Who Killed SSR? – A book review (SSR-Sandeep Singh Rajput)

Noted Author, Commentator S V Badri reviews Sree Iyer's book of fiction, Who killed SSR?

Noted Author, Commentator S V Badri reviews Sree Iyer's book of fiction, Who killed SSR?
Noted Author, Commentator S V Badri reviews Sree Iyer's book of fiction, Who killed SSR?

About the author Sree Iyer

Sree Iyer is a person who inspires awe & admiration. Just look at his brief:

He runs PGurus. Writes extensively on most subjects under the Sun. Has a YouTube Channel to dissect the most complex of issues. Discusses various topics with eminent intellectuals who re-adjust their time and calendars to accommodate him. Inventor and an out-of-the-box thinker. He has 40+ US & foreign patents in the areas of hardware, software, encryption, and systems. 50 pending applications. Licensing started for a new patent portfolio, CryptoByte. Over a million Secure Storage controllers shipped, currently in its third generation and one of the most secure solutions in the market.

A few years ago, he shared an App developed by him. So secure that the encryption would amaze even Mossad. Our limited family circle and few friends used it for a limited period to text, and make voice and video calls. The best clarity in voice and video. He still owns it. It would give WhatsApp a run for the money. Sadly, it also requires tons of money to start and keep running. Maybe, this message would reach Ambani and he would buy it out for Jio.

Who killed SSR? – Sree Iyer’s latest mystery series book

In the book Who Killed SSR?, he writes about the sensational and gruesome murder of a Bollywood actor who defies the norm that actors are unintelligent. This actor is a scientist. And invents something that could change the face of the roads or the world.[1]

Sree Iyer’s earlier books were based on events that have occurred. Mostly with a writer’s license to fictionalize certain portions. The only book that didn’t need any element of fictionalization or a disclaimer is his NDTV Frauds[2]. While most of the news the media houses covered was close to fiction, Sree ripped its financial skulduggery bare.

Go ahead… hover on the image below and click and see what happens!

Who Painted My Money White? It was a classic. Based on the demonetization. Events in Kerala and elsewhere led to it. The ISI counterfeit currency racket to destabilize the Indian Economy. The lungi-dance cabinet minister and his role. The theme of the book was shamelessly plagiarized by the Bollywoodias and Prime Videos gave it a platform as Farzi.[3]

Who Painted My Lust Red? Dwells deep into the world of Cricket, IPL, and the rot.[4]

Suhel Seth has reviewed two of his books in a video. Here’s the link:

When the Bollywood club of actor Mullahs with liberal producers cozy up to keep actors with no Godfathers or Sugar daddies away, the fictional Sandeep Singh Rajput (SSR) soars high on the silver screen. The boy next door actor also is an inventor. While the Bollywood cabal wants to fix him and show him his place, the inventor actor gets on the wrong side of the powerful political actors. Two brats, one who is the chief minister’s son, while the other is the son of a PWD minister belonging to a different party in the rainbow coalition. try to steal the invention and take credit for it. And there is the character of CM’s typical fixer for everything bad. Power, money, sex, sleaze, Bollywood, and the underworld is surely realistic cocktail mix. Sree Iyer carefully meanders through the mesh of dangerous and merciless opportunists.

His choice of the CBI officer sent by the HM to investigate the mysterious death of SSR would remind one of Mammooty in CBI Diary Kurippu. Both characters are Iyers. Sree Iyer throws in an Amala-like character for the officer to cherish a few outside moments from the case that almost consumes him.

I found that Sree has become quite an accomplished narrator since his first book. This certainly is a page-turner. I was happy that Sree made CBI Iyer solve the murder mystery in the end. This has never happened in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. That is where the author takes the ever-optimistic license for fiction in bringing out the truth.

The investigators should take a clue from the book. It will become very clear that to solve the murder mystery of the actor, they should deeply investigate and solve the mystery of his lady manager’s leap of death from a party.

Therein lies the secret to unveil the truth.


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[2] NDTV Frauds: A classic example of breaking of Law by Indian Media Houses – Amazon.in

[3] Who painted my money white: When greed drives everything else and everything has a price (Money series Book 1) – Amazon.in

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S. V. Badri was former VP-Marketing of a Bayer Organization. A Gaurakshak, Anti-conversion field activist involved in the renovation of Mandirs in Dalit Colonies of Tamil Nadu. One of the founding members of Temple Worshippers Society, Chennai. Currently, lives in Mumbai.
S V Badri


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