The low level, random, unceasing, scattered violence (RULLS): The deadliest weapon of Jihad

No army or police can counter the low level, random, unceasing, scattered violence. No society can afford a posse of police at every home. Nobody would like to live in such RULLS society

No army or police can counter the low level, random, unceasing, scattered violence. No society can afford a posse of police at every home. Nobody would like to live in such RULLS society
No army or police can counter the low level, random, unceasing, scattered violence. No society can afford a posse of police at every home. Nobody would like to live in such RULLS society

Note: The term RULLS (Random Unceasing Low-Level Scattered Violence) was coined by Dr. Omendra Ratnu of

Whites were 22% in 1911 in South Africa, and 16% in 1980. Now they are just 4% and are expected to disappear within a decade.

An army can protect borders against an enemy army. Police can keep order in a society where everybody follows the same moral code. There are violations of the moral code, but they are mostly crimes of passion, anger, mental degradation. There may be organized crime, but such criminals make sure never to raise the body count to the level that will attract the public’s attention.

So what happens when not all groups in a society share the same moral code? What happens when a group thinks it is moral, even religious, to kill, rape, loot another group based on its skin color, or religion, or language, or ethnicity?

Answer: It is only a matter of time before the target group disappears completely from that society.

Whites rule the world. They have most of its wealth, its best armies, its best countries. Are they able to save the Whites of South Africa? No. Because no army or police can counter the low level, random, unceasing, scattered violence. No society can afford a posse of police at every home. Nobody would like to live in such a society.

So they flee. Whites from South Africa, Hindus from Kashmir, from Kairana, from Mewat.

They flee but the world is not ready to question the moral code that permits such criminality in entire religious or racial groups.

Such questioning is done by media, by popular culture, by scholars. But all these categories are now fully controlled by the ‘Leftists’. So, Leftists ruling South Africa say it is moral to kill Whites, but when Australia proposed mass amnesty to Whites of South Africa, leftists of Australia said that would be racist!

So, Kashmir, Kairana, and Mewat may happen, but Leftists in India continue to insist that those who did Kashmir, Kairana, and Mewat are the victims, and to whom it was done are the oppressors.

If you think the army, or the police, or the United Nations (UN), or the West will save you, think of the Whites of South Africa. Only knowing the truth and doing something about it will save you. And if you think that nothing is going to happen in your lifetime, well, the Whites were in power in South Africa in 1994.

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  1. South Africa is India in fast forward. They have adopted India’ grotesque policy of discrimination, in law, by race and birth in employment, promotion and educational opportunities.

    Those the Republic of South Africa favoured by law, thanks to the African National Congress’ prolonged boycott of education, lacked even the very bare education and skills of India’s so called “backwards”. India’s “backwards” ran British India after 1921 to destroy Brahmanism in order to eradicate Hinduism. They formed part of the Cambridge, Columbia, Elphinstone, St Stephen’s, Madras Christian, and Presidency educated elite of India who, without any knowledge at all of Indian History, tradition and culture, step fathered the Indian Republic with a “Constitution” plagiarized from the Government of India Act (1935) to which they added juicy elements borrowed from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. They were favoured by the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (Alien) Religion-Communist (PANGOLIN*) Consensus after 1947 in line with the strongly entrenched British mythology created to shatter India into a million pieces.

    In South Africa, this “Social Engineering” disregard for competence and integrity has resulted in institutions such as Courts, the Central Bank, the Police and others that are corroding faster and are more incompetent and corrupt than even India’s.

    I saw this evolving with my own eyes during frequent visits to Johannesburg and Pretoria from June 1995 to December 1999. Things were quite clean when I first visited. But I saw the pot holes and garbage appear on the N-1 and Jalopies driving in the wrong lane making the speeds at which I used to drive on the N-1 (The autobahn betwixt Johannesburg and Pretoria) in 1995 impossible by 1997. I saw young, smart, white officers saluting pot bellied, “heavily” over placed blacks who either didn’t know or couldn’t be bothered to salute back. Simultaneously, violent crime began to sky rocket along with racial prejudices becoming accentuated by the unfairness of policy. Corruption became a sine qua non of public life. Something that was winked at as part of the great “equality” project. Forgiveness and Obamasque Nehruvian “tolerance” mandated by “political correctness”. Just as in India.

    Another of those Banana Republics thaumaturged with incessant regularly since 1947 to make up the “British Commonwealth”. But, South Africa was a late comer, anxious and able, as I personally witnessed, to make up for India’s Seventy years of reservations (reverse discrimination), corruption (extortion) and misrule in just five.

  2. Asymmetric war. War delegated to the individual bandit (aka Moslem Male) through indoctrination in the Quran and Hadith by Mosques and Madrassas, Ban Islam. eradicate all Mosques and Madrassas. Ban Quran and Hadith:
    Revive the exchange of populations, and tell Moslems that they cannot be voting citizens of India. This is a valid course of action as Islam is a political entity (i.e. a Nation) and the Quran and Hadith do not permit dual nationality and lay down that apostates and those of other faiths have no right to life, limb or liberty. At the same time, India does not permit dual nationality.
    They can reside, own personal property, carry on business etc. But they cannot have Indian Passports. Like UK or Switzerland, India can introduce another kind of passport which grants residency but NO citizenship.
    As a corollary, all Islamic properties (commonwealth) such as Waqfs, Mosques etc would be demolished and the land auctioned by the State to individuals (including Moslems).
    The practice of Islam as a religion would be de-recognized by the State. Those who wish to practice Islam may leave for Pakistan or seek other Islamic nation that is willing to receive them.
    Moslems may be welcomed to repudiate the Quran and Hadith and adopt a more humane proselytizing religion such as Jainism, Ayyangarism, Lingayathism, Non Akali Sikhism, ISCKONism, Zoroastrianism, Budhism or other that does not proscribe dual nationality in order to retain Indian citizenship.
    Ban Quran and Hadith within India except within the precincts of foreign Embassies and High Commissions.

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