How well did BJP do in Kerala? Mohandas TG gives a ground-level assessment.

BJP is yet to open its account in the Lok Sabha from Kerala because of cross-voting. How much of an impact did Sabarimala have? Watch this to find out -


  1. Why is Mohandas ji silent on the infighting within the party in Kerala? In Kerala, every one wants to be a leader and contest the elections. They took phenomenal amount of time to get the list of candidates finalized while the other parties were way ahead in their campaigning.

    When there are too many claimants for the limited number of party tickets, how can we imagine them to offer seats to popular people like E Sreedharan etc… ?

    The party leaders (I heard) also seem to be involved in backdoor dealings with various other religious groups and corrupt practices also… Kerala unit needs a major overhaul IMHO. Not one of them deserve to be a leader.

    Also, the state party unit failed woefully to bring to public notice the various achievements of Modi Government so far….. Even they are finding it difficult to ask people to vote for a change – as the UDF and LDF have not given them any development.

  2. Kerala results leave much to be desired. There seems to be a Consolidation of Christian and Muslim votes the benefit of which went to the Congress (going by their victory margins also). The Leftists got decimated in the process (left with only 1 seat out of 20) and BJP ended up last in the contest with ZERO seats (they were expected to win in at least 3-4 seats). However the BJP Vote share in all constituencies except one (Wayanad where Rahul Gandhi contested) has increased which gives some hope for the distant future.

  3. In Kerala, the ISRO case where CPM police officer was involved and Malayali scientists were tortured. Surprised why this was not an issue. BJP should form separate agenda team for south. It should pitch more around science, technology, environment, infrastructure with candidates with good social experience.

  4. Another question I had was the influence of Srilanka attacks. It happened one day before. I saw in FB that a christian and his mother voted for BJP after seeing the church attack.
    Kerala should throw some silent wave… I hope.

  5. Thanks for the great video. As suggested, BJP should field good candidates who are reputed in different fields and with public work experience like Sreedharan. In all 4 states in south, we need Manohar Parikkars, Piyush Goyals and so on. I hope BJP listens.


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