Sree Iyer on why Masood Azhar is not the real problem

After being caught hiding Bin Laden in plain sight, Pakistan is not in the good books of US, per Sree Iyer. For this and more and who wanted MFN for Pak to continue in India...


  1. After a long time we have a government with teeth & clarity of vision. A series of steps to tighten the trade & break Pakistan economically is the need of the hour to bring them to knees with no Comprise what so ever. As a neighbour they have only inflicted wounds on India with the connivance of vested lobby and this has to be putting an end. I am sure this will happen under the present government for sure

  2. The real problem is not Pakistan but the sinister greed that prevails among the corrupt Netas within India. The ISI of Pakistan find this greed a perfect means to infiltrate into a democratic system with ease to usurp the nation. One should understand that it is difficult to infiltrate a military run nation like Pakistan or a Communist state like China. But democracy is at its weakest when literacy is low and nationalistic sentiments are compromised, like in India. India needs a leader who has a real love for the nation while managing the democracy like a dictator until such time the people develop a “democratic maturity” to understand the democratic system to exercise their vote wisely for the right netas.


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