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Sree Iyer on why Masood Azhar is not the real problem

Sahil Mishra

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  • After a long time we have a government with teeth & clarity of vision. A series of steps to tighten the trade & break Pakistan economically is the need of the hour to bring them to knees with no Comprise what so ever. As a neighbour they have only inflicted wounds on India with the connivance of vested lobby and this has to be putting an end. I am sure this will happen under the present government for sure

  • The real problem is not Pakistan but the sinister greed that prevails among the corrupt Netas within India. The ISI of Pakistan find this greed a perfect means to infiltrate into a democratic system with ease to usurp the nation. One should understand that it is difficult to infiltrate a military run nation like Pakistan or a Communist state like China. But democracy is at its weakest when literacy is low and nationalistic sentiments are compromised, like in India. India needs a leader who has a real love for the nation while managing the democracy like a dictator until such time the people develop a "democratic maturity" to understand the democratic system to exercise their vote wisely for the right netas.

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