being sold is being made on behest and funding by Mr U. K. Modi , Mr Raghubir Modi and others , who tried to grab and encroach upon Trust's property in Patiala. Various Civil Suits are pending the courts of Patiala and the matter is sub-judice. Seeing no success on merits the false complaints and and instigation of common people, by ignighting religious sentiments to disturb peace and Harmony in the Society and causing loss to the Trust. Keeping faith in Judicial system the Trust, will take all legal recourse to protect it's property from such people with vested interest. Dear Publisher, Don't act so immature by writing irresponsible content.

  • This is what happens when private greedy hindu trustees run the temples. Similar problem is with waqf properties and church properties. Hindu temples own lacs of acres of land all over India and no one is accountable for safe keep of these land. It is time now to form a Hindu centralised trust to survey and keep track of all temple land in India. Also a hindu trust is to be formed to audit and codify ornaments of every Hindu temple in India. This is possible with digital technology.

    • No. Panchaloha idols costing millions are patronised by western museums. One stone carving murthy of apsaras in black granite is invaluable. Who says Hindus are poor , they are only cash rich mentally.

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