Why Facebook took down hundreds of suspicious accounts

The real reason Facebook took down the pages of various entities in India

Facebook Cybersecurity chief explains…

Facebook’s Cybersecurity chief, Nathaniel Gliecher clarified on April 1st, that the reason 687 pages and accounts linked to Congress were taken down was because of “coordinated inauthentic behavior”. Likewise 15 pages, groups and accounts that frequently posted content supporting the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were also closed. Facebook said that the 15 accounts were linked to people associated with Silver Touch, an Indian Tech firm that has worked on government projects and also had developed Modi’s personal mobile app[1]. This is the crux of the story that CNN published on April 1st.

Roger McNamee is wrong

In an interview with CNBC, Roger McNamee, an early stage investor in Facebook and author of Zucked said that Facebook may have caved to the pressure of the ruling party (BJP) and closed down 98% of the opposition party’s pages. As CNN’s own report says, this is incorrect – a further 321 pages and accounts were also closed by Facebook for violation of its rules against spam, as well as 103 pages, groups and accounts on its own platform and photo-sharing platform Instagram that originated in Pakistan.

Congress seems to have taken this in its stride (see the tweet below) and BJP must too.


[1] Facebook removes accounts linked to Indian political parties as election loomsApr 1, 2018, CNN.com

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  4. Do they charge money for unlocking those accounts? That would be a nice way to earn extras.

    The article seems to attribute fairness to Facebook. Good luck with that assumption.


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