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The case for Voluntary Education and Training Centers in India for radicalised people like Tablighi Jamaat

The Peoples Republic of China launched a campaign called the Peoples War on Terror in 2014. As part of this campaign, a large number of Voluntary Education and Training Centres have been established in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region housing between hundreds of thousands to a few million of radicalised Uygur Muslims for the stated purpose of countering separatism, terrorism and extremism.

While the USA and countries in Europe themselves involved in a never-ending ‘War on Terror in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) without success and umpteen human rights abuses themselves there have labelled these Voluntary Education and Training Centres (VETC) as internment camps. The Western media has gone far and compared it to the infamous gulags of Nazi Germany and dubbed the entire campaign a ‘Holocaust.’

China has also achieved this feat without destabilizing regional and local governments and by securing people within its own borders and also without any display of its military prowess outside its borders that would have raised eyebrows, globally.

The response of Islamic countries has been mutedly supportive such as ignorance by Pakistan PM Imran Khan and explicit support by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman[1][2]. There have not been any Fatwas against the Chinese Government, people or companies by the Global Ummah/Clergy, leaving the business as usual with the Chinese. The Global Ummah/Clergy which issues radical opinions and calls for ‘Jihad‘ at the slightest pretext by Israel or India or the USA and Europe have been silent on the Chinese actions thus achieving a unique diplomatic feat for the Chinese.

Given the success of the Chinese Government in prevention, containment and elimination of terror threat, extremism and separatism at a far lower cost compared to trillions of dollars spent by NATO in their unending War on Terror. China has also achieved this feat without destabilizing regional and local governments and by securing people within its own borders and also without any display of its military prowess outside its borders that would have raised eyebrows, globally. The world needs to study, document, learn and implement the measures implemented by China as a global case study when compared to the costly, unyielding and indefinitely continuing War on Terror by the USA led NATO.

In India, battling the Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19, in spite of large scale compliance by people of Janta Curfew, Lockdown and other preventive measures such as Quarantine and Social Distancing, we have seen the following uncivilised & criminal behaviour of a section of Muslims in general and Tablighi Jamaat, in particular, becoming the single source event of the largest number of COVID-19 positive cases in India.

1. Holding a very large religious gathering at a Markaz in Nizamuddin comprising of COVID-19 infected foreigners from various countries who needed to be in quarantine in spite of government orders banning such gathering and local police authorities repeatedly ordering to disperse the gathering.

2. Dispersing throughout the length and breadth of India carrying & spreading COVID-19 and hiding in religious places and not reporting to government authorities, law enforcement and medical facilities in spite of multiple calls by them.

3. Non-cooperation, threatening of violence, abuse, stone-pelting and violence with government authorities, law enforcement and medical staff.

4. Non-observance of quarantine & hospitalisation period peacefully, abuse of medical staff such as intentionally spitting on doctors/nurses, roaming naked in presence of female medical staffers, non-maintenance of social distancing during a gathering for prayers, etc.

5. More than 2 weeks after the case was first reported, a large number of the super spreader single source event continue to be unaccounted for, missing and not reporting to authorities including the principal organiser of the event, a clergyman.

The entire administration can be under the absolute control & functioning of The National Integration Council led by the Prime Minister of India, first set up by PM Jawaharlal Nehru and in suspended animation since 2014.

What the Indian government needs to do?

A comprehensive and decisive campaign on the lines of China’s Peoples War on Terror needs to be launched to sanitise the country of radicalised people and secure people within our borders.

1. A ‘partial’ Internal Emergency limited to radicalised people parallel to the 1975 Emergency needs to be imposed suspending the fundamental rights including Right to Life and Liberty of radicalised people.

2. The National Security Act, 1980 promulgated by the Indira Gandhi government needs to be amended to allow preventive detention for up to 5 years by law enforcement agency without judicial trial in Voluntary Education and Training Centres.

3. Establishment of Voluntary Education and Training Centres in remote, inaccessible areas for radicalised people with no to absolutely limited & officially approved necessary contact with outside world/family by radicalised people.

4. Development and strict enforcement of curriculum, manuals, etc for deradicalisation, imbibing the values of Indian secularism, nationalism and universal brotherhood, inculcation of religious teachings from Dharmic religions, Gandhian values and philosophies of Ahimsa, Swadeshi, etc.

5. Vocational training in fields such as tailoring, carpentry, auto mechanic, building construction, etc needs to be provided to the students of VETCs so that they can find a decent living and provide for their families after release which shall only be on the satisfaction of complete deradicalization of the students. This will address the root cause of terrorism such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of education believed by social scientists and faux liberals.

6. Establishment of an administrative mechanism comprising of administrative, central armed police forces and judicial officers to deal with the evaluation of progress in deradicalisation of students in these Voluntary Education and Training Centres. The entire administration can be under the absolute control & functioning of The National Integration Council led by the Prime Minister of India, first set up by PM Jawaharlal Nehru and in suspended animation since 2014.

7. The activities of the families of the students at VETCs needs to be monitored by sending government officials designated as family-friends to stay with their families for weeks to understand and resolve their issues and problems in the absence of the heads/key members of the family and report their behaviour to National Integration Council.

These measures need to be further assessed and fine-tuned.


[1] Busy with Kashmir, Pakistan’s issues, don’t know about Chinese Muslims: Imran KhanSep 15, 2019, Indiatoday

[2] Saudi crown prince defends China’s right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration campsFeb 22, 2019, The Telegraph

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  • To discuss religion with a common man is useless unless we understand the base of Quraan and Vedas, and start practicing by ourself, nobody has seen heaven also nobody has seen the air that blow, and the soul in our body still it exist all religions including islam teaches us to live good life upon this earth

  • I think that is all a waste of time for such people who run away when doctors are sent to check & treat them on COVID-19. They bash their heads on hospital glasses and doors and bleed themselves, urinate on passages, stand naked in front of ladies, attack cops and medical workers who come to save them.
    They just don't care about any one, any amount of good is planned for them, they will go against it as they will only accepr which comes from their Immams or Mullahs.
    I, happened to travel from Bhopal to Chennai on Hazarath Nizamuddhin Express from New Delhi to Madura in the year 2014. I, met 12 Islamic preachers of whom 2 are from Madurai and rest are from Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, SriLanka, Nigeria, and so on. The man I interacted in this lot was from SriLanka who was in his 30s.
    I, asked him one question - What is your purpose to come to India? He said "We have come to convey the Good News" - I asked him "What is that good news". He told me "The Good news is; we all will die one day and we all will meet in Heaven and that is a very nice place to live".
    I asked him how will you live when you are already dead and how will you know that you will only go to heaven, has any one come from heaven to tell how it is and also if the same Allah or God has also given us this life is it not our primary duty to respect and live on this earth first - they had no answers.
    I spoke to them about our Hindu way of life and death etc, etc. People next to me including my friends were panicked, but he heard me with interest and admiration.
    In the morning all 12 came shook hands with me and thanked me for giving a good information.
    But they still stuck with their faith - so matter is they are determined not to accept any thing other say unless it comes from their Immams or Mullahs.

    • Precisely
      The Good News rebuttal is so logical.
      Its true.. the narrative has to change at Mecca and Medina... and will not change with debating with the wandering Mullahas, who are probably paid to spread the message,

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