With Swamy on Pulwama attack – Lapses and Remedial Solutions

Negligence may have cost our soldiers their lives and this must never happen again. More importantly, those who erred must be sacked, says Dr. Swamy


  1. It’s failed to understand that the whole world is talking about our right retaliate the terrorist neighbor, why our pm and his administration is not taking immediate action.We must learn from Israel instead barking in our courtyard.

  2. because of exodus Bangladesh was born as indira Gandhi took the lead and Indian army faught and have freedom to Bangladesh, or else it was part of Pakistan and India would have been in trouble as from both sides Pakistan would have attacked India along with China.

  3. It seems in politik, ground realities are way different then public speeches and media blabbering, mostly for mango people consumption, as we have seen in Nira Radia tapes also.
    Presstitutes will take dictation from there paymasters .
    Removal of check post, for Mehbooba mufti, who is a known jihadi queen. ( coming from a family whose daughters are comfy staying over , at terrorist camps, so there father can stage a drama of kidnapping, all this while being home minister I think. Can you imagine, he was that).
    And to top it all, I read the army men are still in jail.
    When are they going to remove the security cover of these traitors.

  4. Audio is very bad ..if you two want to talk why posy this here ?? if your readers should listen improve audio quality.
    I know you wont reply to readers comments, no difference between you and MSM.

  5. Please ensure good audio in your subsequent interviews… Some of these interviews will be historical and it would be a pity if small technical reasons dilute these.

  6. Sri iyerji think bad audio . Modi is like any regular scroundel turned politicians we see across India. Such people never take any moral responsibility or any responsibility. Shamess BJP govt partnered with pdp terrorists.Only honest ppl like cbi chief, rbi chief or Stat chairman resigned .Amit Shashi and Modi will do anything to win !

  7. I request PGURUS to improve the quality of Audio whenever Dr.S.Swamy or Prof R.V come in for discussion on important topics or themes.
    If we bring back Modi for second term where is the guarantee that he will have a good team of advisors and battery of the best Cabinet rank ministers? In April/May 2019, if we do not vote for BJP, maha-gut-bandhan may come to power and mass exodus from pakistan and Bangladesh may happen damaging our country beyond repair for another seven decades.

  8. Dr. Swamy is not only candid but factual. This is a huge security lapse and the Defence Minister must take responsibility and step down. Otherwise Modi has to take responsibility himself. Blame shoud be apportioned. On another note one cannot understand how such an incredible talent that is in Dr. Swamy gets wasted as 5 years of BJP rule has gone past India. Surely Dr. Swamy has to become the PM or at least become the Finance Minister for the next term while might be Gen. VP Singh can take the reign of DM.

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