Where is Anil Ambani going to find Rs.574 crores in four weeks to avoid imprisonment? Mother Kokilaben to intervene?

Speculation is rife that Anil Ambani will be bailed out by his mother Kokilaben to come up with the Rs.547 crores to avoid prison term

Speculation is rife that Anil Ambani will be bailed out by his mother Kokilaben to come up with the Rs.547 crores to avoid prison term
Speculation is rife that Anil Ambani will be bailed out by his mother Kokilaben to come up with the Rs.547 crores to avoid prison term

Now after the Supreme Court’s Order, the bankrupt industrialist Anil Ambani has to pay Rs.574 crores within four weeks. Otherwise he has to face imprisonment, leading to his personal assets getting attached and ultimately winding up all his ventures. So it is obvious that Anil Ambani will find money somewhere to avoid going to prison. The entire Corporate-Politco world is eagerly watching how this totally bankrupt man is going to pay his dues to Ericsson.

There are many stories floating in the market about the ways in which he will raise the money. One thing is for sure – Anil Ambani and the grand Ambani family will ensure that payments are made so he can avoid prison. But how? The first theory of getting the release of Rs.260 crores held up in the Reliance Communications (RCOM) from the banks is expected to be a non-starter. This money is blocked by the banks due to the request of many lenders and they are not going to agree for the release.

Another theory floating in Mumbai Club and other circles is that Anil Ambani is talking with many to make money by disposing his personal properties in India and abroad. How much is the value of his personal property? Many quote numbers that are mindboggling. But people say it is not as easy to encash due to many laws and therefore the only way out is a working arrangement like pledging with friends.

It is a known secret that the Multinational firm Ericsson has engaged private detectives worldwide to monitor the movements of Anil Ambani’s properties. For the past two years, these detectives (mostly retired from British Spy agencies MI 5 and MI 6) are tracking Ambani family’s assets across the world. So people say that pledging these assets to friendly persons is the only option and this move is also hindered due to many problems related to money transfers within four weeks to India.

Some members of the Mumbai Club (the informal union of big industrialists in India) revealed to PGurus that the country’s best financial operators are on the job to settle this issue and it is learnt that ultimately elder brother Mukesh Ambani will find a way to pay Rs.574 crores legally in four weeks.

It is learnt that Ambani family will take a final call as mother Kokilaben has made up her mind to bring Anil Ambani out of this mess. If no other plan works to bring Rs.574 crore in four weeks, Kokilaben will hand over some of her shares in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) to save Anil Ambani from going to prison, say insiders. At present, the value of Kokilaben’s shares in RIL is more than Rs.7500 crores. Insiders say as per her will, 30 percent of this belongs to Anil in future and her plan was to hand over this to Anil’s sons. In the present crisis, she is expected to shell some shares of RIL in her name to provide Rs.574 crores to Anil Ambani so he can avoid going to the prison. Obviously Mukesh Ambani will acquire these shares from mother Kokilaben to provide money to Anil Ambani.

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  2. If Anil Ambani had sold his RCom 10 years back and invested the same amount in his own mutual funds, he would have now 20 times more net worth .

    *Moral of the story: All business people must have personal savings against their financial responsibilities*

    */”Sometime investment yield is better than own business”/*

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